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  1. http://goo.gl/rUBV jjjyeeeeesss!
  2. Music is turned off by request, always has been. If one person doesn't like it you're to turn it off. Unfortunately as far as I've seen you'll just ignore me if I say anything about it. Personally I think we *really* need to go back to music during setup only. Sorry but no I'm not interested in hearing Wily Stage 1 or FF7 when I'm trying to hear what's going on around me. I've seen Darkesword try to go back to setup only a couple times but it's not going to happen unless all the admins bother with it. And as much as any of you hate to see someone agree with atmuh it's gotten to the point that a "voice_enable 0" keybind is actually useful in a day to day basis for me. There's something wrong there, don't you think?
  3. It does close to 2x damage afaik.
  4. Heh, even with great ping it's hard to get links in ssf4. My favorite juri ultra setup is pretty much 50% luck if I try it online. Works fine offline .
  5. After you left endless battle I started to get the hang of juri Give me a bit and you won't have such an easy time anymore.
  6. The set of scripts I use is a heavily modified version of this: http://www.dawnofdankind.com/compconfig.php Great example of automatic weapon switching and class scripts if you're looking to learn.
  7. Yes, it won't reset on its own.
  8. Starting to get advanced fadc combos down with cammy, too bad I suck with every other character still.
  9. This is a stretch but any rooted android devices running something like cyanogenmod can easily play chip formats, supposedly the iphone has been made to run android now it's a possibility that it could run on ipod touch. Would play just about any possible format you throw at it, but would require a whole os change on the ipod meaning no apple apps. Not at all convenient or simple but it could happen somewhere down the road.
  10. Step up if you want it, playa!
  11. Eh, I've noticed a significant increase in performance with the 9800 as well as being able to clock it higher but for the average user you would be right.
  12. Uh, good luck finding either of those! Obviously whatever you read was written at the time that they were new. Two steps: Find out if your motherboard has pci express slots, go buy either a 4850 or 9800gt if you're on a small budget.
  13. I can hear the full range up to 22kHz although it gets a little quiet, I'm 21 Man you guys have terrible ears.
  14. Do what I do, create a video profile in your graphics drivers that turns off one monitor and/or overclocks at the same time whenever you're about to launch a game.
  15. Assuming my money situation doesn't change I'm totally in.
  16. Vimk

    Beat Hazard

    Bought it, really fun so far. My only complaint is that it doesn't support flac but then again I'm in the minority of people who actually rip things to flac.
  17. TE is a lot heftier and the stick is better than the SE. Also much easier to work on if you ever decide to replace the buttons/artwork/stick/gate.
  18. The madcatz sticks are great, the buttons and stick are all sanwa parts and are literally the exact same parts you'd see in a cabinet. It's also infinitely more comfortable and well designed than your average custom job. Try one sometime!
  19. Anyone who is planning on buying a stick check your local gamestop and ask if they have any Madcatz Marvel vs Capcom TE fight sticks. It is literally the same as the SF4 tourney edition stick but with different artwork but it costs 60 dollars less at 99.99USD.
  20. Vimk

    Shattered Horizon

    This game is most definitely badass, we need more people.
  21. Vanilla scout is definitely the most versatile, though I need to start using sandman for the remaining achievements.
  22. As while in the process of inserting the new RAM your body gives off a huge static shock...
  23. I'm finally starting to get the hang of curving rocket jumps
  24. Vimk

    MAGFest 8

    Sure, I'm up for grab bags
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