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  1. Hello OCRemix! Now, I've noticed that there have been many Megaman remixes over the years on OCRemix, but I have never seen a Megaman X5 remix done (perhaps I'm not looking hard enough). As such, I would like to propose 2 songs for remixing. They're quite well known to any Megaman X fan, but bringing back good memories never hurts! Song: Sigma Stage 1 (and 3) Theme Source: Song: Sigma Stage 2 Theme Source: Now..as for the remix genre, I didn't mention one for either track simply because I think that a remix of these songs would work best as a dual remix, combining both stage 1 with stage 2. I imagine something along the lines of orchestra/piano/techno for the portion that involves Stage 1, beginning lightly with piano and orchestra, slowly building up the orchestral effects and incorporating techno as it merges into the Stage 2 theme. During the stage 2 theme section section, I imagine the techno merging with some rock and heavy guitar work, perhaps dropping the orchestra and piano (unless it works well). And to honor the third Sigma stage, the song can fade out to the Stage 1 theme while maintaining the rock/guitar/techno scheme. After a couple years of practice, I actually intend on giving this a shot myself. Thanks OCRemix for hearing out my request! ~Duo
  2. The brain may only weigh 3 pounds, but without it an entire human body could not function! In other words, the remix would not have had the same life that it does without your contribution to it, Dhsu. I simply LOVE a crossing of instruments and styles. The piano really set me up to be amazed when the guitar came crashing into the scene. As for the guitar part of it, well, let's just say AWESOME and keep on listening! Uber props to this mix.
  3. I like this mix. It may not have the Shariq polishing, but it definitely has the Shariq core. I think that the amazing thing about Darkesword's mixing style is that he can turn any song into an enjoyable memory. Heat Vision doesn't lose that sparkle for me. It does sound a little more incomplete than the rest of his mixes, but the "feel" I get from his remixes was still there. Keep 'em coming Darkesword!
  4. Awesome stuff. I really love this remix and would probably label it as one of the pretzel man's best. Segments such as 2:07 to 2:36 were simply amazing. Love it.
  5. MARVELOUS! I love this remix in so many ways that it's hard to keep one train of thought on one aspect going before I think of something else I want to say about it. To pack it all into a little rectangle of words, Excellent song concept, Excellent song title, Excellent mixing, Excellent excellence! I would have to give massive humungous props to the "clock solo" at 3:04 to 3:32. That heavy kick and slamming clock beat was simply one of the most amazing combinations of sounds I have ever heard. Vocals are beautifully done and are actually quite inspiring in some senses. E-Bison be rockin' the house!
  6. I visited OCRemix drowsy and tired at 2 in the morning to find a remix that's been keeping me awake for more than 2 hours on end. I do believe that this remix has earned the status of simply, purely, EPIC. Now, my attempt to be slightly more analytical, the guitar is incredibly powerful yet smooth. The hi-hat is probably my favorite part of the drumline. It's got a real funky beat that just rocks my world. I feel like the kick probably could've had a little more force behind it, but perhaps that would've made the song too loud and distracting. I'm actually quite satisfied with the way it is, but my opinion isn't the only one that counts! Good work Nekofrog. Now...make us more!
  7. A great mix! It had me slamming through the whole 2 and a half minutes of loveliness. My only complaint would have to be the guitar from 0:42 to 0:59. It's a minor issue, but I couldn't really "feel" the guitar during that timeframe. I just don't believe it matched the intensity of the drums, so it was more or less drowned out in my opinion. But all in all, nice job! More, make more!
  8. I use exclusively Sony Vegas to do my editing. I've used Vegas to do video editing for quite some time, so I was much more familiar with it than I was with Flash.
  9. I believe that any experience has the capacity to change your thinking, depending more or less on how much you put it to heart. CABAL Online granted me a change in my thinking. I led a guild in that game, probably the largest population-wise (reached the maximum member limit) and about 5th in terms of pure level and damage potential. The struggles, conflicts, good times, and friends that I made from that experience have changed a lot of things about me. And since my friends are still around me from back then, I can say that through them, CABAL Online will always be a factor that's changing my life. Very interesting thread by the way. Really put my mind to work on something I've never really considered before!
