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  1. I haven't logged on here in ages, but I am now just to say Thank You for the ReMix! I've been waiting for Kirby & the Crystal Shards mixes and this was certainly one I wanted to hear. This piece take the short, original source and runs with it - never could have imagined this going on for more than 4 minutes!
  2. Since I loved Prozax's work on "Clamato Fever", I decided to check out his other mixes and I found this gem! This song just makes me feel good for some reason; I can sense a lot of effort put into here. Well I can't be all that analytical, all I can say is that this song rocks- nice work guys! (Maybe I'll take a peek at some of Midee's Mixes and find another keeper!)
  3. Yes, yes, yes, and double-yes! I can't believe all these shows I used to ritually watch. I don't even know if I understood half the stuff- but it was TV heaven for me. Then... they moved Toonami to Saturdays and waiting once every seven days for a new Dragonball Z was not cool. Looking at Toonami and then Miguizi is like stabbing my eye... is Miguzi still even around?
  4. I always enjoy Sixto Sounds' songs, what else can I say? Actually, I can say that I really dig the piano spots, bits of techno and Sixto's usual rockin'. And I'm getting no readings from my "Annoying-Repetition Radar!" Great to see his new song have some differences in sound from previous ones- namely the instruments other than the guitar.
  5. I really dug this song with the guitar intro and slight, but unique, variations throughout the song. The song feels original and saves me from my biggest gripe about other mixes- looping the real song three times then just adding a bit of your own style. I was afraid that the guitar would go away, but this piece kept rockin' the whole way through. Great mix Darangen!
  6. When I first stumbled across this mix I thought it was great, but that was it. But then I noticed the # mix it was and was shocked. For such an early remix it really kicks butt! My favorite djpretzel song.
  7. For such an old song, I found ShinShuriken nice to listen to. It had a nice beat going, some variation and the quality instruments didn't bug me that much. I thought more people would have commented on this, or maybe the key to browsing through songs ins't as obvious to everyone else...
  8. Wow, I didn't know so many people didn't rent games! If there's a game I'm iffy about or I want to play but not buy, I just go to Blockbusters; but not as much anymore because they've gotten more expensive.
  9. I'm sorry I can't give any critical analysis of your piece, but I like it! I look foward to the completed version.
  10. Wow, I'm really digging this piece! It reminds me a lot about River City Ramstein, and that's not a bad thing.
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