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  1. This seems kinda crazy. I now petition for a vegetable band at the next MAGfest.
  2. DJP, if you want to lose to me that bad, just send me a message on IRC and see if i'm actually around or PM me to set up a time. In general, I'm most open on days that aren't Tuesday or Thursday.
  3. I noticed on steam that it's "single-player version" what's the deal? will there be a multi release later or something?
  4. On the first part.. moreover just a comment that we've found an idea that we hope to pursue that's rather unique. On the second part: I haven't seen/heard mystical ninja 64, so I can't comment directly. Basically, what we're thinking is having a light backtrack that starts on the title screen. Essentially, each player would have some 'voice' tied to them. Voice, defined here, as a track that's placed on top of the back track. Once the game started, and all players are in the field, their voices would also start playing. When a player dies, their voice will leave during the re-spawn interim. When a player runs out of lives, their voice will not come back. In essence, the game would start and end with a relatively simple underlying track. The idea being that the more players there are, the more intense the action/music will be. As players start dying, the conflicts will also decrease, but as the music begins to die down- the players would have aural cues indicating that they need to keep playing well or chance not winning. The difficulty, of course, is that the composer would need to ensure that any combination of voices + back-track sounds good. I'm not sure if i articulated that very well, but i hope i at least got the base idea across.
  5. good news/bad news time: bad news: what you're working on, probably isn't what we're looking for good news: artists/designers got their heads out of the sand and figured out what they want long version: Actually, I do have something legitimate to contribute to the music discussion. I would recommend that we go either in the Cowboy Bebop / Brass Jazz direction or in the French Funk House direction (early Daft punk stuff). The latter *is *actually do-able depending upon the selection of interested musicians. The bonus is that it's a rhythmic, melodic and highly repetitive electronic style that fits into the game. (the best illustration of the exact kind of sound I'm talking about can be found by going to Ishkur's guide http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/ which I mentioned earlier, selecting the 'House' tab and picking 'French' under the 'Funk' category, and selecting the 4th tab (alternatively you can go to on this youtube ). I think either style could be really cool, and are different enough from anything else that's going on right now. There's a part II to this, which is that I think we should incorporate player 'voices' into the music for the game. Each player would have an instrument or rhythmic aspect associated with them, and so when that player dies, their 'voice' dies with it. When the player respawns, the 'voice' is reintroduced, preceded by a fill. We'd have to work closely with the musician to incorporate something like this into the game but I think it could make it *really* interesting, and would make for a more interesting project for whatever musician gets involved. Let me know if anything I said was unclear. Short Version: we want us either some crazy brass jazz, or some solid uns uns. we'd also like for this to be split into four instruments/partial tracks and possibly a backtrack for audible indication for the players alive. i understand any frustration this may cause any of you, and apologize. hopefully, at least one of you lot is crazy enough to stick with it :3
  6. Here's the current state of the game- note that the current art is not final.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B84ATL4rf0 alternatively: http://rapidshare.com/files/298426542/SpaceRumble.avi we're hoping to cut away from the grain as far as expected genres, but are open to just about everything as long as it's good.
  7. We should have some fraps footage up late tomorrow night, as well as some concrete feedback for those of you who have submitted concepts/past work.
  8. You can PM me on here, or if you feel better about e-mail: tthomps6 domain: illinois.edu
  9. (mods- feel free to move this if this is in the incorrect spot.. or delete this portion of the message if it is in the correct spot.. or ignore it.. w/e) I'm working with ~10 guys on a game, and we might be able to get far enough along to submit to the student section of IGF. I realize the notice is short, but completed tracks would be needed no later than the 10th. Our budget for this initiative is $0, though we could arrange something if/when we release. The basic idea behind the game is a mashup of atari combat with super smash bros. If combat goes too far back for you, it's a top down arena shooter (alla robotron). Stylistically, we're open to all musical genres-- if it sounds good/catchy/manages to fit with the game, we'll take it. Submissions may be of any length, but I'd recommend a 2-3 minute loop. I'll try to get the artists to upload some of their concepts somewhere. I can also try to get some fraps video of our gameplay. Submissions will be judged on how awesome we feel they are, as well as originality (we don't really want something that can be identified as from any given game.. other than ours..) Feedback will be given on short samples upon request, within reasonable time (no more than 1 day, possible follow-ups if the other guys on my team disagree/add to my points).
