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  1. Hey, that's a very good album ! Congrats everyone ! However... I'm a bit disappointed there is no Concrete Man Stage remix... It's my favorite theme from MegaMan 9. But anyway, thanks a lot and congratulation, once again.
  2. Awesome. Really. I think everything is related far or near to this game sounds great for me. And this remix does not derogate to this postulate.
  3. Really really good song. Congratulation. It's rare (lol) to have a d'n'b remix of a video game music. I love it. It would be so cool if someone made a remix of the music of Rusty Bucket Bay. This is my favorite music of Banjo & Kazooie.
  4. Oh wow... This song is awesome, it's true. But it's strange, I can listen it how I want, I can't hear MMM theme here...
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