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  1. As most people did, I also had the same idea that Square wasn't happy seeing Final Fantasy being used for someone's money idea. Shocking, not at all. But, good to know that they are working with OCR on some kind of benefit.
  2. Since some reports are coming from people that their donations are still being shown to a currently dead link, I think it's a temporary hold. Something tells me using the name Final Fantasy may be slowing things down. Not sure...
  3. I was going to donate until the canceled page, but it seems like some behind the scenes stuff is going on? I want to contribute, the first OC Remix attempt to get financial support has been a huge success through this Kickstarter. I'll keep waiting for the page to show up again... good job OC Remix backers for making Kickstarter explode with your awesome!
  4. Wait a minute... I saw this as a new posting today and I think it's already a ringtone for my phone! I may have downloaded an older version of this song at some point... either way, Chemical Plant Zone is one of the best Sonic tracks, period, and any remix that can capture its magic gets a thumbs up from me!
  5. I am a huge Sonic fan, so start there with my attention. Then enter Chemical Plant Zone, which has already produced at least two remixes on this site that I adore. A completely trippy adaptation with a surprise Kefka appearance, now you're talking my language. I spent time enjoying it, not analyzing it, and I like what I hear. The ending notes seem abrupt which is good, but it seemed a little weak. I would have liked it more as an emphasis to the song, but then again it may be because I was pumped to hear the song the whole time it was on. The song's not heavy, but a little bit harder on the last notes to finish would be my only suggestion. (On a second listen, it may be that echo on the last note just throwing off my perception.)
  6. I am a fan of a lot of old-school OCR music, where sporadic behavior reigned. With this mix, there's a lot going on inside of three minutes here, and it's almost muddled all together if you're not really focused on it. You could tone down some of it in the second half, make certain sections pop in there. The scratching record sfx turned me a little to not focus, which is why I lost attention towards the end and let it all blend together. I like the song so not a lot of criticism here, but some of the pros will definitely have something to chime in with.
  7. i know i was quite surprised when i saw the first red track, TEEM.ROKIT last year and i thought why doesn't pokemon have more tracks here? i'm very happy to see this project. c'mon, if you've played any of the games, you know you're going to hear that music over and over, and hearing it in a new way is exciting. i can't wait to see the final results.
  8. either way, i would assume my request has been fulfilled and i no longer need this thread. thank you to ddrkirby for that song.
  9. as the mario paint song is so aptly titled, bLiNd is the bomb, i hope he gets well soon and i heard the metroid song that made it through this week. sweet stuff. i strive for this kind of talent someday.
  10. everyone jumped back into d2 and i'm happy because when they did, my friends led me to discover the ladder system. why the f didn't i use the ladder system before?? it's so much better because the characters become normal when the ladder resets. a purpose to it all. d3 looking to be the same type of deal. woot.
  11. why don't you submit that to ocremix? i think it sounds great, possible bias because i love techno and mega man.some of the fade in and out background noise is unnecessary i guess but i like it. have you ever tried to submit it here?
  12. wait a sec... a community based around music based around video games, and rem doesn't like video games... uh, i don't even know what to say about that. anyway, i would be esctatic to go to pax someday, but not anyday soon.
  13. i still have a dos box app with the old tyrian software specs attached. i could pop that on my comp and listen to tracks all day. i concur, more tyrian!
  14. when i was looking for an ocremix-based web radio program, i saw the rainwave link and signed up. i love it. it's so awesome to vote on what's next. sometimes though popularity wins and the best song of the three loses... to some final fantasy lightweight piano jargon.
  15. i'll be honest, i am a huge beatdrop fan (you've got me added on myspace already) and this idea sounds awesome. part of it will conflict with my schedule tomorrow but i am going to try and get online to listen. best of luck!
  16. i have always liked this track and i was wondering if anyone out there was just as interested. i am getting back into making music so it might be something i try in the future, but until then, i wanted to throw out this idea to everyone. if i was able, i would like to see it in an upbeat trance style. thanks in advance for taking the idea and running with it.
  17. i've used sound forge to render in the past, but all my stuff is outdated now. the tip would be to make sure it's still good quality in the end, keep it above 128, 160 is still good.
  18. my nostalgia will kick in when i see mm3. the top man stage is the most addicting mega man theme ever. and astroman from 7, but i'm not greedy.
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