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  1. Phhht, Merry Christmas from Colorado Surprisingly blue skies, the weather here is retarted.
  2. I gave pocky and other assorted Japanese candy to my close friends. My mother received a calender, bubble bath, a kitchen blender, and some foo foo Christian stuff. I managed to acquire a Yamaha PSR E313! whoopie!! Also got a WoW calender, a WoW hoodie, NHK manga #2 and loads of candy.
  3. The beginning definitely claims the best part of the mix. The authentic sounds of the drums really bring out the DK in me. As always snappleman, phenomenal guitar playing. The Kong family would be proud.
  4. This mix gave me an undeniable urge to leap around my room as if I was a small rabbit. Fortunately I resisted, but it was quite difficult. Great mix though, really fun.
  5. This is the best track on link's awakening if you ask me. It's like the main Zelda theme that we all know an love and yet the melody is just a tad different, something nice that the Zelda series doesn't typically show us. I really liked the mix as well, a bit slower than the original, but fun nonetheless. I almost get a Metriod feel from this peace. Seems like it might make a nice theme for Samus gunning down those stupid hopping spiders from that cursed mountain.
  6. I enjoyed this remix, the subtle piano opening meshes well with the brass in the beginning, and even though I'm not that big a fan of hip-hop the beat was quite fascinating. My favorite part would have to be the long bridge near the middle of the track, it's inspiring when remixers place long segments of music drawn from themselves rather than from the game. I hate to be such a sheep here but the ending is... ookkaaayyy, when it cuts out it sounds kinda cool, but I think having a more solid ending would have been nice. Either way, great job, excellent remix.
  7. This is the kindof track Mario would enjoy after a long day of surf, sun, and placing himself upon small blips that represent levels. But I really enjoyed this mix, it's relaxing, sincere, and it reminds me of my Mario all star days. I'm also reminded of Buckethead's "for mom" song.
  8. Can't say this song brings back happy memories, I remember you're forced to kill your father's best friend while this song is playing. This mix is decent, Trance is only entertaining on ex, or when I'm really drowsy. The melody of this mix is a little hard to identify, I'm guilty of opening up the original to see how they matched, actually upon second listening the theme of the song is well mixed into a trance-like tune. Overall, pretty cool mix. It didn't zone me out like most trance music, but it was a sweet song choice.
  9. Pretty cool remix, seems slightly simplistic but it certainly is fun to listen to. The warks and kwehs are a nice touch, and they are mixed well. The beginning is pleasant although a little humdrum, around 1:11 is where it begins to get interesting. Overall it's quite the entertaining remix, excellent job.
  10. Heya, name's Jason, people typically call me Jason. I been gaming for a good while, ever since I was fascinated by an 8 bit plumber flinging fireballs at turtles. I've been secretly downloading remixes for quite some time, but it was only recently that I found the urge to contribute instead of merely mooch. Every new album that OCR releases seems to be better than the last. I was fascinated by the release of a FFVII album, and Project Chaos has some of the greatest songs that make Chinese food delivery bearable. Some of my favorite games include Bioshock, Chrono Cross, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Super mario RPG, Classic shooters like oldschool Doom and Duke Nukem, The Halflife series, Gitarooman! and occasionally Soul Calibur when I'm feeling frisky. I'm currently playing WoW, after dabbling in a few mmos I figured it's about time I reach endgame in SOMETHING, and what better mmo than WoW? I'm saving up for a keyboard, and I hope to add remixes from Golden Sun, Gitarooman, Mystical Ninja, and of course some Final Fantasy.
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