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  1. I had totally forgotten about this project.. hope it gets to come out soon!
  2. So.. what's the status of this project?
  3. Maybe I'll finish my track for #3... But nice lineup! Can't wait for this.
  4. Three days until the deadline and I still have no ideas to make my Legend of Dragoon track cohesive and finished. I doubt I'll have it in time, but it was fun to make the little bit that I did. Maybe I'll finish it one day. The rest of the project is looking pretty Bad Ass though.
  5. Derp, totally forgot about that forum! Yep.
  6. You know, I'm not entirely sure just why you need kickstarter to actually help with this drive. If anything, all of your community is already here, on the site, and ready and willing to give their money. In fact, for this kind of project, I'm not sure that kickstarter is even appropriate - because there's only so many copies of the CDs that you're going to make, and to keep it legal without licensing the music (so that you can 'sell' the copies) is impossible. If it's a totally not-for-profit venture, then you'd need to make sure that every copy sold is exactly the amount of money for production per one CD. If it's anything above that (and shipping), it's turning a profit. While that's really fine, where does the profit go? To the site. Now, what is the difference between that and the donation button on the top of the site? There is none. I'm not sure why you need to have a drive for the CD production like this. Is it just because kickstarters are fashionable right now, and you know that you will get much more money than you asked for? It's not like you are at any point more legally accountable to produce the products because it's through kickstarter (though, I have to say, that's really not an issue with the OCR staff. They're pretty easy to trust.) Is there just not as much flow as you would like through the standard donation? Why not just have a big news post to pimp a donation drive with? Your community is here, and they will see it, and just as many people will re-blog, or tweet or share it out. Can someone just fill me in on what the point of having a kickstarter is, versus just asking people to send money through paypal for the price of production and shipping? Either way, with money involved you technically have to license it anyway for it to be strictly 'legal'. Nothing gray about that.
  7. I know I haven't shown anything for a while now. I haven't abandoned the mix, but for some reason I'm not getting any inspiration from the track. I'll try and work on it soon, but if I don't get anything on my own, anyone want to help me finish my Legend of Dragoon track? XD
  8. Ack! I totally missed the check in date. I've been super busy, so mine hasn't had anything done yet, but I've got the plan all in my head. School ends early for me tomorrow, and I've got no work, so I can go ahead and just do a ton of work on the song. Promise.
  9. Actually, I had the same sort of sentiments. Don't get me wrong, I love the tracks - but it does take a while for the really awesome full orchestral stuff to pop up. But damn is that a cool moment. Some of my favorite tracks are on disc 3.
  10. Is it one track per person? Or could I audition to do two games?
  11. The biggest grin on my face, and the best ego boost ever.
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