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  1. QFE/T. One of the main causes of "what's screwing gaming", imo, is the sheer amount of games out there that are tied to movies and tv shows. Now I know they've always been around, from the Disney games to the Cool Spot (7-Up mascot) games, but the difference between those and the ones nowadays is that those were at least still quality games, and fun to play. How many people can say that they've enjoyed a pure Disney game made in the last five years compared to the ones for the SNES/Genesis? (PURE, KH doesn't count). I'm just sick of looking down rows of games, looking for something worth playing and seeing hundreds of copies of stuff like Pixar movie tie-ins (Open Season, Over the Hedge, A Bee Movie, ect), kiddie TV show/toy tie-ins (I want to strangle the person who came up with Bratz), or games that are just plain horrible (50 Cent's "Bulletproof"). Back in the SNES/Genesis days, even if a game was nothing more than an advertising stunt by a company (like the Cool Spot games), they were still good. Nowadays? We get Yaris. Which is absolutely horrid, btw. That's my two cents.
  2. Like FrustrationRaptor, I check either Wiki or GameFAQs for the proper name of a game. For game collections, though, I'm doing something different (since there are multiple games on each collection). The format is [game collection name] - [game name]. So it'd look like "Final Fantasy Anthology - Final Fantasy V". Granted, this does mess up the statistics a lot, but saying a game is "beat", when you've played 1/20 of them on the disc (Sega Genesis Collection...) is kinda redundant... not to mention, you don't play the Collection, you play the games it contains. I also have to agree with djp. Nowhere on their site does it list any sort of administrator information, or no emails/links to contact information. However, the only information we can glean is that Backloggery is run by one person, from the way the Changelog reads. Ultimately though, he/she is anonymous in every way.
  3. ty ty The individual game statistics is awesome.
  4. They're back up now. Seems that for each game in your collection, you can click on it to show other members of the site and their status with that specific game. They also added a thumbs up/down rating system, but I don't see any other updates for it aside from those and graphical ones (like the main page banner).
  5. I'm Mike from Maine, aka Sobou (Soh-Boh is how I pronounce it). I've been lurking since at least the Sonic 2 project was released as a guest and the donation thread put up by bgc motivated me to finally join AND contribute the last five bucks in my bank account to ocr.
  6. That's awesome. I wish to play this now.
  7. Download the album about a week ago and I can say that I enjoy it. I don't care for much rap or hip-hop, but several of the tracks I've been listening to regularly. Billie Jean Kong and Raymond Wise have to be my favorites though. Excellent job on these.
  8. Sobou

    I Am Nominated

    Voted. Hope you win, Mustin!
  9. Figured after about three years or so of lurking GenDisc/GenCom, I ought to register and show my support for abusing chunks of OCR's bandwidth at times. +$5 from Maine.
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