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  1. you could've at least rephrased that, considering that i used the exact wording "you're all free to have your own opinions".
  2. Worse than that. Seriously, go look at some screenshots of some N64 games. http://images.nintendolife.com/screenshots/16250/large.jpg Aside from the lack of effects like bloom, and the outdated textures and a low polygon count, this honestly looks better than most of Skyward Sword (in terms of aliasing, which pops up everywhere) And while I know Wind Waker is in its own league entirely, I should still point out that this game came out 8 years ago, and it still looks better than SS. http://ui18.gamefaqs.com/689/gfs_50820_2_4.jpg Graphics don't make a game, but it seriously bothers me while I'm playing. But I'm done bitching about it, you're all free to have your own opinions.
  3. That's actually probably the best review I've read of the game. I'm still only outside of the second dungeon, so I honestly barely have the right to judge, but judging by where I am, that seems pretty accurate. The thing about the graphics is so true, and it bothers me so much I have to mention it again. It looks like a N64 game. Aside from more complex geometry, Majora's Mask was probably more crisp than Skyward Sword is.
  4. It's stupid because no one expects the same thing of games like Mario, which have been the same game for 20 years. If you don't like the Zelda formula, don't play Zelda. If you don't want to play a game that has Link having shenanigans related to magic and swords and gadgets, don't play Zelda. Sometimes I don't pick up the newest Mario game because I'm sick of platforming and I'm bored with fire flowers and super mushrooms. I probably won't be getting Super Mario Land 3D because it doesn't look fresh and exciting enough to me. That doesn't mean that Nintendo should completely reimagine the Mario universe, maybe even take Luigi and Peach and Bowser out of the mix. That wouldn't make any sense. Some people like the familiarity, they don't mind that the general structure of the game has stayed constant over the years. Mario sells, Zelda sells, why change it if people apparently like it?Same thing for Mario Kart. I owned Mario Kart 64 and I loved it. Then I rented Double Dash and DS and I didn't like them at all. So I stopped buying Mario Kart games. Everyone wins. I'm sick of how the 3D Zeldas always attempt to copy OoT in some shape or form every game, but overall I usually enjoy the experience anyway even if there are some things that are wrong with the game. I would love it if Zelda games branched out a bit and followed in the footsteps of games like LA and MM, but getting rid of the characters and completely reformatting the general dungeons and bosses and item collecting structure wouldn't make sense. That'd be like taking kart racing out of Mario Kart, and platforming out of Mario. Every installment of the Zelda series has at its core been about dungeon crawling. im ok with this.But go look at the sales of the Zelda game that did nothing other than change the game's graphical style and tell me that would work out well for Nintendo. I mean it wasn't that bad, but it was present throughout most of the GCN's lifespan and it only sold 4.5 million. so much editing
  5. well in that case you should probably stop playing zelda games and play something else. there are plenty of different games out there for you to choose from. maybe skyrim?also i liked how recognizing the characters is only a maybe. basically your post was severely lacking in logic. i hope so. i got to the second temple, 9 hours in, and while it's not terrible, I'm not too engaged either. i haven't played in two days and while i do want to play, when im playing it's not really all that exciting. maybe im just getting old. i want to get a new sword or something. the first dungeon was amazing, but everything in between is nothing special.
  6. Well, Marin was technically Zelda, if you want to go into specifics. And LA and MM took place outside of Hyrule. I would've preferred it if they just left Zelda and Ganondorf out of the game since they didn't contribute much at all, though I guess I kind of hyperbolized a bit.
