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  1. wow you sure know how to play mad piano! i like!
  2. but torrents help saving bandwidth.... and torrents are pretty fast when you give enough time for seeder to come in....! i've downloader via torrent in under 20mins and i'm not seeding for you guys!
  3. the only thing I have to say is that the bass is a little too strong so it's hard to heard the vocals if I don't listen with headphones.... it sounds not toooo good in the car
  4. haha good! but I doubt Wingless would let me make a move:P
  5. woa man what's with all those sexual topics/songs/etc you guys are creating twisted minds with all of your listeners....!! won't don't you just say it... are you two alone, in a couple already or together? i guess the last 2 anwser would break the hearts of many male listeners (me included) but hey... anyway great 5th show! aurora you rule the land of sweet voice and rayza... you kick ass man!
  6. wow! 2 nice vocal remixes in a row:) this one is HOT! this girl has such a sweet-sexy-sensual-voice!!!! it's the main feature you'll remember from the song but I'd like to also point out the excellent job with the music itself! you're very good with the while 80's feeling! this feels so much like a made-for-radio song! i'd have NO problem listening to this in a (VERY retro or course lol) party:) oh by the way the beginning sounds so much like Upside-Down (the version I have is from Salt-N-Pepa from the Space Jam soundtrack) anyway great job on this one! can't wait to hear more from you and your sweet cousin;)
  7. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man this is GOOD!!!!!!!!!! It's the first remix ever to go to my "Music Mp3" as well as my regular "Game Mp3" playlists!!!!!!!! It TOTALY sounds like a professional "real" (hate the term but hey you know what I mean) song!!!! This is soooooo happy-catchy-cooooool!!!!!!!!!!! The vocals are GREAT too!!! You found a VERY catchy way of singing the vocals and I must say I LOVE your voice because its so..... "not pop music-like":) My good it's on loop for 42 times already:P I'll be singing this song 4EVER
  8. wish I could come with you but montreal/toronto is a little too long for me:P
  9. I must admit I've liked it since the first time I've heard it:) I LOVE those "funky voice" songs (soundtrack of Jet Set Radio Future is a good example!)! And Aurora's got the sexiest voice ever put in a human body:P
  10. hey hey! hi there french neighbor! I'm also from quebec (moving between montreal and quebec city but mostly in montreal) and i'm also a frenchie:P Good to see I'm not all alone:D Anyway I have nothing interessting to say lol! Just wanna say I missed Aurora on this 3rd show but you guys did a great job anyway!!!! Love the show!
  11. SWEET show guys! WAY better than the first one in my opinion! (Rayza; you were perfect this time around! I am REALLY looking forward to what this show will become in a couple of weeks! (I can't wait for #100:P) You're gaining confidence, you have a hell lot more material (LOVE those little remixer/collaborators interviews) and it's just a pleasure to listen! bonus points for making laugh a lot more this week! (gotta love the fan mail:P) Keep up the good work! ps: Aurora you're still the sexiest voice I've ever heard;) (WizardMario you get off my sweet Aurora!)
  12. but wouldn't promoting the WIP board but good to help not only listeners but remixers? they could see how the board help them to progress etc and as for not choosing "favorites" you could simply take one at random or maybe the "newest" one at the time you're making the show or something... anyway it's up to you:) the best thing is to slowly change things up until you all feel comfortable with the show... let's not try too many changes at a time..
  13. no problems! i'm the first to think OCR should be known all over the world:) you know, if it wasn't for the fact that I think my english sucks (i'm french speaking (from Quebec not france but still)) cause I find I have too much of an accent (I find it funny that people find it funny that you have an "canadian" accent too hehe) I'd gladly participate by Skyping with you (or sending mp3s or whatver) but you can always count on me for any kind of help (be it website, technical things, ideas, texts, whatever!) hummmm I don't mind much I like them all (if I ever post a remix this line should help me...! ohhh that makes me think... you should try to put a WIP that you guys like once a week! maybe even try to "help" the remixer with ideas on how to improve the mix a little.. I find that the WIP forum is a great place to get songs that you may like and MAY not even find their way to the site so we could promote this tool!
  14. 3 votes done (haha the POWER OF MULTIPLE ADRESS!!!! (and computers)) anything else I can do to help sweetheart?
  15. Darkesword sez: major lol! ahh come on you LOVE your job and you know it:) ... now go get me a burger and keep the change... it'll be you day's pay!
