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  1. Can we talk about how how happy I am right now?! I thought it would get rejected to be honest (almost did actually)...but here it is on OCR, and I'm screaming in happiness! Definitely gonna try to make a new remix. And hopefully I do a lot better. Thank you everyone! And djpretzel' s comments had me rolling lol.
  2. Geez, it's been forever since I been around here. About to attempt to submit my second remix sometime soon. I hope I did good on this one as well.

  3. Thank you all so much! This means so much to me! I'll definitely try and pull out another remix. Not sure what I really want to do next though.
  4. I attempted to submit a remix back in May, and I still have yet to be informed if it was rejected or not. Just wondering what the hold up is. Thanks.

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