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  1. My jaw actually dropped when the woman tested out the carrot flute. I didn't realize that you could use veggies like that, and actually make good music to boot.
  2. Sobou

    Xbox 360

    The only 360 game I'm waiting for to come out is Castle Crashers. Alien Hominid HD was kickass, and I'm expecting CC to be as kickass.
  3. QFE. Ristar was an awesome game.
  4. Luck Mode in Symphony of the Night. 99 Luck + Lapis Lazuli > All other statistics in the game.
  5. I enjoyed the Koin system from Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon, but the combat just seemed sluggish to me. There was no flow between moves; unlike other fighters where the transition between attacks seemed almost fluid, the latter/3D MK games to me seemed rigid, jerky and choppy. I really hope, if this is a new game, that it'll turn out alright. Although putting the fighters from Mortal Kombat against DC characters? They'll have to tone down the super-hero's powers, because I don't see anyone beating the hell out of Batman anytime soon. Superman, on the other hand, has that vulnerability to magic. And I've always considered all the fireball-type attacks in the game to be on the magic side compared to science - except for Kano's eyebeam. That one's valid.
  6. glittering prizes there is no cow level black sheep wall unite the clans it is a good day to die robin hood lumberjack Those are codes I can remember off the top of my head for some PC RTS games.
  7. I remember this one. 50 lives in Donkey Kong Country.
  8. I am loving the hell out of this Flash Man remix. The only thing that I find bad about it is that it doesn't have the other seven MM2 Robot Master songs ReMix'd to go with it. *hint hint*
  9. The reason it was slower than the other games is because they took a different direction when they made S3's battle system. Unless you were fighting a boss, the only thing you had to do in the other four games was just select the "Auto-Fight" feature and wait for battle to end. Random encounters in S1 and S2 took like what, half a minute max, on average? S4 took even less, but they took the S1 battle system and made it kid-friendly. It went from easy to goddamn dumb. S3 slowed it down, but it was both their first foray into PS2-land and an adjustment to a more strategy-based system. Stuff like adjusting where the runes hit and when they hit, the pair-system and how units depend on one another, ect, caused you to think for two seconds before you spammed Lv. 4 Rage/Thunder Rune spells and accidentally hurt your party as much as your own. However, I've got to agree. There have been more than enough times in S3 when all I need to do is Auto-Fight and it still takes awhile for the battle to end. I stopped at like, the beginning of Chapter 2 - Hugo in my second playthrough and I haven't touched it since. The plot on the other hand... Well, it didn't make sense that Hugo didn't want to shank Chris after what happened, and Geddoe just didn't seem to matter to anyone. He was just there with no purpose other than "lol true rune". However, throwing Luc in there as the main villian with motivation like he had was an awesome move. This is an awesome idea and I fully support it. If there's anything the Suikoden series has down, it's the concept of a home base and they've done incredible in this for four of the five games (the boat was different, but not all that innovative. They just compartmentalized everything.) One of the drives for playing the games for me was to find all 108 so I had a complete castle that had all those little things to discover in it.
  10. For me, the mix was very pleasing and relaxing to listen to, with that classic Asian feel to it. I've never played Okami, but this ReMix is as incredible as I'm sure the game is. 10/10
  11. I agree with this part a lot. For games like Link to the Past, there's no major overhauls, but enough of the gameplay has been slightly altered to make it worthwhile to re-list it. Things like the Ice Palace being altered, an extra shop in the Village of Outcasts, the Magic Boomerang cutting down bushes and small grass, ect, make it a different playthrough on some level. Although I might be over-analyzing due to my no-glitch swordless run. Small things like the Boomerang's tweak matter. >_>
  12. Not bad, Didaji, not bad. I entered the color scheme contest they have going currently, and I also sent in a few suggestions to the anonymous owner of the site. I asked/suggestion about: -Groups/Grouping: Instead of just having 25 friends you can be part of a group that has it's own members, it's own "Group" statistics and can be browsed through. This would make the twenty-five friends more personal than just "He's mah buddy from OCR lolsup". -Game Name Standardizing: Like Animae said, statistics are too hard to properly account for when people are spelling it The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past, LoZ: LTTP, ect. I asked that having name standardization would not only make formats look better but account for site-wide accurate statistics. So when you look for "Legend of Zelda", you're only going to find multiple games, not Ocarina of Time formated seventeen different ways. -Game Name Box Enlargement: Asked if it could be extended a little further since "Mega Man Anniversary Collection - Mega Man: The Power Fighters" wouldn't fit. :\ I also asked about, if he/she did do the GNS, that "Collection" styled games could be formatted so you can have each individual game on your list as a separate game. Just because you beat Sonic 3 on the Sonic Mega Collection doesn't mean you did anything to Sonic 2, and you don't have enough space in the Notes to accurately reflect that. We need more people to join this. Spread the word and suggest stuff (like what I've posted, for example ), to make the site better.
  13. If you bought S4 for more than $5 ~ $10 then I pity you for wasting your money like that. I'm a huge fan of the Suikoden series, and I have to say that 4 was the absolute worst of the game, hands-down. The only redeeming quality about it was the return of Ted, but even that doesn't garner enough awesome to bring the game from "suck" to "decent". 3's story wasn't all that bad, but it was my least favorite (after 4). The three mains were just too generic, and even though Thomas is the Tenaki Star, he doesn't have any of their traits. But at least 3 had a good different combat system that relied more on strategy and what characters you had over any of the other game's pick 'n click. The individual skills and ranks actually made using different characters in 3 fun and useful, unlike 5's skill system where it just ended up being "find the strongest sob and abuse them to no end". There was no reason to use at least 1/4 of the roster, simply because of the skill system. To actually post on topic, though, I very rarely buy on a whim. However, there are a few stores around here that sell their used games extremely cheap, so I usually luck out when looking for a new release. Got Final Fantasy XII for $10 a couple months after release, and the item was practically brand new, for example. I won't delve into the unknown very often though, because of two reasons. One, because I'm very conservative about my money or two, because the game usually ends up being horrible (Ninety-Nine Nights, Lunar Legend, Mega Man Battle Network 4, Beyond the Beyond, ect.). Sucks to have only fifty bucks to your name, and go and drop twenty on it for something you're going to want to turn right back around and sell.
  14. Sobou


