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  1. If you were tasked with creating achievements for updates to or rereleases of old games for console or PC, which games would you choose, and what sorts of hallmarks would you see as being worth logging? Of course there would be the gameplay related ones, such as picking up a particular weapon for the first time, but also more esoteric ones (hopefully that don't revolve around repetitive actions that take hours to complete). Of course, this goes hand in hand with achievement generators which were popular in the past, but instead of creating fake 'real life' achievements or adding your own ideas to games made after the achievement craze began, you would be focusing on your classic favorites. Ideas should be example of realistic goals, however (nothing like "Beat all Wily forms in Mega Man without taking damage", not all of us are that good) and able to be obtained within a reasonable amount of playthroughs. Any takers?
  2. You know what? This is just my personal opinion but I feel like you've got enough going on in your career as an artist already, Jill, so no offense but sit this one out. I might be wrong, but you don't have to get involved with everything that comes your way. That's the quickest road to a burn-out.
  3. I surf occasionally, but the problem is most of the tracks that other people play are music I don't like and not all of my music is in a format recognized by the game...yeah
  4. Technically last week's was the third episode, not the second, and that's probably how it will be listed in the DVD release.
  5. So the ghosts come back to haunt us, do they? That's my impression of this and well when I saw the title I had to give it a listen. I'm sure all of us remember Avien's submission and this works not only as a tribute to him (and other remixers that have passed since then) but also as a stand-alone remix, mixing the subtle atmospherics expected from a Maridia-based track with poignant, yet not overpowering vocals and a steady, solid harmony line. Well worth the listen, and worth the download.
  6. Just this. Nothing special. Actually I wouldn't mind if someone covered this
  7. Redesigning spawn town? I guess I could help with that maybe?
  8. The best part is that tower isn't that tall. Now, freeclimbing a 1,085 foot cable-stayed tower? THAT takes balls.
  9. Waaaaaah! Uwaaaah! Cry some more!
  10. Dear LulzSec: Stop helping. Seriously, you've done more than enough.
  11. Personally, I'd like the 'sky' of the Nether to be lava. Just sayin'. And...maybe make it so you can dig all the way up to the 'normal' world. Or have the ability to build portals leading to yet another dimension.
  12. Yeah, but it's not the SAME Master Quest. Latest issue of Game Informer says that not only have the dungeons been reworked from what's on the GCN disc, but they've been mirrored as well...I don't see why that last part is important, but yeah. So it's not really the same game with newer graphics, only it kind of is...and you should buy it anyway because it's fucking Zelda. What other reason do you need?
  13. I love your sig it's super cool.

  14. Yeah it's official, Nintendo needs to let someone else name their consoles. NES, SNES, Gamecube, those were good console names. This is just...you know, someone was on pot when they came up with this. "Nintendo Challenger: Excitement in every box."
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