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  1. I map everything with either my ProTools Beatmapper or my Sony ACID Beatmapper... I've found that once you've ACID'ized a WAV or loop the meta data is pretty much recognized by every DAW. At least the ones I use; Garage Band, Logic, ProTools, Peak, ACID, Sound Forge, Cubase, FL (just started).
  2. Still only have version 2 of this track (the update) out of my DAW so sorry I can't upload a progress bump on how the choir arrangement is coming. But I did wanna drop a link to . It's not just about audio all the time.
  3. OMG Sweendrix are you still dickin' around with this track!!! Give me your stems and I'll do your drums!!! (j/k) Naw cereal-lee though... I'm just too eager to hear what you'd call a finished product. Oh, & while I do agree with Neblix about making a performance, (so remember Neblix I AGREE) if your drums are good enough and make you mix sound tight, people shouldn't notice if you're copying and pasting... what the hell do you think 80% of Electronica is (in the drum section).
  4. I am jealous! But only mostly because you have old school SNES cartridges just laying around! That's Right: "Only mostly"
  5. And now the link is broken... I wanted to hear it.
  6. I hear ya Rozo I could just alter the low osc so the wobble doesn't occur... OOoo or I could just make it velocity specific (play'em softer and they don't get weird)... I love Engineering ideas.
  7. Wow this post has gotten a lot of scratch on it. But as for ideas no one offered anymore after like, the first three posts, oh well . MeteoX how did you get it in your head you need a Roman choir? Because if it came from me, my bad. I'm just recording my old Methodists choir from the church I went to as a kid. I thought you might have something like that you could use in your town that's all. And you shouldn't have to BUY mics... there has got to be a rental place you could get your hands on near you; rent the equipment (if you want to really record a choir). I remember you were already feeling jaded once. Don't let these whiners make you think anything other than awesome. You're track was (is) awesome to begin with... apparently the judges wanted more awesome from you & I totally think you can give it! Wash away all the crits and walk away with the ideas, take a few passes at it again submitting and changing things you might not want to change and then, viola! You're done and I'm sure it'll pass. If you start doubting yourself the interweb wins... ***interweb laughs sinisterly***
  8. That looks fine. Remember you're not building this system for In-Studio Work, it is for home, for personal enjoyment so 100% is not the goal... more like +80%. Looking at your map, you should have a decent field with that setup, and your hot spots are about where the listener is... are you placing speakers low, high, or at ear level (the best)? Also, depending on what sort of Dolby Decoder Receiver your system has, some of the more high end receivers can allow you to adjust the overall dB being emitted from each speaker. This can help if your satellites (rear speakers) are too loud and all your getting, when watching, is surround audio imagining and not the mains or dialogue. Hope your room shakes.
  9. LOL I wasn't cursing at you just the problem of the "choir sound" .
  10. Love it, no worries. I'm recording a church choir Gothic style for the project so f*ck it.
  11. OMG I did a remix of this track like forever ago (2006) hah! Ideas... you got a guitar / harp / plucked instrument sound for the starting melody; add some more synths to that melody. Maybe a fast side chained choir (8th note instead of quarter for the side-chain). Dirty up your bass... it is too smooth, if you want it smooth add another mid / mid-hi type bassline, and definitely hit that 2nd bass with a quarter note side chain (most people use the kick). Learn the chords and get some outta this world pads on them too! Sweeps and swells side chained with a delay and verb on them might sound good. Drums need LOTS of love but you said you are starting this and it is thrown together. Harsh compression, decent EQ and the lightest touch of reverb and you should be good. Give us an update!
  12. Nothing but love for the judges... God knows they have a hard enough job. But I hear ya'
  13. I'm listening for them... I'm gonna finish replaying the game and then finish this but should be a week before a MASSIVE update.
  14. I'll play new games and old with the best of 'em. The only really big thing that has effected my gaming is how some programmers insist on linear game play / story telling. This sucks. If I wanted a story I'd read a book. Super Metroid has to be my favorite example of a way of sequence breaking, if even that, because it is all about how good YOU control the character. If you can handle the control pad better than your friend you could get to places and do things that your friend(s) can't. I think that is fair. Make more games like that! So often I see games that are "go here, then go here, then go here," anyone can follow instructions I don't play games to follow orders (might be good in Japan but not here) I play to entertain myself. The minute I master a game (memorize it) it becomes a quest to break the source code (make it do things it was never designed to do) while in normal operation. Older games you could do this, newer ones... not so much; go ahead try and sequence break Wind Waker without codes, mods, and glitches see how far you get. Older games hail from an era where programmers made the games for fun, now-a-days 90% of games are massproduced to make $$$ and have no real game play within them. But "game play" is subjective so... each to their own.
