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  1. So, what time should we be on at on Wednesday if we're going to do this. The usual 9 PM EST - 6 PM west?
  2. If that appears to be the case, I'm gonna try finish up act 3. Yeah, just managed to get by act 2 (Though I used my entire stock of rejuvies in the process ;_. If this is still going, is there any specific time that we should meet?
  3. Teasers be teasin I'm back and I should be on for most of the night, so if anyone wants to join, just send me a call. EDIT: Darnit, East coast being really uncooperative for me as of late. I keep dropping and being unable to create a new game >.<
  4. Sorry Donut, but I have to say this: Nerd... That said, I honestly can't believe you've gotten to Hell that fast; there's no way for me to me able to dedicate that kind of effort to get my char from Normal to hell in about just two days or so. I don't have the time or patience, no offense, especially with school life hounding me. Anyway, I've managed to FINALLY get to canyon of the Magi this morning just before going to school. Would have gotten there sooner if it were for disconnects and BAD LUCK! I couldn't believe I had to take all four paths just find the stupid portal; at least I got a lot of money and experience out of it though. So yeah, I'm a lvl 21 Amazon near the boss. I should have some free time to get by him tonight (I have a long day at college however). Hopefully by tomorrow before our game starts, I should be able to get to hell, or at least near Mephy so you guys can quickly help me to get there.
  5. So it isn't just me having those issues. Glad to see that then; not that it's a good thing to have around.
  6. I left after the third disconnection; sorry if did before you had the chance. Just way too much frustration. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow <.<
  7. Grrrrrr, B.net has been somewhat frustrating for me as of late, as I've dropped twice and not been able to remake a game; and so far my connection seems fine. Hence I've had a couple of delays, although I am nearing the end of act 2.
  8. I'll probably have some trouble getting to Act 4 by friday, not knowing what other work that I'll have to do. I wouldn't mind getting some running done tonight later, assuming I'm not caught up in GW.
  9. Haha, I gotta say it was well worth my hours, although everything did go kinda fast for me, but I'm adjusting. I'm certainly looking forward to another game, though I might try to snag a good bow while waiting in between games. Glad that I made it lvl 18 on this run, too. Looking forward to those games, and I gotta say, that was the best fun I had in a D2 game yet.
  10. Right now I can't make any effort to join you guys early game; I have homework to do. I do, however, happen to have patch 1.13 all loaded up, so once done, I should be good.
  11. For the record, I actually do prefer to play online with people...but I end up playing solo online most of the time because it's just so dang difficult for me to get an actual party together (Most of the time I attempt to just to get help for some of the bosses). Not to mention players do tend to rush, as at the time, that's not what I'm interested in. But I'm playing with a group of guys that I know there's a good chance they'll show up; this is a planned game after all; and I know there will be rushing, so I know to expect things to get hectic, which I'm oddly looking forward to despite my usual preference of D2 playing.
  12. Following your comments in the last thread Gario, I'm have enough experience to know that Amazon passive skills play an important role just as dmg skills do. That said, I am planning to play Bowazon for help compliment the summoner in terms of crowd control. I generally have a better feel for explosive ammunition, but I'd like to give the chill another try. That said, I'd just like to put a forewarning; while I've played D2 a lot back a while, I'm very used to solo and taking my time with everything; but then again, the only reason I ever did that was because it's kinda hard to get random people into a game. Although I've never rushed too much, I am flexible and will probably dig up the process quickly enough. My account should be CEMP. I'm surprised I still remember my password from so long.
  13. Hey, if anything, I don't mind using a tank barbarian and I've been skilled with it before. I was just interested in bowazon due to the increased fire time, and they always seem to force me to use strategy than simple brute force more often than not. And I don't know. I've always had fun with Immolation arrow for some reason, and it seemed to work effectively for me for most of the acts and for nightmare and hell; then again, who knows. I sorta wanted to use bowazon mainly to experiment on that, although I've also had experience using them.
