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  1. Thing is, the first Blazblue had 12 characters. KOFXII had 22, about half the size of the cast in XI, and spent twice the time in development that MvC3 did. Not digging the art style is completely reasonable, as long as you realize that an HD sprite based MvC3 would have dropped even more characters from 2 and have taken longer. I'm not 100% thrilled with the roster, but a lot of the odd characters have grown on me once I stopped worrying about who they were replacing. (and once the dick punch that was giving Dante a Ryu from Breath of Fire color stopped hurting ) And there is DLC coming. Dormammu's the shit, though, I dunno what your deal is there
  2. So wait, you would actually prefer that they just stuck more characters MvC2-style into a ten-year old game engine and called it a day? Pretty sure that's they only way they could have done it without having to remake everyone the way they did, and I figure it would end up really lackluster. "Updating it a little more" isn't a real option, and even more so with MvC2 being as crazy imbalanced as it was. You are right that there's a conflict between reviving a crossover like MvC and wanting it to be current, though. People are going to want characters that have lost a lot of relevance just because they were in the previous games (Jin, Gambit, Cable). I don't think it's as drastic as you make it sound though, a lot of MvC2's roster was dead weight, even outside the tournament scene.
  3. Er, you have that a bit mixed up. Juggernaut's not in, Storm is, and Jill will be.
  4. You submit to the judges via email, but this is the place to post if you're looking for feedback before you actually send it in. You had the right idea, don't worry.
  5. Damn, that's fantastic. Awesome choir sample, and is that an oboe and violin doubling the melody? Has almost a saxophone texture to it, sounds great. The structure will be the sticking point if they don't take it, but there's nothing else stopping it, I don't think. I think it's definitely worth submitting.
  6. Geez, it's been metal mix central here the last few weeks - awesome! Almost didn't recognize the source without that delayed arpeggio, I'm a bit surprised it didn't end up in there at all. The instrument balance is a bit funky at times, with the hihat filling up a lot more space than I'd expect (good drum sound, though), but the synth and sweet vocals really bring it together. Hope you get some vocal parts if the Plaid Muffins are doing more songs.
  7. Giving this one bump. Anyone?
  8. Wow, that's actually an awesome concept, probably one of the coolest things I've heard on the WIP board. After seeing that it was supposedly "similar" to an orchestra medley, the intro completely threw me for a loop. The record hiss is kind of overbearing, though. Can it be EQed down without weakening the samples? The panning also feels a bit unbalanced, with a lot of soundscape-filling stuff crammed slightly to the left. Might partially be shitty headphones on my end, but it makes it a bit uncomfortable to listen to.
  9. For variation, the issue is less how many times things get varied and more how substantial the changes are. Try fiddling with changing up the chord progression, the form of the melody (the lead is pretty static throughout the song), dynamics, and instrumentation - as it stands, a lot of the piece feels pretty samey. The section you introduce around 3:00 is a good bit of variety, more vibe changes like that would help. Dynamic variation is key for "humanizing" (sentient-robotizing?) the music. I'd also suggest adding some fills and changes in the drum part to accentuate what the melody's doing.
  10. Man, proving theory wrong about parallel 5ths was like the reason rock was invented! Sweet mix! I'm with Willrock, the only issues are some minor production things. The rhythm guitar feels a tad muddy, and the accenting on the drums feels a bit off. For the beat you use at :51 and 1:55, you have the off-beat snare hits at the same level (or thereabouts) as the hit on 3 and it makes the whole thing a bit jerky since your snare is so cutting. I think if you brought down the volume on those a bit and maybe didn't accent the beat so heavily with the tambourine sound at 1:55 (am I hearing that right? Is it playing 8th notes or just quarters?), it would give those parts a lot more momentum. Is the lead at 1:16 just a really phased guitar? Sounds exactly like a synth lead - very cool. That part followed by the phased clean lead at 1:29 has this electro-bluegrass kind of vibe which I love.
  11. So my mp3 player died a little while ago, and there was one game remix that mysteriously was on it but not my computer. It was a trance-y version of the theme from Lavender Town in Pokemon Red/Blue, with some jarring synth tones and sampled whispering (saying "stay calm" - it was pretty cool) . I had it tagged as a "Psytrance Remix", I think. No clue if that was the original name. I'm pretty sure I found it on VGMix originally, but no luck now, with the way their site is. It's not on OCR, DoD, or ThaSauce, as far as I can tell. Anyone else remember this one?
  12. Wow, that's not bad at all. The new backing vocals almost make up for the loss of "BUILT FROM PIECES OF SR-71s AND PLANES THAT CRASHED IN WORLD WAR TWO". Almost. Really want to hear what they did with Promise of Redemption and The Quick and the Blue. Definitely gonna pick it up when I get my paycheck.
  13. Drakengard for 2003! Or SMT: Nocturne, if you want something that isn't already technically a mashup. (Oh hey, and Persona 3 came out in 2006. Shoji Meguro is a boss.) Okami and F-Zero GX are great picks too. EDIT: Didn't realize you were looking for specific tracks - here are a few of my favorites, at least. Drakengard - Chapter 12 (Youtube completely doesn't have Chapter 9! Laaame.) SMT: Nocturne - Battle (Amala Network) and Seeking PowerPersona 3 - During the Test Star Ocean 3 - Divine Spirit of Language
  14. This is exactly what often-mixed songs need! Balls, chunk, and breakdowns - as many breakdowns as possible. I never realized how well Schala lent itself to melodeath harmonies. Really great drum programming for the most part, but to my ears, the clean break might have sounded better without that rim hit sound, and with a bit more low end (maybe some reverb too?) to the bass drum. The clicky triggered-sounding bass is great with low riffs, but at least until the clean chords really come in, it feels like you should be able to hear more of it.