  7. Every time I made Wolf Link dash in Twilight Princess and Midna made that noise, all I could think of was all the furry porn that was going to be all over my internets within a week. I think that sullied my experience a little. Twilight Princess was a great game, but it wasn't a great Zelda game. It felt like a generic action adventure where Zelda and Link and Ganondorf were minor characters. If you cut out the parts with Zelda and Ganondorf, you wouldn't have really lost a whole lot from the overall experience. Hell they should've just made Midna the main character and called it a day. I'm all for change in the Zelda formula, but when Zelda doesn't even contribute anything to the plot, there's something clearly wrong there. I'd go on and on about how Twilight Princess lacked the soul that games like Wind Waker had, but I feel like everyone's aware of the general lack of side quests and linearity. Few of the NPCs go through any character development at all aside from Midna. And speaking of linearity, it's kind of ironic that even though Skyward Sword lacks a Hyrule Field, there's still plenty more you can do aside from the main game than continue the plot. Sandbox and non-linearity aren't the same thing if there's nothing to do in the sandbox. rant rant rant also, always relevant: http://imgur.com/IQXyd
  8. I tend to believe that most of the Wiis that were sold are sitting in the corner of someone's house collecting dust. There's no way to tell if this is true or not, I'm just generalizing, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who plays their Wii more than a couple times a year. I agree that it was wise for Nintendo, but as a fan it makes me sad. Overflow - Then why does it look so good on PC? I'm hardly technologically literate, but it seems like it would look just fine to me.
  9. I just wish the WiiU upscaled old Wii games. The fact that I'm going to have to eventually emulate Skyward Sword somewhere down the line when I get a computer powerful enough for it in order to play it in its full glory is kind of sad. It'll be nifty, and I'll probably enjoy it, but it's still depressing that I can't even see Link's eyes. I blame my massive tv, but at the same time I blame Nintendo for making such a garbage console. Sure, the underpowered console strategy usually works well in gaining the most net profit (Looking at the PS2), but it still sucks for the consumer.
  10. I think it was Joystiq who said that somewhere beneath Skyward Sword is the best game of at least this generation. But there are so many moments that just immediately kill your buzz, some fetch quests are better than others. Being sent to find a key? Makes sense. Being sent to do some form of babysitting? When I'm trying to save Zelda? That's just dumb. I agree with you about all that. I haven't played a lot of games this gen, but that's true, there should probably be a way to customize the resolution to your specific tv. Though that might be asking for too much. I love the graphical style in this game, but it definitely looks better in some places more than others. The first area looks great, but the second area looks kind of like a Gamecube game so far. What matters more to me is how hard this game is though, I mean, the first boss almost killed me. That's pretty awesome.
  11. I'm playing on a 60" tv so the jaggies look really bad and pronounced. When I turned Link to face the camera the other day while playing, I couldn't even see his eyes because everything was so pixelated. I got to the first temple, I've clocked about 6 hours so far and I'm honestly kind of bored, I'm not a fan of the area I'm in right now and the thing you do before the temple. Combat, like someone said, is really hard to pick up because you have to be very deliberate with your movements otherwise it'll just register as a diagonal slash. Considering how fast the regular enemies block, I'm pretty worried about what the first boss is going to be like. I love the background effect, especially when you're sitting down and looking at large monuments in the distance. Sometimes it works really well, other times it doesn't with more complicated geometry. I really do like all the small little homages to the handheld and 2d Zeldas so far though. In fact, the thing I like the most about the game is all the small things, like characters noticing when you do things out of order and taking into account for that in their dialogue. Like, right after you get the slingshot, you're supposed to shoot down the vine from the tree. But I already rolled into the tree before I picked up the slingshot, so he commented on how that makes things easier. Stuff like that
  12. http://www.ausgamers.com/games/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword/review/ Reminds me a lot of the Gamespot review, in that he doesn't understand how the aiming mechanic works. It's really a shame that the Wii's hardware is so weak. I kind of wish they toned down the graphics a little bit so that things didn't look so bad and jaggy. Oh well.
  13. This game is very hit or miss, that seems pretty clear by now. Some people will love one part and another person will say that's what bugs them the most about the game. There's clearly a reason why some of the scores critics have given it have gone all across the spectrum (spectrum meaning 7-10, because no one gives out scores below 7 for a blockbuster). I rarely play video games, so this is the first one I've played in a year and I absolutely love it. I get floored by just about every video game I buy because I can't be bothered to pick up half of the ones that get good reviews. Things like grass swaying in the breeze and idle animations make me jizz in my pants. So really it all comes down to what your perspective is. I think the motion controls are pretty cool because I'm not aware of what the better motion controls would feel like, the music is pretty cool but kind of generic at times, and most things feel generally fresh to me. But I say that as what someone might call a "casual" gamer. So, to anyone who's reading this thread considering whether or not they want to buy the game, consider that.