  10. It seems like you do not understand the English language very well. I will repeat then in simpler terms. If you think my idea is a waste of time and you don't like it, why are you wasting your time posting pointless messages? Unless I'm special to you or something, the attention is mostly unwanted. If a simple thread title bugs you so much, that should be motivation enough to stay away from it. It's pretty ironic how people give the most attention to the things they dislike the most. Anyways, planning is somewhat behind for the Day's End animation. I'm continuously revising my storyline. Since I am forcing the challenge of using absolutely no dialogue upon myself, I will have to make sure that my technique portrays the words they replace correctly. Thematic suggestions are always welcome from Remixers and listeners alike. EDIT: Thank you to whichever moderator edited my thread title. I am unsure if these forums allow me to do it myself, but if it is a title that a moderator approves of, then it will most likely not cause confusion as to what its intent is.
  11. I prefer clarity over poorly phrased English, i.e. "makin vids 4 ocremix songz" If you have nothing to say about the idea itself, then please keep your unrelated opinions to yourself, if you could.
  12. The sound effects came straight from a video game's Data folder, so I don't believe there are any naturally cleaner samples I could have used. I believe the harsh sound quality on my sound effects comes from me trying to increase their volume to surpass that of the background music, which then resulted in destroying the sound quality in some cases. Heh, just like Audix, I expected people to pick on my sound effects. This is OCRemix after all . I'll see what I can do to revise the issue next time I make a combat scene!
  13. Hello OCRemixers, OCRemix members, and OCRemix ninjas (lurkers)! Recently, I tried my hand in the field of animation using Maple Story styles and designs and felt that my work was quite satisfactory for a beginner. I then decided to combine this new passion with my passion for video game music - more specifically, video game remixes from OCRemix. As such, I chose to uptake a personal endeavor. As listed in the topic title, this endeavor will be known as the OCA Project, or Overclocked Animation Project. Using strictly songs from OCRemix, I will partake in creating animations with Maple Story styles and designs to attempt to portray my interpretation of the song. I have great hopes for this project and promise to turn up results, no matter how long it will take me to complete an entire song. I believe that by unspoken demand, people would like to see a sample of my animation style. I recently created an animation as a gift for one of my closest friend's birthday - my first, complete animation. Though I regret to say I cannot share it all due to privacy, I can share a small fraction of it that involves combat that has been tuned to one of OCRemix's very own songs. The song I used for this combat sequence is "The Secrets of Sosetsuken" by none other than the Sexcellent Sixto Sounds himself! Though this does not use the entirety of the song, I do hope that it will allow OCRemix to see if my endeavor is something that they will welcome on this site. The next OCA that I plan on creating is one for Audix and Tweek's "Day's End" Remix of the Mario Kart 64 Credit Roll. I have negotiated this with Audix quite some time ago and will try to complete the OCA for Day's End ASAP. In the mean time, I would really love some comments. Comments about the idea, comments about the sample video itself, comments about me, anything. Feel free to contact me anytime on AIM, MSN, or via PM right here on OCRemix. AIM: AkuSiDuo <- (capital i in SiD) MSN: cbblader@hotmail.com I hope to hear from OCRemix! Regards, Duo
  14. Uhm...I guess I'll be the ice breaker. 1. Read the sticky on how to properly make a ReQuest thread. 2. There are 15 FF8 ReMixes starting on page 20 of the ReMix section under the "Browse" tab. 3. Show a little more respect to people who spend endless hours making enjoyable music for people who half the time show no gratitude whatsoever. Even if you didn't read the sticky about how to make a ReQuest, you should still use a more mature approach at making a ReQuest. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to gracefully ask whether or not OCRemix carries any FF8 remixes. 4. No, I am not a jerk. I am simply trying to teach you how to interact with the OCRemix community properly in this section of the forums. Please adhere or go back to lurking. Thanks, Duo
  15. GOLD! This is one of the very few remixes where I felt that vocals didn't destroy a normally instrumental song. The build up was fantastic, and the overall beat was so darkly ominous that it really does induce an adrenaline rush in you. The build up is crashed by a funky rock drum beat as the build up is transformed into aggression and a more forward intent. The transition from build up to mainstream was very seamless and worked more than well. The beat shift mid-lyrics was awesome, and the continuation off of said lyrics was stunning. A deadly ReMix from a trio of Grade-A ReMixers.
