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  1. I'm not a fan of hip-hop so I don't musically find this mix so good BUT, I can respect the work and especially what went into the lyrics! This text is AWESOME!!! I was floored after reading it (while listening to the song)!! You have a writing talent that's for sure!!
  2. Argh.. this theme (and this game) always makes me cry...!!! There is much emotions in this song (the original and remix) and I keep seeing the ending in my head (one of the rare sad ending in a game!) while listening to this... Great work, I'll keep this song preciously with me as it's well done and also because, sadly, Lufia is rarely remixed..
  3. This song is awesome. It's magical. It soothes my soul!
  4. I LOVE this song!! I've been listening to it a lot from the album! By the way, Shiva sounds sooo hot... I have an audio-crush...
  5. I must agree on the Pendulum sound. It does sound a lot like them with the In Silico rock sound. And that is a GOOD thing!!! Good job my friend, you rock my world!
  6. My god this song is crazy good!!!! I just can't keep listening to it!!! I love hybrids of orchestral and electronic and rock as much as I love life itself!!! Thank you for making this awesome track!!!
  7. Holy...!!! This is CRAZY!! The bass, it's taking over my body!! My god this is funky!!! I LOVE IT!
  8. Haha somehow this "blue" design didn't really catch my attention (how long was it up there?) -- I must say it's one the the design I liked the less... At least there were some awesome remixes (even if this picture is from 2002) !! FF6-Morning After and SF3-MakotoJungleJazz (or ANYTHING by McVaffe!!!) were perfect remixes!!!! I'm still listening to them to this day!
  9. Haha I just have to make a comment about the "orange" version of the website, that was the good old days! I just loved your little DJ Pretzel head at the top Also, nice to see Tail Cave Beatdown in the remix section of this archive image. It's one of the TOP remix of this website for me (and I have 771 downloaded mix that I listen to!) and it's nice to see that the older mixes aren't necessarily less good even if the tech wasn't always there at the time!!
  10. Happy birthday to OCR!!!!!! I'm happy to say I've been here almost the whole time! Well... at least ~8 years from the forum's "join date" (but I remember being here in 2000 so..) so it's pretty good! Thank you so much for all the time you devoted to this website, you have given a LOT of joy to all of us listeners (and of course to the remixers). It's people like you that keeps this world well worth it!! And now for the remix itself, I must say I am impressed! Being able to yet again make me download a FF6 song! Great work, hoping to hear more from you in the next decade!!
  11. Yeah it's too bad he kinda disappeared from OC Remix... BUT he has a lot of songs on http://Remix.Kwed.Org from the C64 and they are mostly all awesome!
  12. I find this song to be very touching... The first part, while being upbeat, still has a lot of emotions (it reminds me of the Lufia 2 soundtrack). The second part makes me cry almost every time I listen to it......!!! It's a good thing believe me I love songs who can move me like this... And then the last part lift my heart and my soul to new heights Thanks a lot for this magnificent piece of art!! I will listen to it for the rest of my life!!!
  13. Wow nice song guys!!! I LOVED it so when I read that you were inspired by Pendulum I knew I had to go on iTunes and listen to that group! I ended up buying the album Hold Your Colors and I can't wait for their new album (May 12th) -- it sounds even better!!! (You can get a mini-mix of the album on their official website!) SO thanks for making a mix that I'll listen to for all my life (you rule!) AND for making me discover a new group that rocks!
  14. Woohoo!!!! McVaffe is B-A-C-K!!!! Yoshi'sIsland-Crystalline Caverns is still my #1 song in my Top25 played list on iTunes so that says how much I love the man!!! All your Megaman and Street Fighter stuff was awesome and wow... I'm just sooo happy to see you back This song is HEAVEN! I didn't have the chance to play Okami yet (I'll be getting it on Wii soon!) but I'm already in love with this theme!! You haven't changed a bit it's weird I recognized you from the drum beats...! It's more polished than your earlier work that's for sure (that makes me wish you could "remix" your remixes......!! ) and it's definitely a great way to come back like a true king! It somehow reminds me a little bit of Chrono Trigger at times and also a lot of the Mystical Ninja series (how I still love Goemon on the N64!!).. Very smooth stuff that I could cry to if I wasn't so happy that you're back!! I guess I'll cry of joy!
