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  1. Like someone mentioned, a little quiet, so hard to add to a playlist without the other songs blowing my ears out, but definitely a relaxing piece. It's very fitting with a "Dark" castle of some sort in a fantasy movie. Retaining some of that majesty of it's lost kingdom while still being in a state of disrepair and spookiness. It very much reminds me of the witches' lair in Stardust (probably because I recently saw that movie and it's most fresh in my memory), or even the crystal towers of the third Pokemon movie. Overall, very nice mix, even if it could use an audio boost.
  2. It was a very good piece, and I didn't notice anything that didn't sound right. As I've said before, I'm no music major, so I can't get into details about what did and didn't work. But hey, I've always believed that regular folk should judge things as much as the experts. At any rate, I didn't notice it being too original, but I'm also not as familiar with the source music. It was definitely a good listen, though.
  3. I know it's been said many times before, but that truly is such a beautiful song. I do love the Celtic folk, and her voice is absolutely perfect for it. I hope she does some more mixes in the future. I really wish I had something more original to say how great this piece is, but I suppose the important thing is that Kate knows that she is indeed "great".
  4. I was having trouble registering on that site...
  5. Hm... I think I might try this tonight... I'll probably just end up screwing around with some sound editor, but it'll be a good start to maybe get into this sort of thing. Maybe I could actually become more than a lurker around here.
  6. Hello all. Kirby D. Oak here. First of all, it's too bad I hadn't found this place sooner. Then I wouldn't have had so many songs to listen to at once. Not that that they were bad. It just took a good while. Anyways, I wish I could contribute. I always have songs running through my head, a lot of them video game songs, and I do try to think up different ways of humming them. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to actually convert what's in my head into actual notes and arrangements. Oh well... Who's to say what's in my head would be worth it anyways. At any rate, you need more Pokemon ava
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