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  1. Are there any strictly instrumental black/death metal bands? I might be able to get into that, because the only thing keeping me away from black/death metal are the vocals. I remember this band called Necrophagist. Really awesome instrumental work but then it was ruined by the croaking asshole singer. Fuck.
  2. I would like to hear some Super Paper Mario ReMixes as well. my friend samson never beat the final boss of thousand-year door rofl
  3. I can't wait to hear this. Fuck whoever said the music from Pokémon sucked when the first Pokémon ReMix was submitted. Said it was like trying to make Shakespeare out of crap or something.
  4. POCKETMAN, don't worry about these losers. I can't wait to see this masterpiece.
  5. I think ZP Theart and Dave Mackintosh should leave for another band. Only exceptional members of DragonForce, imo.
  6. This song has awesome lyrics. gotta fahlow mah rainnbooow
  7. A super hardcore thrash metal version of the Neutral Garden from SA2B's Chao World would be hilarious and awesome. I would rock out to that shit 24/7!
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