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  1. I got permission to do this from the author (Eliot Britton) - he was trying to get a lossless version of the track for use, but it never eventuated. So Unfortunately this is a re-edit using the mp3, but despite that, I'm pretty happy. Main reason is that the stuttered-vocals chorus-thing was my favourite part of the song, and it felt empty when it didn't repeat at least once - so I re-edited the song, did some subtle EQ adjustment and added more violin (my own), subtley. Enjoy. E-bison - Zeno Paradox (Light from the Netherworlds) [metamorphosis re-edit].mp3
  2. Reaper is good for this sort of thing - particularly hour-long stuff.
  3. I submitted this a year or two ago, it (eventually) came back with some feedback, some of which was good (helpful mixing tips), some of which was bad (no, I'm not going to re-write the entire song, mate). I submitted a second version based on the mixing advice, but it never showed up. SO I'm guessing whoever thought I should restructure the song based on their whim got pissy. Anyway, for what it's worth, here's the review: https://ocremix.org/community/topic/45559-no-jazz-jackrabbit-jdhd/ And here's the first version, replete with video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2Nd-0rkCdI Anyway, I'm probably not going to do any additional work on this, seeing as how 2 of the judges got up their own ass wanting to remove the only thing that made the song worth making in my view (the bridge and subsequent contrast to the chorus). A friend noted to me (I respect his advice) that the initial transition was too quick, and that's valid. But I didn't want to make something predictable or consistent. That's not what this is about.
  4. I think capacitor aging is less of an issue than people think it is, and certainly not that extreme, in my opinion.
  5. That's not that surprising. A decent PSU will have a lifespan of at least ten years. Not to knock his work, of course, just noting.
  6. I've noticed all the tracks submitted to Ocremix have pretty ridiculously loud mastering. Sometimes it really works for the piece, sometimes it doesn't. Is it possible for me to submit more dynamic work? Talking around -16 RMS-ish.
  7. Still listening to this 1.5 years later - brilliant work.
  8. Beautiful remix - that crash when the chorus kicks in - spectacular - and everything after that, very brutal. Well done good sir, you have my kudos.
  9. Holy smokes this was awesome. Did not suspect from the somber beginning, and only wish it was longer.
  10. If Halc and The Distortionist's respective versions hadn't completely obliterated the landscape for this particular one, I'd give this a 5/5 - as it is, it's still great, but 4/5. Thanks for the cool work.
  11. A great cousin to Aeroz's more chip-tuney, upbeat effervescent version, this remix truly brings out the atmospheric feeling of the original in a deep way. Congrats.
  12. Brilliant - great to hear someone taking a remix in entirely unexpected directions. Stellar work.
  13. Very solid, flowing and thoroughly emotive production - though I never liked or played the donkey kong series, that's what I like about ocremix - bringing my attention to new music that I don't have any nostalgia for. Great work halc. Nice guitar-work too.
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