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  1. Unless you have broad statistical data to back up statements like this, don't make them.
  2. What you probably want is to grab everything from between the last two apostrophes (set song name) and everything before the second to last apostrophe (set game name). You should be able to look up how to do this in the man pages of whatever regex lib you're using.
  3. Don't move goalposts. Your comment about Cumulus Media was directly mentioning the parent of a specific media entity. Aside from that, I would be very surprised if they didn't pull in at least an order of magnitude more than $50k/yr just from their job board. Guest writers at all new media companies ranges from low to zero. That's part of how they work.
  4. No. http://tech.ubm.com/ Their 2013 annual report indicates the following: In total, they generated 794 million pounds sterling. Their news division (obviously not exclusively gamasutra) generated £201.8m. Their technology division (of which GDC is given first billing) generated £150.2m. This is not a tiny corporation that needs your sympathy to survive.
  5. Just grabbed my ticket. Anyone looking for more people to fill a room?
  6. The reaction of the targeted gives them publicity. Ideally we'll never determine that any are legitimate, and none of us have enough information to determine if any of them are. You don't keep generally hearing about death threats made against people in large corporations for these issues because the response is mundane: there is no conversation or voice given to the attackers, their account(s) are banned from services, posts deleted, and authorities notified. I would argue that in general, attacks made against people in large corporations are taken more seriously by the attacked than threats made to independents. The large corporations have full time legal staff who know who to call, what to document, and how to generally deal with ridiculous situations like this. The small independents don't have that kind of support, and are more likely to act emotionally and give voice to their attackers. You see the same thing in less serious issues, like discussing potential or ongoing litigation in public.
  7. Welcome to Big Data. If you are able to get to the data (which your comment indicates), it's not clear what you need help with.
  8. I'm going to phrase this in a slightly different way for the OP. The problem as originally stated sounds like a research project for a masters student (or potentially a PhD dissertation; I'm not as up on the research as I should be) -- because the software you want to use to do what you want to do doesn't function at the level you want it to function. Regardless, you don't need to know people's libraries for this. You have every (non-rescinded) OCR track, and you should be able to map some random track to the feature space described by your classifier.
  9. I'm going to lie and say that I don't want to keep beating this dead horse, then I'm going to grab a hammer. There is an argument to be made that "lazy writing" outperforms intelligent writing and interesting stories in the marketplace. With so many people chasing lazy, this obviously opens up the market in interesting because it is under-served. Maxis has been printing money on interesting non-violent games since the 80's. But the market for their niche isn't large enough to support attempted competition against them by large organizations looking to mitigate risk on expensive projects. You do see a fair number of sims coming from smaller groups. At one point Maxis had more competition, but larger markets appeared. King Digital is a ~$3.6 billion company which practically produces a single well crafted non-violent game. They found an under-served portion of the market and created the best game they could in their niche/genre. They didn't have to destroy a portion of the existing market to do it (except through limitations of global mind-share and time). There is an argument to be made around not serving genres traditionally favored by women as well limiting the growth in diversity of the games industry (very few women in dev roles in these parts). While possible, I think there are stronger underlying problems contributing here. Women not entering STEM (and especially computer science) is a well documented problem. There are certainly hiring managers who would refuse to hire women for dev roles, but I strongly believe they are in the minority. The prevailing feeling I get from people with higher pay grades is that they don't care if you're a man, woman, or chimpanzee as long as you're capable. This has also been publicly stated by prominent figures in the industry.
  10. I would love to watch movies, but I don't want to constantly see explosions, sex, and violence. I would love to read books, but I can't stand stories about frivolous summer romances. I would love to listen to music, but I don't want to listen to people screaming. Her actual quote is a false dichotomy, and instead of remarking on the games she enjoys (the set of games which are non-violent), she pretends that they don't exist. There is a constructive way to have this conversation, but Anita either hasn't found it or willfully ignores it. The way to push non-violent games into the mainstream is to create more of them with high quality and expose them to the public. AAA games exist in their current form because that's what is currently selling. Large corporations can't build large projects with high risks; expose a market for some other game, and everyone wins. There's a reason why nearly identical summer blockbuster films are released each year. They sell. It doesn't matter if their primary fan base is uncultured. To complain about a lack of culture in movies because JJ Abrams likes explosions misses the forest for the trees. There are a lot of culturally relevant/interesting/art games, but the place to look for them is generally not AAA. And for the previously stated obvious reason, AAA can't produce them with regularity; the ROI doesn't work out.
  11. I don't want to repeat the allegations or give them more time in discussion, but to say that the accusations around Zoe weren't about corruption is to entirely miss the point. Being vindictive and/or hateful does not disqualify something from pointing out corruption. They were literally accusations of corruption; that they had secondary purposes is irrelevant. As I understand it, the reporter in question recused himself of potentially relevant stories, as was his responsibility as a member of the press.
