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  1. I don't know why I've liked the Killer Instinct title song since I heard it first time year or two ago when my sister bought the cart for her SNES... I guess the title theme goes in the category "really epic short themes that are kind of dumb but are still pretty epic and fit to the game's premise and look well". And I've always liked the various Rareware soundtracks. Anyway, this remix builds a lot on top of that and turns it into a rather credible piece. I like it a lot, especially in that it keeps the song very recognisable and maintains the same feel, while sounding fresh and original at the same time. And (insert SNL imitation voice if you prefer) I don't think there's anywhere near enough songs that feature thunderclap sound effects, anyway. Thumbs up.
  2. This is really a classic remix. MG for NES wasn't really that hot but the music was really good (a good chapter in MG series music history, really; the MSX music has been redone in new games, but NES music should have been given some prominence too, being the redeeming factor of the disowned game) Egh, I'm rambling again. Sorry. Anyway, this is a great remix of good music; as a collage of the original game's tracks, it works just fine. In the end of day, this is what I really think is a classic mix (probably because it was among the first songs I downloaded from remix.overclocked.org, just redownloaded it in hopes of getting a non-garbled version and that was what I got =) *slap* sorry, rambling again ) It hasn't really aged too badly either. Good song. Grab it. Nice title too, yeah. =)
  3. The game itself sucked, but the music was among my all-time favorites. And this remix, well, it's just weird (like many other remixes, actually): It's that same great song I know and love, just completely different. And everything still fits together perfectly. I just love this thing.
  4. "Whoah" to the third power. (Or with a dramatic echo, if you prefer.) Not a bad remix. Not bad at all. Not quite as fun as Puffy64's, but it's hard to say exactly what makes this so interesting. It sure sounds epic. Definitely got that "Real Ultimate Power" thing down somewhere there. (By the way, LN1 and LN2 have - as the writeup says - tons of remixes; I wish there were more remixes of LN3. LN1 soundtrack is ninjaesque, LN2 soundtrack is modernly ninjaesque and rocking, LN3 soundtrack was just plain *moody*.)
  5. What can I say? I just love a good metal ballad. The original song was wonderfully mood-setting and translates pretty well to this genre. I'm particularly impressed that this translated to non-overblown metal ballad - the whole thing reeks of pure emotion without me immediately getting the idea "oh, it's metal, angry metal". This has soul. I particularly like the soft, nearly acoustic ending. (By the way, for great effect, stick "Death on the Snowfield" after this one in the playlist. They go well together ) Though I kind of disagree with this being appropriate for the game... if they turned the game into a live-action movie, this might be appropriate for that. In all, one of my favorite remixes of this tune.
  6. OMF2097 was the Best Damn PC Fighting Game Ever, with one of the catchiest soundtracks ever in Epic lineup... I still frequently listen to the s3m version of the original game's music The remix is quite interesting, it's close enough to the original but is far more energetic. Very cool. I like it a lot. I'd hope to hear more of OMF remixes (the intro/menu music begs to be remade!)
  7. Aaaah... $ pmidi -p 65:0 doom05.mid ...now I remember. I don't know why people here seem to dislike the original - it just happens to be the only Doom track that still remember. I really liked it, a minimalistic yet creepy track. Sort of like "What if Jarre turned evil". As for the remix, this is pretty good. Nice work. New variations to the theme are always good, especially if they manage to be even more epic than the original.
  8. Pretty good remix, though I think the original version works best in the original - this would have been a bit too noisy for the original. (The original scene makes me cry. Great scene.) Anyway, this remix is still pretty good on its own.
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