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  1. This is an example of when OCremix members do it right: not merely fetishizing an existing tune by transplanting it to another genre or 'modernizing' it, but actually using the existing tune as a basis to develop some truly beautiful music. Too many remixers ignore the music-maker's equivalent of the hypocratic oath: "First of all, make good music".
  2. Very cool - I wish it 'dropped' more but I also like that you've essentially chiptune sounds to make dubstep - very good.
  3. Great music, the vocals... I would use less autotune and more vocoding next time - the vox sound tinny, so might want to lopass them more substantially next time. Love the frickin music though. Congrats-
  4. I will straight-up say this: This is my favourite remix on ocremix, to date- brings to mind the better work of Yoko Kanno, particularly her Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex work. Great track, great vox. Love it.
  5. Agreed, the old soundtrack also kicks a huge amount of arse. I like the original 'Boss' music *a lot*. m@
  6. Hooray! By the way, if anyone gets slow download speeds, I've uploaded it to a secondary location: http://www.box.net/shared/bsrasi50vt Cheers, M@
  7. Just announcing my release of 'PassivePack' - an alternative music pack for Iji: http://www.mediafire.com/?n1uz2gzghko This is a subtlely sedate'ish music pack designed specifically for for those wanting a different feel upon replaying through on hard and other levels. It's sanctioned by Daniel except for hero3d.mp3, which I courteously removed due to the fact that the original is a cover of a Machinae Supremacy song "Hero", which he likes, and doesn't want anything replacing it- Feel free to redistribute elsewhere. All music by Me!
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