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  1. Oh man! I just noticed that there is a little rabbit inside the belly of the fox WHOA never saw that before
  2. Wow, this is a blast from the past. I remember working on these art spreads years ago with KWarp, and I agree with the general sentiment that it was a shame this project never amounted to anything. Everybody put a lot of time and effort into this thing. Here are 3 of the spreads I made for it if anyone wants to see, I will post the next 2 in the next post because it's not letting me post all 5
  3. I tried really, really hard to like the game, to be completely honest. In keeping with good spirits of the premise of this thread, I will try to sum up in further detail why I think this game sucks in 3 sentences: Leveling up magic is a tedious pain in the ass unless you enjoy casting spells repeatedly for hours on end even when they have no effect whatsoever, and it doesn't make things much better when your comrades keep running directly into rocks/mushrooms for 30 seconds before realizing that they are idiots and you are trying to actually go somewhere. The personalities of each of the party members is downright uninteresting, and additionally they don't seem to be able to battle very effectively since half the time when you seemingly hit an enemy right in the center it acts as if your attack was non-existent. The soundtrack had a few really good tracks (namely the banished and pandora themes), but unfortunately the ones you hear the majority of the time, such as the battle themes and most village/overworld themes, annoyed me to no end. Terribly structured sentences, I know, but I was trying to fit a lot into a little, and I had even more but those were the big ones. Also, like I said it had Santa so it's not all bad. For what it's worth I think a lot of the remixes here from the game kick large amounts of ass.
  4. oh man hand goku is the best thing I have ever seen
  5. I didn't like the game. I'm sorry no offense intended, just my opinion. But I like the idea of haiku reviews, so I will now do one Resident Evil 4 These are not zombies Kinda like Devil May Cry I've played better games
  6. Sonic Spinball Sonic + Pinball. A fun and funky take on the sonic franchise, but a bit short at four levels. Plus it has some great music tracks. Secret of Mana Terrible music, gameplay, battles, level system, story, and ending. Unless you factor nostalgia into the equation. But Santa Claus is in it, so that's pretty cool. Psychonauts Extremely creative and fun in every way a game can be. Has a little something for everybody. A must-play if you enjoy platformers.
  7. yeah I also really hope you guys find some way to fix these problems, because it would make me extremely sad to see olr go away. I love it just as much as this place.
  8. FF8 was f*cking awesome.
  9. that is fricking amazing. Wow. I was laughing in joy the whole time I might have to get this!
  10. dammit I was reading this and getting SO EXCITED for ZOE3, but then Big Boss has to go and show up
  11. Assuming my computer along with it's emulators are still with me, I'd probably say N64. Mostly because I don't get time to play video games much anymore, but when I do most of the ones I have been meaning to play are for that system.
  12. It makes me super happy that some of you guys think Morrigan should have done a bit better, but that's the way the cookie crumbles! I was starting to think I just sucked bigtime, so thanks for the support! And for the record, I myself voted for both the Pyro AND the age 6 Chrono Trigger drawing
  13. hey dudes, I'm new. . . can someone tell me how to PM my art to bonzai?
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