    Just look at DBZ.
  15. It be amusing to see the judges as the eight Mavericks of X1. OCR4-Tan fighting such bosses as Boomer Tamer and Big Giant Penguin would be amusing and fun at the same time.
  16. And this looks to be another reason to add to the pile if people ask me why I stopped playing Sonic games after the Genesis. Seriously, a werewolf/beast-thing? Gimme a break.
  17. Shining Force is already on the VC, and Shining Force II is slated to be released at some point already. And with SF3 being a Saturn game (or trio of games), I doubt it's coming onto the VC anytime soon. Just thought I'd point that out.
  18. Sobou


    Fix'd. 10char.
  19. The entire full article is one giant lump of win. I would have never expected Stephen King to stand up for video games and gamers, but he sure did one hell of an article for EW on it. He also made a damn good point about something else related to it, too. Stephen King is one of the reasons I love the state I live in for.
  20. I've got a link for over 200 S.S.H. songs that I could give you. Thing is, I'm not sure if S.S.H.'s work is considered copyrighted, since posting links to copyrighted music is against the forum rules and regs.
  21. As awesome and detailed as Coop's post is, I have to agree with DarkeSword.
  22. 1) EarthBound 2) Phantasy Star IV 3) Secret of Mana 4) U.N. Squadron 5) Chrono Trigger
  23. I made all three of my texts (Header/Footer, Body and Sidebar) the same color. But for the top one, change your Header/Footer Text color.
  24. Do you mean the background behind my Protoman banner? If you're talking about that, under Options, go to Header/Footer Background.
  25. I agree with this. Especially since I've looked the site over and I can't find anything that relates to changing your password on the site. So be careful when you do register. :\
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