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  1. Hi! Well I was CRAZY surprised when I heard french! I live in Quebec (Canada anyone? and I'm french all the way so I was really... touched! Altought it's sounds like France french not Quebec french I personaly find it better for rap. Reminded me of Manau (Mano?) (great group!!! La legende de manau---> hot hot hot!) If you could post the lyrics in french it would be nice (along with the translated ones). Also, going back to the France/Quebec accent, I'm very interested in knowing more about you! Anyhow, it's always cool to find some french speaking people on the web especially when they make us proud of our culture with great songs like this one!!! Il y a beaucoup d'autre personnes qui parlent français ici? Hehe une phrase complete sans faute et avec des accents! Avec tout les chat, j'ai perdu l'habitude d'ecrire sans fautes... (c peut-etre pour ca que j'ai couler mon francais 101 a la derniere session! entk, j'espere avoir la joie d'entendre d'autre merveille de ta part DJ Crono!!! merci encore!
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