  10. The 29th is fine, but you really need to hold a date firm.. That said, I'm happy I'll be able to attend.
  11. So... when does this round need to be done by? I'm heading for vacation in a few hours and wont be back until monday at some point- will have access to neither a 360 or steady internet during that time. AFAIK, bardic will have a similar problem.
  12. They do not, hence all the dual-modded sticks. The main issue is the security chip required for 360 controllers which apparently even the HK market hasn't been able to crack.. From my understanding, it's actually fairly easy to mod a 360 madcatz stick (SE or TE) to work on both 360/PS3. All you need is ~$30 of parts and basic soldering skills. Going from a PS3 stick would require slightly more work, and hacking apart a wired 360 pad.
  13. I'm out for the 22nd- as it turns out, I'll be in Iowa from the 21st-23rd or so.
  14. I'm definitely in for this- though it's seriously going to cut into my BlazBlue time.. :/ GT: Fafnir7C3
  15. Games similar to smash bros: Digimon: Rumble Arena Digimon: Rumble Arena 2 Small Arms Iron Phoenix ... All of which (to my knowledge) have done horribly. Smash Bros isn't fun because it's a good or balanced game, it's good because people like the characters attached to it. I realize some people will flame me for that, but honestly sit and think about whether you would play smash bros if it had a generic cast.
  16. I can bring a pan of brownies or cake. I also have large quantities of BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. If for some reason you run out of room at your place to house people, there's room for people to crash at my place as well- though you'd still want to bring a blanket/pillow. I'm not sure whether it's needed or not, but I could also bring another TV (possibly a projector?) and my 360 as well.
  17. Arcade mode isn't a good standard for rating yourself.. case in point: i'm fairly mediocre with nu, and i went through hell getting almost all perfects (got hit in 1-2 rounds).
  18. If by Sagat you mean bottom tier, then yes, so nothing like Sagat. Also from the tier perspective, I'd say a fair number of people play Arakune- seeing as he's in the top 3 (along with Nu and Rachel). I need to get better at my combo execution though, and i haven't even started using roman cancels the way I should.. How has everyone's online experience been? I've been having lag issues with every match except those against bahamut if/when I can actually join a game.
  19. Finally beat arcade mode on Hell and am feeling a little better about some basic combos. If anyone wants to throw down on 360, GT: Fafnir7C3 oh right.. i play nu, so if you're not cool with DDDDDDDDDDDDDD- let me know ahead of time As far as Jin, I haven't reallly had problems with him. You guys are aware you can get out of ice by mashing the stick, right?
  20. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the zoo is better for meeting than union station- only because I'm not sure I want to leave my car in that part of town.. As far as mini-golf, isn't SAFT better than the places on our side of the river, bardic? As a bonus, the arcade there is nicer as well.. assuming they're still in business? EDIT: I suppose union station could work- I could just take the metro into the city.
  21. The new macbook pros are nice, but a little pricey. Depending on how much screen/keyboard real-estate she wants, a netbook might not be a bad option. Newer ones get really good battery life, though the displays (and keyboards) are quite small. In general, anything beyond integrated graphics increases cost and decreases battery performance. The best thing to do would probably go window shopping at a major electronics store, then finding whatever she likes for much cheaper online.
  22. CE-- I'll be grabbing them from the campus gamestop, and I'll be sure to get separate receipts.
  23. All I can say is good luck, and I hope you were paid upfront and not in a form of royalties. Recently released data shows that community games don't sell (partially because they get no press). If you're really looking for a boost, try getting the game featured on Kotaku or some-such..
  24. I'll be picking up two 360 fightsticks on Tuesday- If anyone here is interested, I'll part for cost + shipping. Otherwise, I plan to sell the second on ebay for exorbitant prices. Guess this means I'll no longer have an excuse to avoid ranked..
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