  14. Sorry if I'm not familiar with most D2 terms, but what is a fishymancer again? I've gotten through normal and nightmare, with only having some nasty confrontations on nightmare; and probably needing a group of PC's to help me out with a few bosses. Once I invest enough time and gold, my character usually don't have too much of a problem on Nightmare. Then Hell comes along, and most of the time get stuck around the first act before giving up . The farthest I've gotten was the act 2 with my bowazon, and that was it; I've only gotten through with pure strategy, some war of attrition, and too much kiting. It just ends up becoming so frustrating, especially with the immunities here and there; mind you, I mostly solo the game. It's always so hard trying to get a party together. I suppose it might have something to do with spreading out my abilities too thin, though my worry is that I'm so focused on one area too much, then I'll get killed for my weakness. If I have another person backing me up to cover my own problems, then I feel less inclined to spread myself out, but that often doesn't happen. I have played quite a bit of D2 mind you, but I guess my strategies that I use fault around Hell. Any general tips would be handy. My sense of time zone is always a little skewed. I'm looking at another board I'm at, and with the proper time set, it shows Eastern Time. Not sure if that the 9 PM Eastern you're referring to, as I live in Canada, Quebec, but if it is, then I should be fine. My only concern is that my Guild Wars buddies might pop up to ask me to play a game with them, but with Nightfall complete and Factions prepped to be finished, I think I'll have leeway by the time this comes around. EDIT: I just realized that March 23rd is tomorrow, whoops. Still should be able to play, but that matters on the confirmation and time zone and homework.
  15. I'll most likely being joining up with you guys, so long as we can find an opening in our schedules that fair to all of us. Of course I hope we can get a fairly balanced group into this; I really do feel like playing a Fire Bowazon, but if we can't get a tank, then I don't mind playing it. Mind you, I've never played Hardcore before. I've always preferred casual simply because all the hard work that I did doesn't go to waste over some sort of lag or bug. Also, I've fully installed D2: LOD onto my computer. It seems to think that there known compatibility issues, but so far, I've run it without a problem; although, I've only gotten up to the starting window and the my list of expired characters. Haven't in soooooo long, but I don't mind giving it a shot.
  16. Oh man would I listen to SMB while playing. Well, as you can, I'm up for a game; all that matters is seeing how my new computer and windows 7 accepts D2; and finding the right date to play on. On another note, I'm considering switching to bowazon, but it depends on what everyone else takes.
  17. The funny thing was is that I was torrenting the album at around 12:00 AM (Midnight) and trying to keep my computer from going into a deep sleep until the torrent was complete. I ended falling sleep, and waking to find my computer still awake; apparently BitTorrent doesn't let it go to sleep, and I ended up seeding a good couple of people without knowing . Hope they enjoyed a faster download >.~ Anyways, I've listened to the entire album right about now and re-listening to some of the tracks again (Though I have yet to listen to the bonus tracks). All I have to say is that this album is absolutely phenomenal, and there was some tracks absurdly blew my mind (Where did Joshua Morse get the idea for his arrangement of Bramble Reprise O.o? Alien music gods?). Great job everyone *thumbs up* And it's fantastic seeing, and hearing, legendary Rare composers David Wise, Robin Beanland and Grant Kirkhope in the mix. This is seriously one of my most favorite albums of all time, and surely makes it's tributes to my childhood favorite game. EDIT: Also also, a was beginning to come down with a cold yesterday, and it seems like listening to this music is somehow curing my sinuses.
  18. Dangit, I can stop listening to the trailer. The suspense on the release is killing me
  19. HAAAALJULAH!...HAAAALJULAH! HAAAALJULAH! Y'know, I was actually going to post "The moment of Truth, will djp complete the last track on time," on sunday, but it seems he beat me to the punch . And it's unfortunate that Taucer won't be here to see the release, all considering his place in it. Godspeed to you and your leg Tacuer.
  20. SWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Go djp! Whoot whoot! Also, yeah, I can't stop listening to the teaser either. Dang this album has REALLY shaped up since I last heard any previews. It reeally shows this is going to be awesome. EDIT: DAAAAANG, you end the teaser right when virt's song goes into a cool crescendo. Then again, you end every other sample at ends where I wish for more, and they all sound great. Talk about a teaser
  21. Heh, I knew not to hold my hold my breath, though there was a glimmer of hope that it would come out next week. Oh well, I'm glad to hear that djp has been working heavily on the tracks. Much kudos goes to him for putting off other jobs he needed to do; I know it's not exactly something you can easily put down.
  22. Huzzah! virt finally came through, and it looks like djp is indeed the last man to get his mixes done. Chop chop macho man (no pressure though)
  23. Even if I don't get a copy of the CD (Though it'd be nice if I did . I did just pay $40 mind you), it felt good simply donating. This is an album that is paying tribute to my childhood video game after all, and I already hold a lot of anticipation for this project; enough to say that I can't turn a donation. Though we have yet to listen to whole deal, just from the previews the artists on board have no doubt they've done a fantastic job with this. It's good to hear your near your target. On a side, it's the month of the 'early next month' you guys were talking about *Waits patiently and diligently*
  24. I thus assume you're heckling Jake to send you the last track; and if not, do so now XD. Or put more effort into it j/k.
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