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    Call me Jenner.
    I'm just an average American woman with the usual exaggeratively tragic life history writing the typical morbid poem and story with the same unrealistic dreams of making a profession of it.

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  1. Thank you all for coming, we love you guys.
  2. Hello guys, as some of you might know, Kizyr and I are getting married. All of our music choices are from video games (because we're nerds.) The problem is, they come from older games and the music we have from them is pretty... 'synthy.' If any of you would like to provide us with an early wedding present we would be really grateful for a volunteer or two to touch up these songs or even just do a cover of them for us. Most of the songs are from Lunar 1 and 2. We'll be providing links later, however, since I don't check the forums often you can PM Kizyr, or e-mail me at soiendure[at]gmail.com if you'd like to help. Thanks for reading!
  3. In this presentation, Darren Korb talks about the processes he used went through to turn his minimal (read: no) resources into quality award music for the game, Bastion. You can watch it here and I thought it would be useful to this community to share though I'm not sure this is the right forum for this post. Even as a non musician I found this presentation really insightful, I hope you all do as well and that this stirs some conversation.
  4. Just so you all know, the Cadillac Ranch has a mechanical bull I hope I do not need to tell you guys that this is awesome. I have not looked at the prices for this place, but seriously, I want to get a group together and put this bull to the test.
  5. Kitty-N is not enough! Moar please. BAG is known for it's amazing music. For your listening enjoyment Yup!
  6. Do the Xylophone song from Ultima VI! If you walk up to the Xylophone and touch it, it plays such an awesome song. Why are there no videos of it?
  7. So, power ballads. Nothing is so uncompromisingly, unashamedly 80's as a power ballad. At the end of King's Quest VI there is a song, I'm going to call this song "Girl in the Tower" it is the greatest song of love and longing this world has ever known. And for good measure I'm going to add, for shame!
  8. I've been doing this for a few days. I have a bad cough, but otherwise, things are fine. I did super!
  9. We're fasting for the appointment of a new Mod to replace Bahamut who is as awesome as Bahamut was. j/k j/k I got mad yesterday and may have broke my fast loosing my cool :/ I'll see if I can make that day up or something, dunno how to go about that. However, I'm doing well with the not eating so far.
  10. ^^ Welcome to the boards ChozoBoy! I hope you stick around. :}
  11. o.o I was just messing. I'll mess less, I didn't mean to creep you out.
  12. I'll ride you Amy. I'll be in college at the time, I prolly won't be able to afford to go. Take care of Kizyr for me guys.
  13. I wish I could have had a funner time at the con. It got better once I met up with you guys. Oy
  14. I had a blast as well. I enjoyed failing at singing but I felt bad for wrecking your place Steveo. So many of us live so close together we should all hang out more often.
  15. New Goal, make the worst Let's Play ever to see the side of YouTube... Bear with me as I display my terrible to the world. Videos are added as links in the previous page post... :/
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