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  1. On teh subject of cooling, it may be worth putting in a small note that reads CLEAN INSIDE YOUR COMPUTAR. Although it depends on the conditions of the room the machine is in, dust always builds up inside, acting as an insulator (which leads to heat buildup...). Every 6 months it's worth investing in a small can of compressed air, opening up the case and giving a good spray on the fans and crevices. It's made a big difference for me.
  2. Blue123


    Definitely this, seeing as most sequencers and music programs tend to use a musical keyboard for input. Keyboards have a really good range, and they'll allow you to experiment with different chords on top of any small tunes that you think up.
  3. Blue123


    Music for ads, eh? I don't know much about that, but to get started in any area of music, you'll first need to have a collection of works by you that show the best of your talent. People want to know what they're going to get. Also, I see you only play guitar/bass- learning the keyboard may help, if you are planning to compose.
  4. Oh yes. The actual gameplay in TD2192 is pretty weak yeah, but that I think it doesn't really matter. The great music and writing more than make up for it, I say! At first the storyline seems like it's typical bad evil aliens against rag-tag resistance, etc, but the way it fleshes out and develops is superb. By just a few missions in you're hooked and interested in the characters. Lt. Velasquez bickering with Karl the dispatcher had me laughing every time. And I still do. I'd really love to hear an orchestrated version of the musical score. I really would. Maybe that's something I should aim to do at some point...
  5. Oil immersion? I remember reading about that a while ago... it was something along the lines of fill a fish tank with mineral oil and put everything inside it. Bar the case, that is. Anyway, as it stands, the layout looks great. However, on the issue of the BIOS, are you going to mention passwords? If so, it could be worth mentioning common back-door passwords as well.
  6. Blue123

    Welcome to Mars

    Ah, German beer. That stuff is great. But it's pretty amusing when you think about it, German beer in an American military base in Iraq?
  7. Wow, I gave up on the hope of ever finding anyone else who played TD2192. And now two people come at once! Heh. Anyway, as for the music... you don't remember it? Damn. Even though I was only 6 when I played it, this game got me interested in music for video games.
  8. HOLY SHIT, YOU PLAYED TD2192!? In all my years, I've only come across 2 other people that have even heard of this game!
  9. Blue123

    Welcome to Mars

    Welcome back! Is the beer over there not too good, eh?
  10. Wow man, that graph is actually pretty useful. I didn't have much knowledge of typical pay rates for music, so now I do. This helped me a lot!
  11. The location Andale is actually in the Centre-south of the map, near to the bottom. Close by are the Fairfax Ruins and Fort Independence. If I remember right, it's chock full of raiders and the odd missile launcher.
  12. A favourite tactic of mine to take down heavy enemies (i.e. robots) is to use the plasma rifle and fire at it from the hip while moving between objects for cover. When I'm right up in the face I switch to the combat shotgun, pump one or two shots into it before it has time to turn around, and finish the sucker off in VATS.
  13. I remember saying that I didn't really like the soundtrack, but I'm starting to enjoy it now. Sometimes I come across some music I don't like, but then it grows on me.
  14. Isn't this game copyright infringement...? If so, we may have some tasty opportunities to stop certain people from ruining my goddamn lunch
  15. Congrats! Have a happy life together, live long and have lots of good little kids Quick, someone get on a remix of "here comes the bride"!
  16. And I missed it due to the time zone differences affecting when I'm around ;__;
  17. Gears of war, great choice. Excellent game, excellent soundtrack. A must have.
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