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  1. In my first listen through I was a little hesitant but the second the chorus hit I was hooked. Very hard hitting and energetic. I love the 80's-90's touches. This mix made me want to go back to my glory days of listening to Tears for Fears and playing my old Sega. Good feelings to invoke!
  2. On a scale of one to amazing, this mix is a killer. Never played the game but I do like Rammstein. Till Lindemann would be proud of this mix. My only beef with this track is that it probably could have been a little louder/heavier. Maybe I'm just saying that because my ears are plugged from the flu. Either way, good work Mazedude
  3. This song makes me extremely happy. The jaw harp puts a foolishly large smile on my face. I do wish that the trumpet was a little more believable though but that's my only quarrel.
  4. When I first listened to this song the ending scared the shyte out of me but it has since REALLY grown on me. I do kinda wish that the volume was a little more stable but I love the distortion/feedback at the end. It freaks out my house-mates which is always a bonus.
  5. I can't tell which I like more: The song or the comments.
  6. Once again, you impress me. Your stuff always seems to make it onto my top 10 most listened to songs. This week I've been hopping between this, Path of Deception, and Beatdrop's Deserted Industry. Keep up the excellent work and keep healthy!
  7. killer mix. I can't help but go back to this song over and over and listening to it two or three times over. Love the percussion and the unique spin on a great little tune.
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