  12. Kotaku (or rather, Gawker Media as a whole) is not a journalism or news organization, it is a content mill designed to drive traffic to ads. They may occasionally re-publish things written for them by game studio content marketers. The best games journalism pieces that I can think of are the fantastic documentaries to have come out recently. Real people, real stories, with a message that can speak differently to individuals. The problem is people thinking new media is anything but propaganda and marketing. I don't really care if Destiny outsold itself during the "launch window" (unless I was a shareholder in ATVI; at which point I'd likely search out the news earlier than Kotaku would provide it) or if 2015 Lara Croft is going to be fatter than 1997 Lara Croft. People need to abandon the toxic institutions we've started propping up that provide no benefit to us.
  13. I have two problems with Anita's work. The first is that she comes off as an angry dilettante. As Bardic points out, this isn't necessarily a problem overall, it just makes it painful to run through her videos. My second problem is that she only views the material through the lens of a present day person with a puritanical background. Games are a global medium, produced by people of many cultures over a fairly wide time period. In my opinion, any real analysis needs to take into account the realities of the culture and time the game came from; not /her/ culture and /her/ time period (unless said game is from her culture and time period). I'm not sure if my opinion on this reflects the realities of the academic work on the subject, as it's removed from my specialty.
  14. Newt


    I stopped running the legendary I got (Tinkmaster Overspark) because he was ruining more games for me than he was winning.
  15. IIRC: There are potential issues picking up unemployment if you're fired 'with cause'. Generally people fired 'without cause' were fired for some reason that the company can't legally hold against an individual.
  16. The effects are not the same as they were on PS2. Then environments are not the same as they were on PS2. The models are not the same as they were on PS2. The textures are not the same as they were on PS2. The lighting is not the same as they were on PS2. Stop trying to use that argument. It makes you look incompetent. Naughty Dog is a first party studio, and they essentially have consultants from SCE's tech department come out to help with performance, so yes, they do that fairly well. That doesn't mean that SquareEnix is bad at it. Tech art is a hard problem, so please don't try to demean it by pretending to be an expert when you clearly are not.
  17. Looks like he used "deaths >= 5" as the selection too. So it looks like not dying 5 times could be a strong indicator of success.
  18. If it's PCIE 2.0 I'll bite. I'm in desperate need to upgrade my card to start working in UE4, but I don't want to shell out for a new mobo/proc/etc as well.
  19. I'll be driving up sometime tomorrow if someone can tell me where everything is happening.
  20. They were zero anyway, as that studio was unable to ship Infinite on time or on budget. It was one of the best selling games last year, and I'm not sure it covered losses from development. Levine probably didn't close down the studio because everything was going smoothly.. The East Coast has gotten hit really hard this past year. Hopefully the industry is able to recover out there.
  21. There is a new Monster Hunter clone out for Vita and everyone should play online with me. You slay demons, collect their knucklebones and craft armor and weapons out of them. You then use these to kill stronger demons, collect their knucklebones and craft armor and.. The main differences for this game from every other one-of-these are the ability to lock on to targets by holding L and visible enemy healthbars. Equipment has also changed; instead of passive buffs if you get enough of a certain buff stat, you gain different active abilities if based on what 'Mitama' you have equipped. This allows people to play different roles based on something other than weapon type. The demo is about 1GB and allows online play. If you manage to play the demo with 3 other people before transferring, you get some cosmetic item.
  22. No one else is bringing up numbers, so I'll be that guy. I'm pretty sure the market has it covered -- SNE is down ~15% over the past 6 months, and down ~5% over the past three months. It's probably not making waves in the enthusiast press because most people just don't care. That, and SNE/MSFT are really hard to reason about because they're into so many things. As far as patent coverage, from what I can tell Sony seems to be about on par with MicroSoft. the numbers are staggering. I wish both SNE and MSFT would roll out their various divisions though. I've had a few calls made on trends in one division get blown out of the water by incompetence in unrelated industries. [edit] - fix timeframes
  23. I'm in, glad you guys didn't overlap with GDC. I'm up for splitting a room Saturday/Sunday. Is there anything like a schedule or a plan?
  24. If you're talking about a 1-2 day meetup, my understanding is that those already happen now and then. Usually hosted at an extremely generous person's house or around another convention. If you're talking about a convention, that means dealing with PR, finding bands, organizing games, etc. You'd end up with a price of entry similar to MAG. It'd probably be much easier to find another convention we're all interested in. Really, MAG is one of the cheapest conventions I'm familiar with. I'm a little surprised they haven't increased badge cost. Supporter+ badges have probably mitigated the need for this. Event planning is a lot of work that I'm sure none of us want to do (especially for free). edit: on-topic OCR brunch is an awesome idea and I hope it happens.
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