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  1. Echoing the comment on clipping. I had to lower the volume because of it.
  2. And Abyss takes 7's plot and runs it in a different direction. Which is why it was pretty good. Also I agree, Symphonia did have a terrible plot, though I loved the plot twist with there being two worlds and all that. 12 year old me wasn't expecting it at all.
  3. I thought I was the only who felt this way.And people say stuff like Symphonia and Abyss had bad plots.
  4. yeah so what she didnt act like that before :\/theridleyargument
  5. You're remaking Super Metroid with Zero Mission sprites? Weren't the original SM sprites more detailed? I just find that odd. Also adding "first" to the beginning of your project just so that the acronym looks similar to AM2R is hella lame. Bro. IMHO.
  6. I just want to point out that in my original post I made a point of telling you to pull your head out of your ass. And I wanted to keep it in the revised edit but it didn't really fit. So, you know, I hope you take that into consideration.
  7. yeah thats been discussed many times
  8. Have you played it? Just because it looks stupid it doesn't mean it is.
  9. WAIT HOLD UP I never argued the better selling games were higher quality. Bam.there. no need to be making some huge ass argument out of this. also nice job deleting your calvin and hobbes posts.
  10. NSMB - 25m NSMB Wii - 22m SMW - 21m SML - 18m SMB3 - 17m SML2 - 11m 64 - 12m Sunshine - 6m Galaxy - 9m Galaxy 2 - 6m (Which is pretty solid actually) SMB2 - 7m So SMB2 is the only game that disproves my point, and that's because it sucked.
  11. The real question and problem is that Nintendo isn't evolving their franchises. From the perspective of a guy who played every game in the series, that's an issue. From the perspective of a kid who just got his Wii, he doesn't care. And from the perspective of a loyal fan, he doesn't mind either. But it's not going to be a complete carbon copy, and even when it is, the fans bitch but the game ends up selling anyway (Twilight Princess). So, from a business standpoint Nintendo is pretty much genius for keeping their franchises so very stagnant over the ages. Zelda especially. The fans don't even want it to change, that's the thing. Sales show that much. Actions are louder than words. If Zelda is an extreme of that, then I'd say Mario is the exception to the rule, however, because the 3d series flops time and time again and yet Miyamoto keeps on making new ones. When I say "flop", I don't mean they totally tank, but compared to the 2d games they're pretty fuckin terrible. They should at least be given credit for that. Plus it's not like Metroid and Kirby are as bad as the Zelda games are. They change things around pretty frequently. summary - Bitch about Zelda, but be thankful for Mario.
  12. http://www.earslap.com/projectslab/otomata?q=280g28001v imagine doing a huge collab with this thing
  13. hey guys i heard we're bitching in here while also contending that we're rational human beings who have been wronged in some shape or form how very fresh and exciting
  14. reggae is good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNHlVo0cPa8 both versions are pretty good. the original tells a better story, but the cover has it's own appeal. i dont like it though.
  15. N64 - omg these games suck there are barely any good games on the console and the graphics are shit i wish nintendo would go back to the wholesomeness of 2d at least the games were well thought out and beautiful GCN - omg these games suck there are barely any good games on the console i wish nintendo would go back to the awesome wholesomeness of the n64 where at least you had games like oot and banjo-kazooie which were legitimately well thought out experiences. Wii - omg these games suck there are barely any good games on the console and the controller is shitty i wish nintendo would go back to the wholesomeness of metroid prime and resident evil where you didn't have to wave your arms around like a moron and there were well thought out hidden items and puzzles and shit. Wii2 is announced - omg these games suck there are barely any good games on the console i wish nintendo would go back to making good games like the super mario galaxies and donkey kong returns those games were great well thought out experiences. ^^^can also be applied to sony and/or microsoft consoles. hell maybe apple too.
  16. this new console will suck because im so cynical and apathetic look at me. We dont know anything about it. Hell we don't even know for sure that it exists. weird
  17. Listening to the last track... This was pretty amazing. Definitely one of my favorites, it's up there with chaos and threshold and lifestream and all those guys. I kind of wish Spring Junkie wasn't so liberal, but it's a good standalone track. Though tracks like Shifting Islands, Bubble Junkie and the last track (Not to mention all the special stage tracks) were beyond awesome. Shifting Islands was probably my favorite, mostly because the synth just reminds me so much of G.E.R.U.D.O. which is prolly my favorite mix on the website. All in all, this > Hedgehog Heaven :ooo
  18. seriously want to give you guys props on keeping the track count low. 13 is definitely enough. this just might be the album to top project chaos. this track in particular is very dope
  19. maybe this would be easier. in other words i support this.
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