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  1. Holy... You are AWESOME!!! I LOVE you...!! I love this genre so much!! I was about to run to the comments to write that it reminded me so much of Caravan Palace, a group I absolutely ADORE but then I saw that it WAS indeed an inspiration!! One of the best remix I've heard in quite some time, months at the very least, maybe even years! I will follow your career with great interest Mr.XPRT
  2. Wooooow... This song is making my soul groove...!! That bassline is amazing, those beats.. !! I always were very open to many musical styles but I have to say, I think OCR really helped me broaden it up even more! I always listen to every single song posted here (I've actually listened to EVERY track on the site!! It helps I've been here since pretty much the beginning...) and so there was time a song wasn't really up my alley in style but since I listened to it anyway, I've started to like the song anyway (must help that it's often from a game/source I like). These days, I don't even CARE what style it's in.. if it's good, it's good, that's all. I mean I love electronic but there are electronic songs I don't like and I usually don't like rap but there are some rap songs I like so.. gotta listen to everything and keep your mind open!
  3. Ohhh nice!! McVaffe's sound is missed a lot around here and this fits right in to plug the hole
  4. Hands down my favourite song of the game!! I used to have this song recorded on a tape that I listened to in my Panasonic Shockwave walkman on the bus ride to/from school
  5. Now THIS is what Rap was all about in the beginning! POSITIVE lyrics!! LOVE this!
  6. 9 years!? Wow.. I just can't believe that!! I have most of his music (from OCR) I just can't believe I all got it from so long ago...!! Well it is a real pleasure to have him back, I've always were a fan! This song will join the others and fit nicely alongside
  7. Exactly! I LOVE the down & gritty feel of this song (I guess blues is always pretty gritty anyway haha). The voices are absolutely amazing, I'm so impressed!!! This is an instant classic for me.
  8. EXACTLY what I was gonna post!!! I love Hyadin's mixes and this reminded me a LOT of that!! I looooved the "voice-acting" haha!! Z's voice is so awesome and I loved the french of L, it sounded as if she speaks french fluently??
  9. Haha I LOVE the banter parts!! The background music is at its best there and their voices are perfect, so funny and smooth
  10. I'm not a huge fan of the style but man do I have to say this is an impressive remix!!!! I'm SURE I could play this for my dad and make him believe it's a long lost Door song and he'd believe it! Singing is awesome by the way!
  11. Wow, this is one amazing vocal work!!! I think I'm in love with that group... But man this has a low volume...! I have to crank it up a lot...
  12. Also, I've always adhered to the Solipsism's way of thinking. I've always felt like that. So the "theme" is something I related to
  13. Ahhhhh man this is mellow!!! I love it so much!! This 10 sec melody was strong enough that everyone remembers it from the game and now it's been turned into an awesome song!!! THANKS!!!!
  14. Lufia 1&2 are my favourite RPGs of all-time (yes even more than Chrono and FF3!!). I wish there would be more remixes of these games since that have both an awesome soundtrack!!!
  15. Awww the text really got to me.. It's so cool when things like this happens! OCR seems like such an awesome community! I wish I could come to all the reunions you have but since I live in Quebec it would be quite a ride!! Happy birthday Valérie (I'm surprised you write it with the é, are you in anyway French or related to someone who is?) and I wish you both a long and sweet love life
  16. I - AM - IN - LOVE!!!! I simply adore this song!!! I've been listenning to it non-stop since it was released here!! THANK YOU FOR THIS MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I personally love this song!! I like dubstep most of the time and I really enjoyed this remix!!! Good work!
  18. Amazing track!! I really enjoy this style and this song SCREAMS for a filthy dark remix like this!! Good work!! Very original, I'll be listening to this for quite a while...
  19. I have a man-cruch on this guy!! He makes such good songs!!! I've already watch every single on of his youtube videos/songs and I still listen to them regularly!!
  20. Since I never played any of those Armored Core games, I listened to this album like I would any electronic album I get on iTunes for example. And let me say, this is QUITE A STROKE OF GENIUS!!! It's one of the very good album I've listened in a while and... it's my best electronic album of 2011.... (haha ok ok that doesn't mean much yet ) Morning thinker is by far my favourite song on this album. I've been listening to the "preview version" of september for over 60 times which is a lot for me since I mostly play my whole collection on shuffle normally!!
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