  15. I started coming here 7 months after the website opened, so 5$ is nothing compared to all the memories and the music I've gotten from OCR!!! I've just sent it
  16. YoshMaster


    It's funny to see how non-knowledgeable all the people who say they have "used a mac and it's inferior" are! If you are too stupid to understand how to use a mac wow just keep your PC for god's sake! Also a same spec Mac and PC will get the same performance on Windows AND the Mac will get better performance on OSX. So the price is such a old-school excuse to bash Macs. It's like still saying Nintendo is kiddie.... I'm happy that PCs are still #1, that way, it still gets all the stupid people while I can chat with the wise ones...
  17. Humm don't get me wrong, it's a compliment, but your girlfriend sounds hot! She absolutely have the "professional-polite-transportation-voice"! You also have a great relaxing voice, it's overall a very relaxing song... great thing it got posted at night, I'll have sweets dreams tonight!!
  18. Wow!! I seem to be repeating myself lately but this is one of the best vocal track ever on OC Remix!!!! It doesn't hurt that it's one of the best "rock" remix musically too You do have a great pop-rock voice and you should never hesitate to sing in any of your future mix!! This song (the theme in general) has always been a personal favorite even thought I never even played the game!! I don't know why I like it so much but I think it comes from the way it sound both sad AND happy at the same time to me...! I find it extremely sad in a way (almost inducing tears sometimes ) but since it's still in a fast beat it kinda energize me too... I think this kind of contrast is what makes it awesome! Emotions + music = true art! And since your voice only adds to the emotions than I must conclude that you have made a unique and beautiful piece of art Thank you again, for you have given me a beautiful gift to begin a new year with!! By the way, remixes like this one kind of makes me wish there was a "Donate" button on OCRemix so that I could give a dollar to every remix I love... after all I do it on iTunes for songs that are sometimes not even as good as most of the remixes here!! I just think that a lot of those remixers don't realize how much of a gift they give us all when submitting a great remix. Thousands of lucky listeners will get to listen to these tracks for years to come thanks to their hard work and I often have an urge to at least give them a little something in compensation for their time... and as long as it's a optional donation it won't hurt the site etc... What do you guys think of this?
  19. This is, without a doubt, a great piece of music !! This reminds me soooo much of the Baten Kaitos (Namco/Monolith Software, Gamecube) soundtrack (and since I am in love with BK's soundtrack, it's a good thing it's almost frightening! The parts with the viola and the guitar riffs in the backgrounds scream BK! You should REALLY look into the BK soundtrack if you are ever interested in more rock/viola/bass combos like this one Look for the battle themes in particular... Oh and please Monolith, get these guys for your BK3 soundtrack!!!
  20. Wow! This is for me the best vocal song on OCR!! Your voice is superb and fit the style perfectly!!! The lyrics aren't too cheesy (and anyway the style embrace cheesy!) and they sound professional (the overall sound it makes-- not necessarily the words themselves). I'm kind of a sucker for old rock & roll songs like this... it reminds me of the soundtrack of the great Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do (go listen to it (maybe Little Wild One which has back vocals kinda similar to this song) it's a cool soundtrack!) Anyway you have no doubt become one of my favorite remixer and I have high expectations for your next remixes!!!
  21. This is beautiful! It makes me wish I had come all to way to the meeting:P It's so nice to see how OCR members can come to understand themselves with their passion for music and create such a marvelous piece of art!!!! I'm really proud of you guys somehow lol..!! I'll treasure this song and I thank you for your hard work!!! Hoping to see a future colab from the crew!!!!
  22. I love this song!! At first while reading DJ Pretzel's review I was listening to it and finding it ok but after the song ended I somehow felt like I needed to listen to it again.... and again.... and again... I spent the whole evening/night with it lol! I even listened to it while in bed before being to tired to continue:P I LOVE the calm of this song... it's just happy but not in a "overdose" kind of way... I just fell in love with it that's for sure...! Thank you for making a song I'll listen to for years to come!! It's on my iPod that's for sure;)
  23. Yeah exactly!!! When you say that folk isn't used in videogames Chrono Cross is your exception! Anyway I love this remix it's very nostalgic and calm... I like the way it's not "sad" yet not "happy" either...
  24. Almost 2 full years after I first downloaded this song..... it still brings my whole soul down everytime I listen to this magic song.... Sometimes I feel like crying, sometimes I just feel so happy... it's like it's making the way I'm truly feeling at the time I'm listenning to it to emerge! It's still on top of my Top25 playlist in iTunes (you know, the intelligent playlist keeping my 25 most played songs) after all this time!!!! Now THAT'S a proof of how good this is! After 2 years I'm still in love with it! I would like to thank McVaffe for all he has done on OCR since the begenning with his marvelous remixes.... I miss him a lot..! It was always a kick to see his name next to a new remix.... Thanks for this gift... it's a song I'll never stop listenning to...!
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