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  1. If it goes past 10pm I'll be able to play, I'm working that night.
  2. Making me get on the forums to vote +1 for the coat of arms
  3. Yeah, if the address bahamut told me is right you live a couple miles away.

  4. I finally got around to playing tf2, so you guys'll probably be seeing me around the server.
  5. Here are the rest of the options you can play with. Adding the bracketed commands as you would above.
  6. Only thing I recall finding on pandora really was The Devin Townsend Band and through that Strapping Young Lad, probably the best use of the wall of sound I've heard in metal.
  7. Vimk

    Windows 7

    Haha, that's what I usually do. It's just that when I bought the id collection on steam it came it all of their games, including wolfenstein 3d, the original quake and doom. I was amused to find out they just gave me rom dumps and a copy of dosbox that launches from steam for them. Sadly enough, I've been playing the original doom more than any of the new games I have including fallout 3 and left 4 dead. Interestingly vista ran dos games with no issues, 7 just has flickering screens for them.
  8. Vimk

    Windows 7

    It seems to have fixed itself oddly enough, meaning that all the games that I really want to play on here work. Still seems to have trouble with things running in dosbox but that's no big deal.
  9. Vimk

    Windows 7

    I'm starting to think it's more with the video driver libraries in 7 so far, many of my steam games run as well or sometimes better than when I was on vista with them, but there are the odd games that seem to have rendering problems that were never there before. Lot's of flickering screens, even xbmc seems to have issues with it which is disappointing, xbmc is my preferred media center. It's also still in beta though, so for all I know it'll be fixed by the time win7 goes gold.
  10. Seeing what obscure game covers/mixes other people have played is a game in itself, as is dethroning people on each one. Finding out people have been playing your music must have been a surreal experience.
  11. Honestly, if I'm just going for sheer fun I play audiosurf. It's as mindlessly fun as you want it to be and it works with whatever music you have on your computer(though the flac support is flaky). Also, trippiest visuals I've seen lately. It's like wipeout meets rez.
  12. Vimk

    Windows 7

    Tends to crash within the first few minutes of a match, been fiddling with compatibility and it hasn't done much good thus far. It's possible that it could be steam messing with it as it occasionally does with third party games. I'll have to keep playing around with it.
  13. Vimk

    Windows 7

    Have to say I'm liking 7 so far, might actually hold off on going completely linux and leave it dual booted like I normally do. Probably has something to do with it feeling a lot like kde. Gives me a few issues over older games, but most are fixable. Just wish I could get UT3 working on it.
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