  16. Did someone say...holy crap? Yes, I did. This was an absolutely DOMINATING collabed remix. When the retro tune started "modernizing," I knew for sure something was going to blow me away. I'm glad my hearing is still sharp. With only 7% comp volume, I was slamming to this remix for hours and hours with my headphones. I have no idea how the remixers managed to get a hold of the sephiroth choiring, but it was dang hawt. Five thumbs up for this mix.
  17. Hello once more OCRemix! This time I'm going to keep my request to a single track. Yep, just one! Game: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (fanfare please!) Song: Wandering Ghosts Details: The theme song for the normal, uninverted Colloseum* map. Perhaps the best Castlevania theme I will ever listen to. ReMix Genre: Hit me with everything you've got. Rock, DnB, Metal, and a touch of techno, but at the same time, keep that suave, sexy jazz that it has. Turn this song into something Konami wish they had their hands on to use in the actual game. Turn gold into diamond and make me fall out of my seat! EDIT: changed the source. I think this one sounds better. Original Track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls0DMEwMO0M&fmt=18 Oh my, I forgot to conclude the post with a thanks, so here it is! Duo
  18. Say what? A remix by Big Giant Circles? Oh you have my attention already! Stunning, stunning, stunning! The introduction made me have to replay it to make sure it was real and that my brunch pancakes weren't making things sound sweeter than they should be. How wrong I was, as I only loved it more the 2nd time! The guitar in this ReMix is absolutely beautiful sounding and goes well with the toughness of the track. The guitar sounds a lot like "The arena" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. LOVE the pace change near the end. It was so well transitioned into that I didn't even notice it happen when I was typing this review with half a pancake flopping out of my mouth. To sum this ReMix in 2 works? You just couldn't! Beautiful stuff BGC.
  19. I admit, the introduction had me in slight doubt that it would be "another cheesy piano solo," but once it started to pick up, it stayed up there and stayed beautiful. I'm usually not a fan of the piano mixes on OCR, but this one struck me as quite good. Previously mentioned, the transitions are practically invisible, and I just love how the piano is programmed to a degree where it almost sounds like it takes more than 1 pianist to get it all done. I wonder...just wonder...what would this remix sound like with a properly tuned drumline added onto it? Hmm...
  20. So I decided the best way to review a song is to listen to it while writing the review. How obviously simple! I love the introduction. It's very deep and compelling, and then shifts cleanly into some powerful snare and bass. The humming sound is my best friend, as it always guarantees a shift in the music afterwards. I love how the bass and snare drown out slowly and leave the piano to stick its own. I kind of want to hear the piano a little louder, but perhaps it would be off sync with the volume of the rest of the track if it was. The ups and downs of the track are well done, and whether the track is in a high or in a low doesn't change its overall power. A couple complaints. I believe the mix sounds a little bit repetitive as the main beat of the song loops through about a good...70% or so of it. It does shift from a hardcore feel to a techno feel about half way through, and the volume and intesity constatly change, but the overall beat was still the same and still a little bit repetitive. I guess what I'm asking for is a little bit more originality with the beat. Stick that remix in a blender and see what you can make! But understandably, since this track is by a newcomer, I shant expect top of the chart compositions. This is definitely a good start to an infinite amount of potential for the future. And so, I pat Rozovian on the back and say, "Make more you son of a gun!"
