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  1. Finale Notepad 2008 was FREE and allows you to write sheet-music for up to 8 instruments at a time. I followed a link at ninsheetmusic.net . Aside from that the others are expensive.
  2. Im disapppointed this is down. There is no hope of revival?
  3. Apsolutely Blown away. Went straight off to look at his other tracks too. It manages to be ridiculously catchey and unhummable in the same motion. God knows how.
  4. Long Story Behind the Name. Anyway The Name OCR was being tossed around the internet and I took no notice of it. It wasn't uuntil I heared what you guys can do for myself that got interested. I listened to Storm in the Desert by Tyler Heath on a video on youtube and decided I had to have a download. That led me here. Now I am addicted. Im an A level Student from The Rhondda Valley's in Wales. I'm studying English, Media, Drama and inevitably, Music. I play Several types of Flute and have just started on the Piano. Im an unashamed nintendo fanboy. And While i may not really be up to much writing remixes, unless I can get some software, I really do appreciate all that goes on here.
  5. Took me a while to get into it. Not into artificial sounds but the Arrangement Value completely makes up for it and more. I wonder how long it would take to have an identical version but orchestral
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