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  1. Awesome cover. The reason why the moon looks toothy, though, I think, is because of the upward-curves under his eyes. The moon looks attentive, and ferocious, as if to pounce upon some prey, which is good in its own right. In Majora's Mask, the moon has the same frown, except without the curves under the eyes. The moon looks angry, but not about to pounce; it's more passively (rather than actively) ominous, I guess. Anyway, I'm excited about this project. I wish I had musical or artistic talent to contribute...
  2. ....I liked it enough to start expecting samples from the actual game: like when you erect a police or fire station, etc. Or perhaps you thought that would be tacky? I must know: was "to add samples or not add samples" a question you grappled with?
  3. Yeah, word to "Kindred". It goes well with physics-grad-school, and murkiness of long calculations. Wondering where you got the inspiration for the title "Kindred".

  4. This captures the "off"-vibe of Majora's Mask. The beginning is dark and frail. I think we love the samples of Link's long-fall-scream, and the Skull Kid's giggle. Lyrics slightly weak as halc said, but the chills down my spine at the excellently-captured "spirit" of the game itself more than compensate for that. I listened to this twice when I first download it. Meaning: the taste of this remix did not take long to acquire. djpretzel is right: Majora's Mask needs more love. (Wish I had the knowledge and resources to remix ). Lastly: I like the rhyme about the fairy in a bottle keeping death at away.
  5. In addition to everything said so far, I would like to point out how I really like how the remixes of "Bloody Tears" seem to ascend in urgency: Alexander Prievert's probably being the least-urgent, and DigiE's "Castle of Tears" having a "the curse is about to kill me...hurry up!!!" kind of feel to it. This would be middle of the road for me, in terms of "urgency". I like the choir at the end...it sounds like the familiar "horrible night to have a curse" is about to fall.
  6. To me: I don't know how this ReMix achieves "being so emo that it's not emo", but it does. Every time I hear it, I want to dance and laugh at the same time.
  7. This mix makes me want to jog. Then, it just makes me want to stare out the window at falling snow. Then, it makes me want to fly in the sky. It just evokes so many emotions...it's so chill and intense at the same time. Awesome!!!
  8. I request Oath to Order, and also think the newly-minted Jillian Aversa's voice would just tatoo WIN all over said remix. I know of a YouTube video if anyone aiming to remix "Oath to Order" needs their muse stirred: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69iIz1Kg1gA&NR=1
  9. To reiterate what Polo said: For what enjoyment this may re-kindle in the longtime listeners of this great Remix: when I listen to this, I get a very "running-through-the-jungle" feeling, and I imagine, of course, various undead baddies assaulting me. I might add that this becomes especially-sharp when the awesome part around 2:10-2:40 chimes in. Whatever those sounds are, to me it really has a "surrounded-by-the-fell-legions-of-Dracula-as-I-hurry-along-to-vanquish-this-fatal-curse" feel to it. Well done : )
  10. What the title said: I'm 100% pro-choir for this song. It's something that 1) IMHO is awesome and 2) I would never think of, which adds an order of magnitude to the awesomeness : )
  11. In case this wasn't able to be deduced from the title...I downloaded this Remix first, of all the remixes on OC. Totally awesome: this somehow managed to make me think of epicness, adventure, and, somehow, of Saturday morning cartoons. I freaking love this Remix. I listen to it so much it's unfortunately gotten old : - P but yeah...major kudos for this piece.
  12. I also want to say that I love this Remix! Now that the important part is taken care of, I want to know: is it just me, or does Cid's voice sound somewhat like Homer Simpson? Permit me to digress (sometimes, I get lucky and my digressions are worthwhile! ): For me, that adds just enough familiarity of something I know and love, without the theme of Homer Simpson dominating (the whole Remix is heavily "industrial" (?)...of course, Homer Simpson is anything *but* industrious).
  13. Kudos for originality AND making something good! Not gonna lie: I didn't want to download something that was a "Wedding" themed remix. I relented (don't remember the circumstances ), downloaded it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm like: "Man, I'd never think to remix video game music as a theme to a wedding, let alone find some way to make it good", but you delivered Scha-weet
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