  16. well I first posted this on the comment box on VGDJ's website, then I tought "hummm a email will be better"... but now I have to strike a third time by posting it in the forum:P "Pretty impressive! Aurora, you're a natural born radio host:P (got a sweet sexy voice there;)) Of course, being a very old ocremix fan, a lot of information about the website was nothing new to me but I think it's a nice touch anyway! I've not yet finish to listened to it but I can already say I really can't wait for the other episodes! also... i'd like to add some ideas about the other shows... -Interview DJP:) -Interview a Judge about his job! -Interview a Remixer that's "hot" at the moment (like Goat) -Talk about all the now very popular "remix projects" --i'm sure I missed one or two:P i'll probably have other idea later on:) Anyway keep the music alive -- I'll be a big fan:) (I oughta start a Aurora fanclub... lol:P you could send out signed posters and all )
  17. It's extremly rare that I post but this is my favorite remix as of a long time! I LOVE this rockin' crazy piece of music:) You simply HAVE to post some new songs real soon!!! You are one of the best guitar players on OCremix! Thank you for this wonderful remix! This will play all summer in my car:P
  18. ....woa.... ok ca c'est carrement debile!!!! bravo les gars!!!! jsavais pas que quebec renfermait autant de talents haha! jsuis vraiment heureux de voir un nouveaux mix de poster ici! vous etes vraiment genial!!!! oh et bonne fete en passant!!!! si tu te souviens, quand on avait jase par email on avait realise que nos fete etait tres proche (moi c le 18) et qu'on avait le meme age en plus:P j'attend deja votre prochaine toune avec impatience haha! ******translation****** hummm welll... i said: concratulation guys!!! i didnt knew quebec city had that much talent:P i'm very happy to see a new mix of yours finally being post here! you're really great! oh and by the way, happy birthday!!! then I go on saying that my birthday is really soon too (18th) and that I'm also going to turn 21, and that you know it's crazy to think someone my age can be that good musicaly (kinda makes me feel bad when I compare:P)
  19. wow!!! maudite bonne toune:P c'est aussi pas mal cool de voir un ptit québécois parmi ocremix:D jsuis aussi ete ecouter la plupart de tes mp3 sur ton site... incroyable!!! Tu as enormement de talent!!! et que dire de Marc-Andre!!!! woooooa! jrisque meme d'acheter le cd qu'il vend sur son site! bonne job! et j'espere avoir d'autre mix de toi bientot (et si un jour on se croise au ashton quand y fait -30 comme cette semaine, je serai le gars avec mon cd player qui ecoute tes tounes en mangeant ma poutine:P!!) ps: tu connais un Pascal? c'est un super bon guitariste que ma blonde connais bien, malheureusement le nom de son groupe m'echappe en ce moment... hummm entk jme suis tout de suite demander si vous vous connaisiez... anyway! in english: bah... just saying how much I like the song and how cool it is to hear from someone living in the same city as I!
  20. I REALLY love this guy!!! Drop and Roll has been making everyone in my appartement crazy because I've been playing it on loop for DAYS!!! no really and in my car it just gives me a incridible adrenaline rush! this one is less of an adrenaline rush but there is still the "funky beats" as I like to call it that makes it great!!! Love your work and if you continue like that you may become my #1 remixer:P
  21. nice song!!! I loved goat since the beginning!!! It's cool because now as soon as I see the name I KNOW it's going to be good (just like McVaffee (where is he now!?)) also I'd like to point out that I normally REALLY DONT like hardcore music like this... i like rock but thats about it... so it's a great feat that you got me loving your songs goat!
  22. its been 2 days and Im still listening ONLY to this song!!!!! ive done a whole homework with only this on on loop:P :P this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! said it before, will say it again: I LOVE IT!!!! i'm already at 63 listeninngs:P
  23. MY GOD!!!! I cant believe the judges almost made us lose this one!! This is GREAT!!!!!!!! I think judges should not vote when they dont like the style to start with... I mean I often hear some mix that I dont understand why they even passed but then I tell myself, ok its not as if I LOVED the style... so maybe someone loves it! And this my friend is a song I LOVE!!!!!! Reminds me a lot of Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, etc!!! And for the judges saying no to this let me tell you that for a electronic fan and especially for a big beat fan this is easily one of the best remixes out there!!!!!! Way to go boy! bring some more this way!!!!
  24. WOW!!!!!!!!! Man does Marble Madness had GREAT music!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy someone made a remix!!! You should also remix the first stage music!!!!! If you ever heard the song Zombie Nation... don't you find (I SURE do) there's a huge part that sound a LOT like that marble madness first stage song??? maybe i'm just crazy... or its just that it's the same sound patch... anyway GREAT retro-mix!!! love to hear more from you (and this game!!!)
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