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  1. Man I feel sorry for whatever team got stuck with Vimk
  2. I prefer just listening to studio work usually, can't hear a damn thing at most of the lives I've been to with the one notable exception being The Protomen. Even in a tiny, terrible little club they came through crisp and clear and it was infinitely better than listening to their cds.
  3. I use a Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick for pretty much all my emulation excepting things that require two analogs. For everything else a wired 360 controller works fine, people bitch about the dpad but that doesn't affect me since I use an arcade stick for anything that uses dpad anyway. PS: NES Megaman games are infinitely more fun on arcade stick imo, same with really anything prior to psx.
  4. As long as I can get off of work I'm game. Edit: actually I'm going to have to get back to you on that, might have some scheduling conflicts.
  5. Rival match in story mode?
  6. Assuming I find a way to get there I should be free.
  7. Every girl in that tournament was also in the main SSF4 tourney, the gals tournament is just to give them a bit more exposure and maybe get more female contestants next year.
  8. We've tried having weekly events but really the only way this is going to work is if the css players help evangelize the server, could easily enough make regular play nights if people are willing to spread the word.
  9. That was more because no one knew you were going to and everyone had been discussing it on irc. Fault there lies with us because we conveniently forgot to tell you the plan. But isn't this compromise fine? One server still has limits and both groups can play without overlap and can move on already.
  10. Why even argue about it, there are class restrictions in place on red so if you want to play with them on it's really simple to you know, just go to red. Better yet anyone else playing on red is probably like-minded so you don't even have to hear whining over limits.
  11. Haha, I've been letting them find out through surprise kicks/bans.
  12. Well there's your problem right there 9_9, anything more than 3-5 shot bursts aren't going to hit a damn thing what do you think this is call of duty haha.
  13. If you're curious as to how it'll handle european connections ping in command prompt.
  14. Generally you just need to learn to quick headshot, camp corners and use any sniper rifle and the famas/m4a.
  15. If anything has a chance of being played, it's counterstrike, considering everyone and their dog owns it.
  16. The only legal way to emulate is to rip absolutely everything yourself, technically.
  17. Did waltz seriously just delete his post? Haha The hurr hurr one button joke is only really used by people who don't know enough about osx to legitimately dislike it.
  18. Don't know when you last checked but steam client is already webkit now. And the real answer to steam on linux? It's still a very tiny demographic so maybe once they're done milking osx.
  19. Vanilla sf4 characters get three including the old costume packs, new characters get one new alt and that is it.
  20. It's like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all! Stupid sexy pyro...
  21. http://goo.gl/NEtm http://goo.gl/OSfv Since we're posting screens.
  22. They usually just autochoose teams, also I find it less annoying than when half the server excuses not doing anything to help the team with "But frogg is on the other team!"
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