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  1. This was a supercool remix, and i thought the review was much to harsh. This gets an A- in my book!
  2. Out fucking standing! Best remix I've had the pleasure to hear in along time.
  3. a remake of this track? well we'll all be waiting (or I will at least) Outstanding track. the beginning panio work doesn't flow a smooth as I think it should but that adds something to this remix that cannot be described. This is a great remix.
  4. This is a smooth sounding remix. Very nice sounding. Download it.
  5. This remix captures the essence of what the original could not. It shouts out, "this is the beginning of a happy adventure, this RPG is TO BE taken lightly, and it's mario hey come on". The original is good, this remix is happy and only brings more meaning to what I saw/see the start of this game as. As stated before, it's definately a keeper
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