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  1. Very fun song! I'd love to hear the competition, but this was really great. Good energy.
  2. This tune takes me back to the good ol' MS-DOS days. I almost feel dirty saying I'm old enough to remember firing this game up, but the track DEFINITELY hits the nail ...with a hammer... into the wood, securing it into place? Analogies are dumb. AWESOME dance track. I'm a synth whore, and this song satisfies.
  3. I really dig this song! Starts up and keeps rolling the wheels... The organs at 1:23 are over-the-top awesome. I think they were a bit too awesome, because I was sad to not hear them come back at 2:15, but the industry spin was DIRTY HARD AWESOME. The song loses a bit of its energy after that and it felt like it ended a bit too abruptly, but I guess all tunes must end eventually.
  4. Easily one of the snazziest Doom remixes on the site. The echoes are perfect, the beat is snappy, it progresses extremely well and ...it's just classy as hell. Fitting!
  5. The structure of the song is very literal. It doesn't shake things up. It's pretty stationary. ...And the sound is just amazing nonetheless. I can't say I don't enjoy it because it's been one of my favorite videogame remixes for a very long time. Probably a good thing it's not extremely long, else it might border on grating, but it does what it came to do, gets it done and leaves the building. And it does it very well.
  6. Great energy in this track... not typically a fan of robot voices, but it just fits in extremely well here. Eerie effects, great beat, and it just doesn't get old.
  7. Extremely happy song! The tempo and sweet keyboarding are great throughout the song. One of my all-time favorite OCRs.
  8. Starts out great, but right around :47 where it gets to the meat of the song, it just seems to sorta ...lose some of the energy it was building up. It kicks right back up though, so it's forgivable. Very solid remix; love the orchestral touches!
  9. While the song doesn't take many liberties with the genre, it's still a solid, enjoyable remix. The transitions are fun and the song progresses very well.
  10. Right from the get-go this song unapologetically pays homage to the source in a unique fashion that can only come from being taken from Bayou Billy. I always enjoyed the song on the Nintendo when I played this, closely followed by the jeep stage music... which, as a bonus, was also included in this, and the transition was pulled off very nicely. I'm not sure anyone not familiar with the music would be able to tell that it was actually a separate track... it sounds like more of a breakdown. Way to ninja that in there. And great job on the Santana-esque guitars towards the end. Sounded great. Can't say enough good stuff about this track. It's got a permanent slot on my OCR playlist.
  11. I absolutely hate hate HATE the battle theme from Chrono Trigger. It's awful. Now that I've heard this particular piece, it's not the tune itself that makes me angry, it's just the way it was presented. This remix rocks, and is a joy to listen to. Maybe I'll give the source another listen. *five minutes later* Nope, still garbage. You sold your soul to pull off this remix so well.
  12. If I were wearing pants, the violins in this track would make them happy. Yeah, I said it. The intro's got that ...I don't know how to describe it. Japanese influence, I guess. And it just kicks right into the heavy stuff I've come to expect from this remixer. No complaints, except from the downstairs neighbor when I cranked it to 11 and maxed the bass box on my second listen.
  13. This piece was weird, very weird the first time I heard it. I listened to it again because it actually drove me to curiosity, and then to sheer madness as to how I was actually enjoying listening to it. Not enjoying as in "It's really good" but more "Listening to this is improving my mood" and that rarely happens. There's a handful of songs on OCR that do that to me, but ...this one caught me by surprise. Having only the faintest experience with the source, I can't comment on how close it is to the original composition, but I will tell you that this will ABSOLUTELY be included in my future OCR playlists. I don't know what else to say about this song. I'm confused.
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