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  1. Agreed. I like to run through rpgs, I'm always sure to maintain a good stock of potions and status heals and what not. But there's a real sense of accomplishment when you manage to trudge through difficult boss battles because you are under leveled. Also it's faster, and the less random battles I have to sit through the better. It does depend on the game though. I recently ran through Chrono Trigger, and it wasn't too difficult just soaring through it. But then again when I play something like Dragon Warrior 7, I'm forced to sit back and grind. I guess I would have to vote A, with healing items.
  2. Where were you when the second D&D movie was made? Seriously though, 1000% better than I expected. Wtg!
  3. Yes! Although to be fair I must warn you: The sanbone trio on masters play is just.... *shudders*
  4. The Sanbone Trio from Gitaroo man. Still haven't even beat em on masters play.
  5. Done and done. I sum them up with one word: Blarg! I tried soooo hard to beat the REmake, but I just didn't have the patience for it. I started a new game about 6 times after thinking that I could have ran through better than my current session but every time I do I expend like 12 shots killing a single zombie, and then die helplessly. NJ had it right on the button (even though he was referancing the new one ) I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean, how scary can a zombie be when he's walking towards you at a snails pace, moaning and groaning. It isn't. However it IS when the controll scheme has you running in circles and the aiming is far FAR worse. How can the game put such importance on headshots when it is IMPOSSIBLE to pull off? As for RE5, I love it! It's nice that they added the "stomp" command so that I don't waste shots capping a zombie in the head while they're lying down. Sure it isn't that scary, but nothing is after you hit puberty. (Although Silent Hill [Game. Not movie] scares the balls off me) Not being able to move while shooting is a little annoying, but I got used to it in RE4. I just really enjoy the headshot-melee strike combo, it's a fun way to kill hordes of zombies. Also, I don't been to be a graphics whore... but, damn!
  6. There's really no point in arguing what is "better." Although I believe that a lot of vg music appreciation is gained from nostalgia. When you hear or play a song from a video game you are reminded of the events happening while the song was playing in the game. These effects can be even greater if you enjoy the song. As for practicing guitar with 8-bit game music, more power to ya! I find playing the tetris theme on keyboard is much more fun practice than playing the monotonous folks songs from the piano book.
  7. That was fantastic, I was glued to my screen the whole time.
  8. Not necessarily, he just seems like the type of character that you like at first, but end up hating because he is all the rage on the internet, work, and school. Although I suppose a true fan would appreciate the character no matter what other people think. You know what I mean though, it happened with Napoleon Dynamite, as well as the song BYOB from Soad >.< Love the song, but when it came out, it aired on the radio every 16 minutes.
  9. I lold as well, although not as much as I did upon noticing your sig.
  10. I just saw Watchmen last night and I must say, for someone who has never seen a lick of the comic, it was fucking fantastic! Aside from the beginning being a little drawn out, and some of the actions scenes being ever so slightly corny, I was deeply impressed with this movie. I don't wish to add myself among the inevitable mountains of fanboys that Rorschach will no doubt accumulate, but goddamn he is freakin awesome!
  11. I enjoyed this tune, the dynamics makes it ideal for an intense battle theme. I'm reminded of the battle theme scene in Advent Children, when Tifa fights the bigger brother. Besides the ending being a little more choppy than I prefer it was wonderful song, keep up the good work!
  12. -Pwn my keyboard midterm. -Finally get to 80 in WoW, runnin on 72, but I'm just so lazy. -Beat the classic Resident Evils (everything before 4). I don't think I have the patience for this one. -Perform low brow money making techniques to help raise money for RE5. -Never apply at a carwash ever again. Also! Bwhahahahahahah1!!112
  13. This game is fantastic! I can't believe I've been sitting on my ass playing it for so long.
  14. It lost it's pizzas after sf2. The sound he used to make was priceless... HEIFER!!!
  15. Just gotta wait till March 13th. There's a demo available on x-box live though. EDIT: lol, woops. Uhh, Anything and everything by Rellik.
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