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    Xbox 360

    hmm.....always wanted to be a pimp.....starting bid is $10 for your body....
  2. *Nod* I'm still thinking about it...its kind of hard ya know?
  3. Enigma

    Xbox 360

    The Unreal Engine is can be pretty bad if not used right, but dont say EPIC is the only ones who can make it work. Rainbow Six Vega 2 runs on Unreal and looks about 50-60% better than TLR. As for the actual game (not the install) it has a few framerate problems as soon as it switches from the load screen to the combat portion, but after that its all been gravy. I dont recall seeing any press on this game though, which is weird considering its a Square Enix game. *shrug* maybe i just wasnt paying attention!
  4. I had been thinking of doing that for awhile now. And it would be awsome, there is alot there. But the more I keep on thinking about it.... I dont think I could. It was his music and I really dont want to alter it in anyway (for better or worse). Maybe I should continue to think about it
  5. Just based on some of the screen shots REAPER looks nice. I'll snatch it up and toy around with it for a bit. Thanks for tip Moguta!
  6. Good Lord help me, I didnt know if you were still active here mustin. Yeah, his parents told me that someone from the site gave them the remix's he'd done. As to them not knowing....I can see that, he kept alot of things to himself. Not in a bad way mind you, just that they were personal and usually had a significant meaning behind it. As a musician, he was fantastic. He had some serious dedication to pushing himself to greater heights. Because of that I had to push myself as well, friendly rivalry and all that. I have alot of stuff that we dug off his computer, remix's that were never submitted (I dont rightly know if they were finished or not) recordings for songs he'd worked on....hell i even found some recorded pieces of myself on there. As a muscian, like I said, he was fantastic. As friend though.....unrivaled. He got me through some rough times. I miss him, thats a fact. Also, not sure if this was ever told to you at all, you are probably one of the biggest reasons he stuck with remixing. You gave him something to strive after. I want to say the "Needles" collaboration you did with Dale North was amoung his favorite songs. Just thought you should know. And thank you for hosting his songs, that means a great deal. More than you could know and more than I could ever express. Again thank you. I dont want people to get the wrong Idea here though, I'm not trying to solicit anyone here. I dont mean that in a bad way, far from it. Im not asking for the "favor" from anyone, that wouldnt be right. I feel If someone were wanting to Contribute, thats outstanding, and I would thank them greatly. I dont want people to feel obligated, that hurts me actually, and I wouldnt ask that of anyone. If you would like to contribute something, just send me a PM or an E-mail and we can hash things out. Again, feel free but not obligated.
  7. Knew him very well actually. We were best buds for many years. I remember being here as well, we used to talk about it all the time in fact. I was hoping there were more who were still a part of this community that have spoken with him, but people move on and things change, cant stop life. The part of the reason I'm back here is to start remixing again, but I think the larger majority of it is so I can put together an album for his family. But I'm not talking his work, they have that. Rather remixes done in his memory, of games that he loved. But I digress and thats on another thread all together. Thanks for the welcome and I'm glad to see someone who (may have) knew him.
  8. If you want jazz you cant go wrong with Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. If you want more of a blues style look up Sidney Bechet. As for swing....ya got me. If your really intrested in Jazz though, shoot me a PM and I'll give ya list of what I have.
  9. Unfortunately he was taken from us a few years ago in a car wreck. I was the 2nd person called by his parents and I remember that morning very well indeed. I want to the thank you all for the responses, its heart felt I assure you. As for where to start, I was aiming more at software for the actual remixing. As I had said its been a few years since I even looked an instrument much less thought of undertaking a project such as this. Now I know back when I was still somewhat dabbling with remixes that Fruityloops 7 was something that chris and I both used, but for all I know there is better editing software out there now. Thats what I'm look at now. Ideas and Opinions on that would be wonderful as I've been out of the loop for quite awhile now. As far as the actual composition and arrangment of a song or album is concerned, Im not asking this communtiy to help out (please do not take offense to this), but I'm also not saying you couldnt if you felt so inclined. The ideal was to make something special in his memory for him, his parents, the community that he loved so much, and even a bit for myself. As for a paticular game, there are so many. We have nearly the same tastes in games. Actually while growing up together we would share our progess in a game at school (we usually had a friendly rivalry were we would see who could finish the fastest and unlock the most stuff), because we'd start playing them simultaniously. As for a favorite Final Fantasy was usually the headliner, but I know that Lunar:silver star story complete and Wild arms and xenogears all held a special place in his heart as well as mine. Final Fantasy has been covered a ton and with some very impressive remixes. Xenogears a bit less covered, the same with Wild Arms. The more I'm writing here the more I'm thinking that an album may be need to cover it all, lol. But to summerize, I need to know whats good remixing software nowadays before all else. Starting to work out some ideas and get them on paper now, but feel free to continue suggestions as they are greatly appreciated Again, I want to thank you all for the kindness you've show me and my dear friend. I cannot thank you all enough. Take care everyone and stay safe.
  10. Hows it going all? Names brian, been in the army infantry for the past few years. I used to be a member of this site many years ago with my friend avien (aka chris powell), finally back to what I love : music. Looks like things are going well here! Anyway, I'm 23 and currently reside at FT. Drum NY. Here in a few months I'll be out of the army and pursuing college full time again. Im quiet by nature, but will reply if someone wishes to talk Good to be home.
  11. Most definately CoD4 online with my fire team. Great fun, many laughs and lots of graphical shells on the ground. ahhh *bliss*
  12. Hey everyone, I am an old friend of Chris Powell's, we went to school together, hung out, played the sax during band (concert band, marching band, symphonic band, jazz band), and every once in awhile I would help him with certain remix's. It has been quite awhile since I have even been to this site. But recently I've been doing sort of an examination of my life. With being in the united states army infantry it leaves very little time to pursue much of anything, and music in any form is even harder due to "noise" issues when actually practicing. Its been over 5 years since i've even picked up the sax. Anyway, I was surfing the net and OCR just so happened to pop up and it got me to thinking about the good ol' days with avien. Now I'm about to finally leave the military and head back to college (for a degree in music of some form or another). I would like to put together a something as sort of a reunion piece for chris, I feel I owe him that much. I can honestly say that he was my best friend and had a huge influence in my life, even though that may have been subdued by duty. What I'm looking for is information on where to start this little project, if anyone has ideas, please feel free to suggest them. And to any how may have known him at all, that goes for you as well. With some hard work, dedication and help, I think that I will be able to put something together that would do him just. Take care everyone, and stay safe out there. -Enigma
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