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  1. Actually, I was underpowered and spent most of my time looking for butterflies so I could heal. I managed to resist the temptation to use the speed button when I was playing Chrono Trigger, but Nes and his firends just walked way too slow. That tunnel was ridiculous.
  2. No worries about this. I thought one track per week would be pretty intensive for just one person.
  3. I stopped playing Earthbound after I got stuck in Fourside. The battles in that game were so monotonous. And then I spent all my money on that house by the ocean that was a total pile, and at that point I was just done with it.
  4. That was quite good. Also, I think you managed to pull off the voice samples, which is impressive considering how grainy/crappy they were in the original game. Looking forward to the next one!
  5. That sounds intense. I'm looking forward to them for sure. It's kind of disappointing that these games get overlooked so much, but maybe now that someone (you) is actually giving them a shot it will get other people interested too. I think the Genesis (and Sega in general) tends to get overshadowed by the snes and every other nintendo system. I might have to try my hand at remixing if I want to hear some of these songs get remixed (though don't expect me to post anything soon, I've got a long way to go). Thanks for doing this project DJ Mokram. This is a pretty impressive undertaking for one person, and it won't be forgotten soon.
  6. I don't know if anyone here has played the Jurassic Park game for the genesis (much different from the snes version), but fighting Dr. Grant when you were the raptor was just stupid. As soon as you got close to him he'd just shock you with his stung gun (which was annoying since when you played as Grant he was constantly getting mauled). There was some sort of trick you had to pull with the scenery, but I could never figure it out so I've never beaten it.
  7. I don't like to burn someone else's work, especially when I have such little musical skill myself, but I had a hard time listening to these. It doesn't sound like he did it for the out of love for the game or anything, but just for the sake of rearranging something in piano. It looks like this guy has done this with a bunch of games too.
  8. Unless it's a soundtrack or a remixer I really know and enjoy (in which case it would be e), it's all random downloading to be sorted out later. so, d.
  9. Where is this Zelda steampunk you speak of?
  10. That's a seriously good remix. I lolled at the title, and the breakdown at 2:05 was unexpectedly amazing. That tree scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Thanks for the link Kyle. I hope there are more Monster Party Remixes out there to be found.
  11. Prepare to be blown away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1nzEFMjkI4 This is quite possibly the most frightening man on the internet.
  12. This thread is getting old, so you might have already found what you're looking for, but here's what I managed find. No midi's sadly, but there are a lot of .nsf soundtracks, which is pretty much just the sound data from a NES ROM. You can play them with winamp (you can download OCR's chipamp plugin bundle to support .nsf audio as well as a bunch of other video game music formats). You can download another plugin to convert them into wav files or something. Or, you can just download audio overload which is a stand alone media player for video game music. It supports most vgm files, and can export to wav. I've been using this program for a while, and it seems pretty good. Zophar's Domain has a lot of nes soundtracks in .nsf files. Monster Party right here.
  13. I wish I'd known a about this before it was over. I guess I'll try it out next week. sarcasm?
  14. Venus Lighthouse is great. I put it on my ipod and racked up over 1000 play counts in the space of a week (though I suspect I left it on repeat overnight or something). I also picked up all the Venus Lighthouse mixes that ThaSauce posted earlier as well as The Vagrance's quality WIP. However... I'd love to hear to hear some remixes of other deserving songs from Golden Sun. I was listening to Battle! [Fusion Dragon] and Tundaria Tower the other day, and both are solid tunes. Or maybe Crossbone Isle (I don't know how many hours I spent down there)? P.S. I hope I'm not being an insufferable noob by hanging out in the requests forum and telling the remixers how to do their jobs. If that's the case I can just slink back into the shadows and we'll all pretend none of this ever happened.
  15. When I was younger I sold my NES at a yardsale for $10. I had a lightzapper, powerpad, and a pile of games (Super Mario Bros. 3 and Monster Party!!). When I got home I realized what I had done, and I was horrified.
  16. You might want to try out some of the Ecco The Dolphin remixes. The soundtrack was pretty new age and chill to begin with, and some of the remixes carry on the same sort of style.
  17. That was a cool song, and probably one of the last ones I expected to see being remixed. An excellent start to what will hopefully be MOAR Dynamite Headdy remixes. Thanks!
  18. I look forward to whatever shows up Tracks of interest for Dynamite Headdy may include: 1. You're Izayoi 2. I Sing 3. Crosswalk of Love 4. A Man of Sun 5. Schumacher Fly
  19. *Bump* I'm pretty much echoing everything that's already been said in this thread, but obscure games need love too. The Dynamite Headdy soundtrack is has a ridiculous amount of potential and yet remixes are nowhere to be found. And not only Dynamite Headdy, but Treasure in general. Gunstar Heroes has a single remix. It's lonely. It needs friends. Alien Soldier is even less well known since it was never released in North America, but once again it has an amazing soundtrack. There's even a remix of "Seven Force" from Gunstars on it (Craziness!). I'll be happy with anything. I'll download low kbps WIPs that cutout halfway through the song. Please OC Remix...
  20. Something similar happened to me just a little while ago (I think it's about 5 or 6 posts down). I was transferring files to my mobile hard drive and for some reason the process failed and I got a delayed write fail with an error message that told me the hard drive was corrupt and needed to be formatted. I ended up fixing it by running the error checking tool under properties>tools>error checking. I only ended up losing the files that were being transferred when the error occurred. However, I'm working on XP so it might be different on Vista. Another thing I did after fixing the problem was optimize the drive for quick removal to avoid delayed write fails from caching data.
  21. Fixed with only a few lost files. Thanks for the advice starla.
  22. Thanks for the advice. Do you know if chkdsk can be run only on a certain folder in the drive, or must it do the entire drive at once? It's only the one folder that is corrupted. All other fies can be accessed fine.
  23. Hi OCR, I feel bad being such a newb and still asking for help here, but I'm not sure what to do about this. I have a 500GB Maxtor USB HDD which I use to back up my files, store media etc. After transferring a large (8Gig) group of files, the folder I pasted the files into is now inaccessible and gives the following message: I'm pretty sure this is a read/write error with the HDD. I scanned the folder with antivirus software just to make sure it wasn't a virus or anything, and the scanning program even showed all the file names, so I know they're still intact. It's just not recognizing them, or getting caught on a bad file. A similar thing happened a while ago with the drive. A file called "C:/$Mft" file caused a read write error where the entire drive was supposedly corrupted (apparently this is a fairly common problem). However, this problem seemed to fix itself when I hooked the HDD up to my brother's PC. This isn't working with the current problem though. I've read that the chkdsk tool can be used to fix the problem, but I'm worried about it deleting or damaging data on the drive. The corrupted folder has about 150Gig of data on it, and I don't want to lose it. Is there anyone who has fixed a similar problem on their computer, or has used the chkdsk tool to fix a HDD before? -Thanks
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