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  1. GSO

    I need A trumpet Part for my Gerudo Valley Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/jzwed as for the parts I can send you the pdf as a base but really just feel free to do your own thing.




  2. Would you be interested in heading up the kickstarter for my ff9 oratorio project? my pc is being a right bitch in regards to OCR PMs :banghead:

  3. GSO

    how goes things

  4. your tabby cat...what a cutie! ^0^

  5. GSO

    is there some sort of special software you use to make sample libraries?

  6. yes. did you send it?

  7. Mind if I add you on AIM?

  8. GSO

    Mind if I add you on AIM?

  9. GSO

    Mind if I add you on AIM?

  10. GSO

    okay i have the camel vsts but they have the .aky file extension. is there a way I can make them into like mp3's or wav's or something? i can't use them if they stay in the .aky file extension.

  11. is there a free place to get pads from?

  12. have you considered submitting "Macarena of Time" to OCR?

    (I downloaded it off your site last night and couldn't stop laughing) i love the cat fight between Zelda and saria at the end. whose idea was that?

  13. GSO

    i'm interested in doing whatever you need. I have no remixes on the site though(i'm such a noob)

  14. GSO

    i loved your Judgment track from FFX. FFX is one of my favorite games ^0^ hope to see another track from you soon

  15. GSO

    thanks for the tutorials zircon ^w^

  16. what kind of mixing and mastering equipment do you have?

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