  21. Hello OCR! I was thinking for a while if I wanted to bring this idea up to the community or not, and I decided that I'd might as well. I don't really think there's any harm in my idea so here we go. Some of you may know this online game known as CABAL. In the United States, it is hosted by the company OGPlanet and a product of EST soft. I'm not sure how fond OCR is of remixing online video games since console games seem to be the major umph of things around here, but I thought that perhaps straying from the console game normality would create more originality. This, of course, is simply just a ReQuest. Here is a link to a playlist with pretty much all of the CABAL BGMs and then some. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=07DB4D82064F1358 Since there are so many songs, I could not hope to "genretize" each and every one of them. Also, since this idea is kind of out there, I'd like to see if people are even interested in this music to begin with. Thanks for reading up, Duo
  22. Hello for the third time OCR! I'm back again with a couple more requests, this time for the game series Fire Emblem. There are countless...COUNTLESS numbers of Fire Emblem songs I would love to hear ReMixed. Any of them at all. If I am correct, there exists only one Fire Emblem ReMix at the time. But to not leave ReMixers in the dark and have hundreds of possible songs to ReMix cluttering their minds, I would like to make two specific requests from one of the newer Fire Emblems.. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Song: Decisive Attack Details: The battle theme for ally initiated fights after Ike class changes. ReMix Genre: Orchestrated techno. (Is that even possible?) What I'm after is making the song even more fast paced than it is (techno) while keeping the beautiful instrumental influence (orchestra) and trying to make it different when it repeats instead of doing a 3 minute loop. Original Song Link: Song: Against the Black Knight Details: Well..the song that plays when you fight against the Black Knight! ReMix Genre: DnB & Rock. I think that the original mix is "underemphasized" and could use a lot more UMPH that DnB and Rock could give to it. Original Song Link: Song: Move Out! Details: The theme used prior to starting the battle sequence of a chapter (not always, but sometimes). ReMix Genre: Power and inspiration. This song is supposed to give you the motivation to fight onwards in any situation. Give it more than it already has (easier said than done.) EDIT: I just had an idea. Something that could make it extremely powerful is to give it sections of fast, aggresive rock, then slow it down with some classical / violin solo + snyth. Just an idea. Original Song Link: Song: SSBB Fire Emblem Theme Details: The Fire Emblem theme featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. ReMix Genre: Fast, powerful orchestra with DnB to reinforce it. Keep the Latin singing if it's appropriate for the ReMix. Original Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWo-azI6eL0&fmt=18 Song: SSBM Fire Emblem Theme Details: The Fire Emblem theme featured in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Whoever does not recognize this song had a very deprived childhood! ReMix Genre: Fast pace Rock, DnB, and Orchestra. Basically, take what it has and make it better. I think the sections with drum rolls could be massively improved and be turned into the original section of the piece (though it already is awesome how it is). Original Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BsPSOQA6tY&fmt=18 Song: Attack! Details: Welcome back to the olden days when Fire Emblem was fresh and young. The classic Fire Emblem battle theme. ReMix Genre: Dance and Trance (Drance?). I think this song would do wonderfully if there was a dramatic build up to the main beat of the song with a sexy dance feel to it. Intensify the DnB as well! Original Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yTEoDv7tY4&fmt=18 I think I'm going a little overboard with the amount of demands I'm making, so I'll put a pause on my video game fanatacism for tonight. Once again, thank you to all OCR members who give the time to even view my threads. Rock on OCR! ~Duo
  23. Thanks for all the replies guys, and thanks for the two remixes KyleJCrb. Much appreciated.
  24. Awesome awesome song we have here! The opening was a humungous attention getter that kept me tapping throughout the entire song. I love the effective wintery sound of it without the use of those standard jingle bells. Don't get me wrong. The bells are baller, but they shouldn't be in every winter-themed song. The more "down to earthbound" finisher was a nice way to tap it out. Pro skills going on here.
  25. Always gotta love a remix that includes a retro aspect of the game (properly might I add). This is one awesome remix. The control with the different guitars was simply splendtastic. I smack a "win" sticker on this mix.
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