  15. I always feel silly crit-'ing a contributor who already has an Artist profile for OCR, anyway... My 1st crit is increase tempo. But that is me... if just feels slow. Rigid sequencing... all I hear on that is that your patterns, I can set my watch to. Very grid like. Go listen to some African drums for syncopated rhythm. Your starting kick is fine, but the 4 on the floor kick should hit harder in the mid-hi's; harder EQing should help here. Mixing Mid-low... no shine in your mix. I ran your MP3 through my one of my EQ plugs (PSP Master Q) and suddenly your whole track glittered. If you want to see the settings I used click here. You can try mixing with these target freqs in mind (what instruments hit those freqs), or you can just drop the plug settings on the bounced file. I'd have to play with your session to know for sure. As for the choir... well I have an SE-5600z as well as about 4 SM58's I would just go bribe a church choir, I'm doing it that way for my WIP Prime dance remix. Just an FYI if you do this choirs hate singing "ah" for every note so bare that in mind. BUT Your choir sounds fine to me, so I think the judges are being a little to insistent on real. Sometimes we use the chip tune sound FOR the chip tune sound, same is true for your choir. It sounds more believable when you use a closer to the original sound... at least IMO. ... ... *thinks more on choir* ... I would do both methods and blend them together, actually. Poor clap snare: yeah this sucks... use a different sample. If you want I can make you some. The million $$$ questions with snares are you looking for a rock sounding snare or a Phil Collins explosion snare? If you want to keep what you have try hard Compression, sharp EQ, and Reverb ran through a Gating might land you on your feet. Sound Bleeding... um, turn everything down to -inf and rebuild your mix keeping your choir quieter this time around, I guess. Your reverb sounded fine to me. The melody and instruments felt in my face but the rhythm section does not. If I were a judge that is all I would ask you to fix (and the tempo) and say re-sub. Hope I help Meteo. EDIT: This track is awesome as is. Don't let tiny crits bug you too much... the judges should've said yes IMO.
  16. If you, or anyone, do decide do it, I was thinking it would be awesome and impressive if you could musically cascade various of the major game themes into the arrangement, since Totaka's done music for so many games.
  17. Yeah when you turn a sampled choirs attack down in their ADSR gate it can make funny sounds. I believe the synth is Voice, from Garage Band's instruments.
  18. So every body is saying "we need more from Majora's Mask," in terms of remixes. Dug through the soundtrack and found a few tracks that would make cool electronica remixes. Of those tracks I started 3 WIPS. Here is the first. Majora's Mask - Astral Beauty It's only a 1min+ and just the first loop segment... no real arrangement or structure yet. Basically a sound upgrade for now (WIP) but I hope to get ideas from others with this post. Thx.
  19. You gotta start somewhere right? Besides at least now you're hit the ground running and don't have to learn these tricks over a few years .
  20. Here are the best kept secrets (that I know) about getting a desired drum sound, each one of these is basically a plug-in you can use if need be: 1) Compression- compressors with harsh settings esp. on the kick will normally help get you that "in your face" feel. Place it over the whole of the drums (route each drums track-output to a bus, make the compressor on that bus... so kick - out to bus 1, snare - out to bus 1, cymbals - out to bus 1, etc. compressor used as plug-in on bus 1. This is not THE way it is A way, each project is different) 2) EQ- I tend (I stress tend) to EQ after the Compressor, helps correct adjust sound for whatever the mix needs. Most DAW compressors tend to dull the hi's so I use EQ to slightly adjust for this. 3) Reverb- Yes I said it reverb! Subtle reverb. Not trance, trippy effects reverb. I normally use an Impulse reverb to generate drum rooms or pumping sounds. Really make sure you use a decent plug-in (if not out board gear) because you are trying to basically simulate a room or recording area. Every room has a different sound. Reverb and EQ can be swapped according to how you desire the sound to be, but play around with various settings. Presets are you friends but not your crutch, adjust everything to find your drums.
  21. Funny how when I WANT the choir to sound fake everyone says it is too fake... wtf! I can't win .
  22. Your mix sounds pretty, maybe bring the bulk of your orchestral sounds down about -6dB and it will sound even sweeter on the ears. All in all this sounds like a nice sound upgrade, it was hard to hear what you were remixing. Please finish it, but bear that in I've read too many posts on the judges forum talking about "sound upgrades" Throw some spice on the fire! Change up a direction... the source melody is haunting so find some ethereal melody that can blend with it and 70% of your work is done! ... Just pitching ideas. Finish it.
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