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  1. I've always wanted to see this amazing show. These songs aren't just special, they are the soundtrack to my life. Thank you for all your hard work, Uematsu-san and OC Remix!
  2. Dear Juan,Thank you for this submission. It really is a wonderfully arranged and produced track. In fact, I'm not sure what hardware you use (both guitar/amp and production) but your tracks really set themselves apart via their commericial-level sound quality. The guitar floats freely above the track, making it sound very full and robust. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much for this excellent remix. The fact that an established and celebrated composer chose to work with a remixer from OCR simply because he felt the idea had merit, that the fans of OCR -- of Video game music in general -- were worthy of his time and effort, well, that's pretty special. Thanks again. The work on this track is excellent and has turned me onto Alex's even more. Here's hoping to more composer-remixer collaborations in the future! JP
  4. Gave the album a cursory listen today while doing some wood work; this song stuck out as well done and creative. I'm familiar with the source material and to hear this splendid, somewhat exotic interpretation was wonderful. A+.
  5. Best compliment I can bestow on any piece of music: Every time I hear this, I snap to attention around 2:40 and double check that I've already given it 5 stars in iTunes/iPod. It's just a standout track from a soundtrack littered with already good material. Remarkable.
  6. ...the production of Sixto Sounds. His rock pieces have a very clean mix about them, clearly delineating between backing guitars and the melodic leads. This isn't easy for an amateur musician/producer to achieve. Well done. Well done on the arrangement, too.
  7. This piece really presents a spooky, things-aren't-quite-right atmosphere that, frankly, is embellished by the tuning 'errors'. Intentional or not, they do indeed accentuate the uneasiness of the track -- of the titular situation, namely approaching the hideout of a gargantuan beast (which calls into question the logistics of his having a 'hideout') who longs to kill/eat you.
  8. Honestly the best CV remix I've yet heard. Blew me away when I found this -- screams on a good sound system.
  9. As a long-time fan of 'club trance', I must say I am generally skeptical of -- and ultimately bored with -- tracks which are extended to the necessary 'club' length just to be classified as such. It's generally a waste of time for the listener, as what the average 'club' song has to say can be said as effectively in half the time (i.e. radio edit). Fortunately for we OC listeners, Blind has given us a track with substantial build up, climax, and cooldown. All three parts being distinct enough to maintain interest throughout. The synth lead /chords beginning after the first 90 seconds or so really, really get your head bobbing. I'm surprised by how much I enjoy this track; what could be a generic 'club' length song has genuine appeal and enough evolution to entrance the listener, which, after all, is the goal of 'club trance', I reckon.
  10. I've looked on Sixto's site and wasn't able to locate the revised version of this track. If anyone has it would you let me know where I can find it? Maybe you can email me? I think, on the whole, I'm a bigger fan of this song than most as I have a fairly robust aftermarket speaker setup in my car and the production on this song simply wailed. ("Crucial Taunt? They Wail! Yea, the lead singer's a babe. What about The Shitty Beatles? They suck!") So I became a fan of production despite arrangement. I'm glad the decision to post this was made. Considering it was Sixto's first submission I side with the line of thinking that future submissions would only be better, and given this starting quality, that is a good thing.
  11. We're all aware that JENOVA is one of the most heavily remixed tracks from the FF VII OST. With so many remixes it's hard to distinguish one cut from another. This track, however, shines like a supernova, leaving an unforgettable impression on the listener from beginning to end. If Blind were a newcomer we could throw in a cheesy joke about "a new star being born" (though supernovae are actually the opposite), but given your long history of solid mixing, we'll decide better of it.
  12. Captures the mood of the title to a tee. Excellent rendition, allowing the correct notes to hang and draw out the misery of the sentence (though the song itself is anything but miserable). Wonderful.
  13. One of the truly 'elite' tracks from OCR. This song is so masterfully crafted that I can play it for my dad or my son and both like it. To achieve such tight unity in a medley is hard, but it is done here. Seriously a 10 of 10.
  14. Others have said it better than I, but excellent, excellent rock interpretation of MM3 tuneage.
  15. Surprised with the successful combination of musical elements, I couldn't help but catch a touch of The Crystal Method, though more melodically conceived. Considering the title of the track, Quick Fix, the song, thematically speaking, managed to convey and embody what I picture as the resultant feeling of a 'Quick Fix' injection for a Mars-stranded marine of the Doom universe. Very well done, Redlight.
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