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  1. I know your pain, My Physics prof is holding our midterm ON halloween. ...That being said, I'm going to be walking around campus in a (homemade, and pretty damn good) Richter Belmont costume.
  2. Thank you very much! I intend to go back and fix a few things, so your feedback is much appreciated! Also, yeah; the percussion in Lament's been bugging me, I've just been too lazy to fix it. XD
  3. WARNING: HERE THERE BE (Or at least stuff that sounds close to) 8-BIT. In all seriousness, I've been trying to improve my ablility (or lack thereof) to arrange music. So, I set my sights on my favourite series for music: Castlevania. The album was originally a 'what-if' scenario along the lines of KONAMI making a new CV game going back to it's roots (a la CAPCOM with Mega Man 9 & 10). And eventually it became this miserable pile of music! The classics are there (Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, I actually skipped Beginning if I recall correctly), but there's stuff from games like Order of Ecclesia and Castlevania 64. So, yeah. Any comments, critiques, etc. would be welcome and appreciated. Hope you enjoy! LINK: http://www.box.com/s/thbr2ftkmkn8xfaeohi4
  4. Well, I'm not going to try and claim that I'm GOOD at this, but I want to improve. This piece is actually finished (and by that, I mean I lost the project file.), and will never be subbed. However, comments, critiques, anything is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Link: http://www.box.net/shared/e85x9xahz1h04x0qufta
  5. Let's see here... 1) Castlevania, NES: (Vampire Killer) Beat the game without dying. 2) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, N64: (Tri-Hard) Beat the game with 3 hearts. Recovery allowed. 3) Metal Gear Solid, PS1: (Busted!) Break Mantis' connection by shooting the statues. 4) Any Ace Attorney Game, DS: (Ace Attorney) Beat a case without saving or making a single mistake. 5) Any Battle Network Game, GBA: (Chips Challenge) Complete the Library.
  6. Maybe it's this...? http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01184/ (LttP- Triforce Majeure OC Remix) Hope this helps!
  7. Got really bored, so I decided to check out my Graphic Novel collection... Blew the dust off the cover, and apparently, I'm reading the Phoenix Wright manga.
  8. 1) Metal Gear Solid 3 2) Star Fox 64, Adventures 3) Mega Man 2, 3, 7 4) Soul Calibur II These sequels just really did it for me. They may not be the BEST out there, but I sure as hell enjoy replaying them time and time again.
  9. You sir, are a ture hero. Keep up the excellent work!
  10. Not that anyone cares, but I just got TF2, so I'd be up for playing with OCR in the future, if you'd like.
  11. Anyone mention the one from Final Fantasy (I can't remember which one) that has 50,000,000 HP yet?
  12. You can build a house right in front of someone, and they'll act like it was always there. (The Sims) 12 years later, Pokemon games prove we still have loads of time to kill. Your princess is always in another castle.
  13. All of life's little problems can be fixed by murder. (GTA) I am not sociopathic. Psycho Mantis IS. (MGS) Video games have taught me that a thread about the things they have taught us was a good ideas.
  14. AWPing's a bitch. (Counter-Strike) Never Falcon Dive if your opponent is a Marth with a Smash Ball. (SSBB) Achievements produce a mild high.
  15. Latin lyrics make for epic boss music. (Final Fantasy) Cardboard boxes are the ultimate means of disguise. (MGS) The cake was a lie. (Portal)
  16. Japanese mythology makes for a kickass game. (Okami)
  17. Apparently, a double agent CAN be the source of an epic debate (Metal Gear Solid) Note: Ocelot wasn't a villian, in the conventional sense. <obvious spoilers>He pretended to work for Liquid Snake, but only to get the Optical Disc. He then worked for Solidus Snake, to keep an eye on him. In MGS4, he was never possessed by Liquid, this was just a ruse to fool the Patriots. He was a follower of Big Boss, so he was not a villain, at least not since MGS3.</obvious spoilers>
  18. Awesome job! I put this on my MP3 player last night and couldn't stop listening. It's a great song to chill out to.
  19. For sale: Sims 2 Expansion Packs (PC): Seasons Bon Voyage Apartment Life $20 each or all 3 for $50.
  20. To name a few: Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (MGS3 version) Star Fox 64's Main Menu Majora's Mask Astral Observatory Don't judge me.
  21. If I give my wife a flower, eventually she'll give me a son. (Harvest Moon, SNES) If you read closely, people will say stuff you never realized was perverted. (Pokemon) If you want to make money, just throw all the famous Nintendo characters into one fighting game and watch the cash roll in. (Come on, this should be obvious.)
  22. Mega Man X4 with the voice actors from Command Mission. It was an epic game, but X's voice... *uggh*
  23. Contrary to popular belief, Manuals do add important story points. (Sin and Punishment) I can paint my car in less than 5 seconds, and elude the cops completely. (GTA) No matter how far technology goes, the pinnacle of flight is the barrel roll. (Star Fox)
  24. I'm sorry about putting this thread in Off-Topic. I did read the rules, I guess I forgot... You can defeat almost anything with a water gun. (Super Mario Sunshine) Cheating WILL erase your game pak... If you do it more than 3 times. (Banjo Kazooie)
  25. Ok, so how this works is pretty easy. Name 1-3 thing(s) that video games have taught us. I'll start: Don't pay any attention to Zero's death. He'll be mysteriously rebuilt for the next game. (Mega Man X) New items MUST be held above your head. Obviously. (Legend of Zelda) You can withstand otherworldly punishment... so long as you have potions. (Final Fantasy)
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