  14. i like this a lot, though i have to admit, nostalgia bias. please continue.
  15. Oh yeah. The file select music? God, my mouth literally dropped. I wish someone had taken a picture of my face it probably looked hilarious. Can't say I'm a fan of the flying music though. I wish it had a stronger melody, it just seems too disjointed. It's great stuff and I turned the volume up when I first heard it, but I just don't like it as much as the Ocean or Termina Field songs. And while it creates this impression of grandness, it can hardly hold a candle to the wide array of emotions the OoT Field song expresses. The thing is, I love the graphical style. It's just everything is insanely jagged, and everyone is covered by like a cloud of fuzz. I had read that Skyward Sword looks pretty bad in widescreen, but I never thought it would be this bad. Oh well, it's still pretty great so far. At first I thought the sky was too small but then I opened up the map and it's actually pretty massive. Does anyone else have trouble making the bird go straight, though? It seems that after awhile it just stops, and then I have to swing the control around and dive in order to get it moving again. I wish we got 6 wings instead of 3. man, i get way too excited when talking about zelda games.
  16. I'm about 3 hours in. The graphics are really bad, to be honest, I'm pretty disappointed in the Wii for messing with such an otherwise beautiful game. But I really like where this is going. It seems like Nintendo really paid attention to the little things, something they're well known for but I thought was lacking in Twilight Princess. I'm genuinely excited to be able to go back to Skyloft with the correct equipment and get to the places I can't access, and get new equipment. I just wish the graphics weren't so bad. I also thought the intro sequence wasn't as painful as it usually is. It was almost as quick as Wind Waker's, and I appreciated how you didn't have to do the tutorials if you didn't want to. Also I didn't think the romance between Link and Zelda was all that overt, which isn't actually a bad thing, I like that. So far it's probably one of the best Zelda games I've played in awhile. I stopped watching trailers after the Comic-Con one (The one that spoiled like 4 different bosses and all of the shield types and like three different items), so yeah. Pretty excited. And...the CD is pretty cool. I'm on track 2 as I'm typing. I need to stop doing stuff and just listen to it.
  17. I appreciate their restraint in not making it all Castlevania.
  18. I'm not sure what any of the above things mean, but I'd appreciate it if you left things originally put inside spoiler boxes left inside spoiler boxes.thank you very much.
  19. yeah, this is what I've heard the most. from what ive been told, it's the hardest 3d zelda in that the puzzles aren't standard zelda fare and fi doesn't interrupt unless you ask her to.
  20. The rupee thing was in Twilight Princess as well. I remember it was annoying when I played it, but then I beat the game and life moved on.
  21. I'd prefer it if they took a Pixar approach to voice acting versus the usual animelike sort of thing. So basically, not like Tales of Symphonia or Metroid Other M. And the plot better not be like Other M, just make it a regular Zelda game that happens to have voice acting and I'd be set.
  22. I dunno, I got kind of attached to the main character guy in Majora's Mask. I think I've read before that Nintendo wants you to view Link as an avatar versus an actual character. That's why the secondary character usually ends up having such a strong personality. It's kind of hard to explain, but they're like the ambassador for the main character in a way. They're usually the ones who advance the plot. I personally could care less for Midna, but I know a lot of people loved her. In many ways, Midna was the main character of Twilight Princess, the plot had very little to do with Link.
  23. The point is that there is an excuse. Nintendo thinks it's a better creative decision for there to be no voice acting. They've tried it before with Mario, and they do it with Star Fox and Metroid. It's not that they're afraid of voice acting, they just don't think it works with Zelda.
  24. There's no excuse for Rayman Origins to be in 2D in the current generation of gaming.
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