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  1. Can someone put me on the map under these coordinates? Ahmed Shaltout. Nasr City region in Cairo, Egypt postal code 11371
  2. calling it speed just cuz it's witty is not a smart idea. The name needs to reflect the content otherwise you lose ur entire audience. you can't assume that people have to understand YOU. You have to do what u can for people to understand you rather than assume. This assumption caused the wrong people to download the album, hence causing people to be extremely disappointed.
  3. sadly i did not enjoy this album I didn't feel it sounded like speed at all the tracks are rather sleepy. I seem to be enjoying the nights into dreams tracks more so far. I was hoping this can be better than this.
  4. This remix succesfully captured the feeling played in the game during that part... although the original theme was all chiptunes I almost feel this is exactly how I heard it as I played the game.. everyone who used to see me play the game kept telling me the "music is bad" .. good job on unlocking the true essence of the games music ^___^ .. honestly I didnt' expect to find a remix of Cave story that was quiet a surprise, and even a better surprise that it was done this well!! I'd be happy if there were remixes of the more exciting tracks near the end too.. 2nd version of the Egg Corridor .. and Final Cave
  5. I love it.. I always wanted to hear remixes of this games soundtrack.. the wrogn notes are actually the way the way they were in the original game XD I do wish for more though .. there are many games like this that dont get remixes at all although their music, as zany as they were, been imprinted in my mind forever ^__^ as a PC gamer in my childhood I heard more of those than I did for sonic, mario or final fantasy. MORE DOTT remixes :D :D
  6. coool amazing great.. creative new 3d surround sound O.O slight funny accent when DJ Crono says "are immortal" but doesn't spoil it "You want the mic back.. gimme the mic back" oh yeah >_< ps: I always loved that particular theme.. nice to hear a variation of it at last The drums and effects the the songs beginng are amazing.. I keep looking around the room not sure where the sound source came from and near the end there are those mysterious, echoey synth vocals that come in adding a nice touch over Crono's rappin creative stuff
  7. I liked it when the piano came in and then it went polka.. but when it first started I was afraid the whole mix would be using only the harpsichord.. brr.. nice.. wish it was dancy from the beginning to end though
  8. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT need I say more especially loved the Lechuck ENDING ME LOVE LECHUCK THEME! *sings like a maniac* excellent work Trapezoid!
  9. I'll have to agree.. it has some good parts but it occasionally goes out of tune
  10. I loved this one.. it almost felt like a great continuation to the ff6 piano collections CD .. and I like it fully piano as it is.. i actually think it could be better with more piano here and there in the slight silences in between but all in all.. nice mix.. we don't get many piano solos on this site
  11. hmm not bad.. but I was hoping there'd exist more orchestral mixes of that particular song and many others from circle of the moon like the outer wall and the machine tower.. I really like all the themes but sadly it doesn't have an OST cause it's a GB advance game :/ This mix isn't bad but lacks the orchestral awe of the original.. could have been even better if over tthose synthetic instruments there was a chorus rise.. some church organ.. some piano here and there.. a Samba beat, and maybe some guitar too (maybe I'm goign too far lol) .. but it would be even cooler if so Not bad though.. wish to hear more COTM Mixes
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