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  1. Wow, this was a blast from the past. I had the original archived, so was able to listen to them sequentially. The resub was substantially reworked, yet you could tell the resemblance. Strong work, Sir_NutS / Sadorf. DJP's quip about it being a underscores both the lasting appeal of games and the persistent interest of the community dedicated to enjoying and remixing their music. Back in 2005, I had no idea I would still be downloading and listening to ReMixes 15 years later. Though many of the artists have changed, some of the artists have demonstrated amazing longevity (very much including Sir_NutS). For your dedication, persistence, creative reinterpretation, mastery of the bleeps / bloops, and hopeful submission, I salute you. Here's to more great games to enjoy and amazing ReMixes to appreciate. Cheers.
  2. The "boing" vocal makes me giggle. I do this with accents in songs, yep. This is electro-funk done well.
  3. Balance and Ruin is my favorite OCR album to date, and of so many memorable tracks, this is perhaps my favorite. This track has been my phone's alarm tone pretty much since album release. Nice to see it posted!
  4. This was a massive undertaking, the result of which is definitely appreciated! This is awesome.
  5. I enjoy this mix immensely. In fact, this mix made me get off the fence and sign up for the forums just so I could express how much I enjoy it. Trance as a genre does get knocked for a seeming lack of creativity/repetitiveness (to which I reply, have you listened to hip-hop, ever?), but this mix has variety/creativity in spades. There's an attention to detail, lots of layering/texturing, and importantly, a sense of forward motion. It seems that people feel the need to apologize for posting/creating a trance mix... this mix needs no apology whatsoever. On an unrelated note... previous remix filenames from this game were titled Starfox, whereas this one is Star Fox. So this mix is out of position in my OCR music directory (or the other mixes are incorrect; either way, could that be fixed at some point?). I can rename the file, but I wanted to let someone know so others would be able to find the remix if they sort their playlists by filename Anyway, thanks PrototypeRaptor. Look forward to hearing more of your work!
  6. If you're looking for a free product, I've been using Avast! Home for about five years, and haven't had any notable infections. I've read good reviews of AVG Free, which seems fairly popular as well. Both of these programs can be downloaded from their respective websites: http://avast.com/ http://free.avg.com/download-avg-anti-virus-free-edition For what it's worth, some of the commercial antivirus products have been focusing more on efficiency with system resources, and are supposedly leaner than their previous versions (looking at YOU, Norton). So ditto to what Dhsu said, with a bit of personal experience thrown in.
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