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    I've been listening to video game music since I was thirteen starting with the soundtrack to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Ever since then, VGM has been my (increasingly less) guilty pleasure.
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  1. this source has always been one of my favourites from the OST and I'm glad this songs does it justice. It's definitely different in style from the original but it keeps that funky/poppy feel. Makes me want to move around just as much as the original.
  2. when I heard about this project I was worried about how this source would be treated. It's less music, more horrifying sounds to make you crap yourself. When I was a kid I always turned the volume off when fighting the bosses. The music was too scary for me to be able to focus :S... PH did a really solid job. The melodic elements are much more present without taking away the creepines of the source.
  3. I absolutely love this song. Easily one of my top picks from the whole album. It reminds me a bit of Mattias Häggström Gerdt mixed with Vega Projekt (Blind's side project for a bit) while also still being totally her own style. Really solid production and a beautiful auditory picture painted. Keep it up!
  4. "The original song is one of the better remembered game soundtrack songs from my childhood, and certainly one of my favourites. Even then I imagined what it would sound like in a more hard rock / metal esque setting" You're speaking my language here, dude. This has always been one of my favourite game themes of all time ever since I fist played this on Genesis when I was a kid. I would sometimes time out just because I would listen to the music and not beat the level. That being said, I am pretty picky about remixes of this source and overall I haven't been overly impressed up to this point, but you nailed it. The same kind of speed and fun that makes a Sonic track what it is. Props!
  5. well played! I've been kinda itching for a little more bluegrass from OCR and you definitely delivered. I've also been playing through FFVII lately and thinking it would be fun to figure out Farm Boy on my guitar. You've got some great skills and a lot of creativity. Look forward to hearing more from you!
  6. absolutely sick song. It fits the source really well especially when you're in the Mount Nibel reactor. Your rhythms are absolutely sick. I could just sit and listen to just your rhythms and forget the melody even existed. Supreme props man. May this be the first of many sick submissions
  7. Somehow I missed this mixpost and my music player decided to randomize this tune. I'm sad I hadn't listened to it until now. I'm a little sketched out by OWA mixes. I've never really liked any of them except for Prince of Darkness' "Prancing Dad." When I caught onto the source I thought to myself "oh great... another OWA mix." Thankfully I kept on listening. It's not cheesy like just about every other mix I hear of this tune. It's honestly darker than Sephiroth himself! I dig it and give pops to Tefnek for making something out of a source that rarely gains my favour.
  8. Theophany's Bioluminescence on HoaH was definitely my favourite song on the whole album (which is saying quite a lot considering how it is my favourite OST remix album). But then this same caught my attention. I doubt I could count how many times I've listened to it this week. An absolutely amazing song with so much emotion. I'm not normally into such downtempo music but, Theophany, you've won my ears over. Please keep producing such top notch music!
  9. It has been a long time coming posting something to this mix. I often find myself going back to this song and falling in love with it all over again. That chugging guitar may be repetitive but it is exactly what the song needs. It's a dark, unstoppable, plodding musical onslaught. I'm still not sure I like the way the Hal quotes were used but the words definitely fit the song. Props!
  10. I am a huge fan of the source to the point that I am very picky about remixes of it. I admit I was a little skeptical at first but once the cross-panned bit came in I started to warm up to it. But holy frig when that guitar and quarter note synth bass line hit I was totally sold. This mix is full of so many emotions. Even the watery ending was fitting instead of just another water ending to a water level song. May this be the first of many submissions!
  11. I admit that I never got to hear this song. I would get to level 7 and end up throwing my NES controller through a wall in a blind rage. Despite the horrible flashbacks that the game's title brings, great remix. Really chilled and contemplative while also keeping a very David Wise feel to it.
  12. I somehow have never hit this song on random before. Like DJP I was expecting a really awesome solo piano arrangement. The first half really impressed me. When the other elements joined in I wasn't as into it but by no means did I stop liking it. Aquatic Ambiance is definitely my favourite song from the DKC OST which makes me super critical of any remix of it. This one does not disappoint
  13. If I were to ever compile a CD of my favourite songs of all time (an undertaking I'd never actually dare to do as it would take me months to narrow down the list) this song would definitely make it. This has got to be my favourite song by bLiNd which is saying quite a lot. Burning Vigil, Dodge This Sakura, and Jade Catacombs have come close to stealing first place but nothing beats those chopped up female vocals and the envelloping bass.
  14. The same thing happened to me when I was a kid but the opposite thing happened to me. I became instantly hooked to that level. In my somewhat twisted young mind I fell in love with the creepy ghosts and the sense of urgency. This song really brought all of that back for me. That same sense of encroaching darkness is in this song. My only quarrel with this song is that it's maybe a bit too short. Then again Blind kind of spoils us with 10 minute songs.
  15. I honestly don't know what people's problem with this song is. It's probably one of my new favorite Blind songs. I like Jade Catacombs and White Skies, but I'm more into some of Jordan's more experimental stuff like this and Path of Deception from EoB LoR. Guess you can't please us all. Blind, keep up the good work.
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