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  1. Which is why a lot of fan-made projects are killed. Because everything involving something else already made is of course, piracy.
  2. Oh dang. Sorry about that. To be honest, I really liked all of the stuff there- but if I had to choose, I'd say the Shield Breakers (Both of them!) and the new WIP, which looks a really awesome mobile base.
  3. I really liked Set 1968- "Not a MOC", and the Mobile Command Trailer. They had really good build qualities, and represent the wonderful sci-fi/"discovering" style of lego that I love. Pity I've never been good with lego myself. Keep at it, you're great.
  4. Dude Those are awesome You're quite right... that someone really needs to "get a life".
  5. dey see me trollan You're not very good at doing anything other than failing to irritate other people. So quit acting like an INTERNETS TOUGH GUY LOL
  6. That's exactly how I did it... but by the time I found it I'd reached the endgame.
  7. Yes, holding down the tab key activates the flashlight.
  8. Jolly good show, what ho, I say! Well done old chap! LALALAAAAAAAAAAALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAAA LALALAAAAAAAAAAALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm going to be singing that for ages.
  9. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uCa1l3uzau8&feature=channel_page OMG OMG THE VIDEO IS AVAILABLE IN HD!
  10. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/free-radical-design-latest-to-face-financial-trouble http://www.edge-online.com/features/source-free-radical-locked-up http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/free-radical-design-closes-doors So, apparently, Free Radical are closed for business. Has anyone else heard about this? I think it's a pretty sad thing, as FR made TimeSplitters, which is perhaps one of the most enjoyable series I've played through... the humour and wackyness of the games was just pure bliss. It's a pity to see a zany and (moar than others) original studio.
  11. Well done, live long and be happy together...
  12. Although I haven't heard of it, I'm afraid that information is a bit too vague. Do you have anything else to go on?
  13. This CANNOT be emphasised strongly enough. It will take a hell of a long time to master the essentials, and that's just the beginning! But, not only are we actually composing music, we are using technology too- and to get the best results, you need to know how everything works. Putting the two together means a significant amount of tiem. You need to be dedicated, and you need to be motivated. A lot of it can be confusing, while at other times it may seem like you're just grinding through useless stuff. BUT! It's not impossible. Put yourself into it, srs up, and you'll get far. Good luck, bro. Also, listen to DZComposer, ehs a pretty cool guy.
  14. There's a mod that allows you to do that. I can dig the link up later if you guys want it...
  15. w00t, I just made 100 Medicine, 100 repair and 100 Small guns with level 17.
  16. Re-installing trials may or may not work, but first of all most trials don't allow you to save your work (well, the FL Studio one doesn't). It may be worth, for the time being, to start notating your ideas in a program such as Anvil Studio, and then transferring them over to a DAW when you get it. I've been doing this for ages, heh, and it also stops me getting confused when I try to modify and work on a piece inside a DAW because I know what I've got. Save up your money. Don't buy a lower-end product than the one you need; you might end up regretting it later.
  17. Keyswitches are, on a basic level, keys that switch between different sounds. For example, you have a trumpet sound, and a mute trumpet sound. Well outside of the range of the trumpet, a note may be programmed that, when you play it, will switch to the other sound. Not too sure if you were serious here, so I thought I might as well put up a small explanation, heh.
  18. I've been noticing A LOT of new products appearing on... http://www.soundsonline.com/Classical-Orchestral-c-3.html ... They range from ethnic instruments to chamber strings, and, if I may add, a very beautiful Celesta. Most don't seem too exciting, but depending on what you want, there might be some hidden gems in the pack. However, regarding GPO I've had problems with it. This is most likely my fault, but I'd just like to be sure. I managed to pick up an old version of GPO off a friend a while back, so I installed it and upgraded to KP2. In both (the old and KP2) I haven't been able to get dynamics. Is this because GPO relies on the Mod-wheel and isn't touch sensitive? Unfortunately, my current keyboard does not have a Mod-wheel...
  19. On the subject of PLAY, just what is it exactly? I've read about it, and the descriptions have confused me somewhat. Has it replaced the old standalone player?
  20. Hmm, well, what I'm trying to do is import MIDI files from another program in (Sibelius) and then using a VST in FL Studio. So yes partly, all I need to do is change it to channel one. When I import the MIDI and go to the piano roll, everything is in Colour group/MIDI channel 10 (pinkish) while it needs to be in MIDI channel 1. Thanks. Sorry if any of this is confusing; I'm still pretty new to all this stuff.
  21. Hi guys, Right, so in the piano roll, you get different colour groups, which correspond to different MIDI channels. However, recently I've had a long MIDI file to import, and all of it is in channel 10; I need to get it into channel 1, so is there any easy way of doing this without having to manually change each note? Thanks in advance.
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