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  1. Another vote for Knife Party! Those 2 are from Pendulum. If you want a really heavy & more underground not 4-on-the-floor sound, my friend Kinman does this blog called bassweight society where you can discover a lot more artists: http://bassweightsociety.com/ A-RoN, I don't know if you meant to do this but your logo looks like one of those silhouette illusions (sunglasses or bow-tie?). I love illusions.
  2. On a side note, while you're mixing, use psychoacoustics to make the bass really intense. Something like maxx bass adds a perceived low frequency and HPFs below the physical limits of a speaker.
  3. looks like fun! Gave you a "like" too. Great music!
  4. Metroid NES... the music would just bum me out feeling like I'm drifting through space ready to implode any moment. My only friends were these aliens that wanted to eat me alive & I would always get lost or fall onto something painful (lost because I had to sneak over to a friends house to play it since I didn't have games at home). Then I would have to squeeze myself into the fetal position in a claustrophobic slimy tube while exploding myself... Close-to-tear-encounter would be Secret of Mana... Mother drops him off at a crazy village, they raise him then kick him out, and they are attacked by monsters... it just gets better and better
  5. http://youtu.be/lPztbOUMouw?t=1m44s Have any idea? sounds like random bursts of white noise and....? a filtered vowel thing...
  6. Fantasy Frequency Game boys and girls Frequency(Freq.) Force Cheat codes final level 1up Wizards tavern Blue Tea Game Sounds Maximum Tasty mushrooms coins in bricks Spinning Kick I'm looking forward to listening this Friday. Will you have them uploaded somewhere afterwards?
  7. I'd have to agree with Nonamer on the point of the drums being not very natural. It's mostly notable in the beginning but not so much later on in the mix. I think what might fix it is if you vary the velocity of the notes more and slightly miss-align some of them/humanize it. Maybe give it more of a dynamic range? The crashes sound kind of weak too. Maybe layer it with some others or pull up the volume or turn down everything else and let the tail drag a little longer perhaps. The backing strings sound too quiet in the mix. Maybe experiment with compression on different instruments to make it sound more full. I think the kick could have more of a punch too. Maybe try layering it with another and EQ'ing and compressing. All of these things are pretty minor though. The song sounds full and almost finished. My favorite part is at 3:24. I love the drums and synth you used there. I like how it slows down in the :38 mark and then takes off! I really like the bass melody too. It's a fun song I hope that helps.
  8. Hi, this was one of my favorite games as a kid and I always wanted to remix the music. It's from Fortified Zone. I started giving it an off-beat swing to attempt a Flying Lotus & Kettel feel but I'm not sure if it's working... I think I may have listened to it too much to know if it is sounding good. Do you think it would sound better more on-beat? Any other advice? Source: http://soundcloud.com/volterockremix/fortified-zone-stage-3
  9. Oh crap well maybe it was a transformer gone bad so you did a good service to that dream dimension

  10. Oh crap well maybe it was a transformer gone bad so you did a good service to that dream dimension

  11. No problem - I enjoyed it quite a bit. As for what I dreamed, it involved me crashing my truck and waking up to call my dad to say I crashed my truck... then I woke up. Weird part is, I don't own a truck, and yet I still had the urge to call him about it.

    ...Yeah. Awesome albeit excessively knobby experience, for sure.

  12. Hey, thanks again for coming out to see us! I hope you were able to supercharged your sleep. I wonder if we dream about sleeping then we do?

  13. Hi, a friend of mine that I take music classes with told me about this site so I thought I'd check it out. This seems like a really cool place with a lot of friendly people. Here's some music I've made if you're interested in listening: http://www.kingdomageaudio.com http://www.myspace.com/ivolterock http://www.myspace.com/shwabangs http://www.volterock.com I think one of my favorite video game compositions are many of the works from Secret of Mana. Oh, and bomberman (64) was very catchy also. I think this is where I really was drawn into electronic music. I feel like a kid again going back to my roots.
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