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  1. fine, touche. my comeback would have to be something along the lines of get a job you bum i guess.also gamespot gave it a 7.5. wut. apparently this control thing is a big issue, but i don't think that warrants a low score when your peers obviously can get it to work just fine. this is why the gaming industry can't have nice things.
  2. You know, I really wish I hadn't watched that trailer that was released after Comic Con that had way too many bosses in it. I wish companies would stop doing that, but I should've just not watched anything after the initial E3 one. Oh well..I really don't like how some of the reviews are though. Especially the EGM one. If you don't know how to play the game, you probably shouldn't be writing a review of it. It's 20 more dollars, unless you have no cash inflow it's not even a big deal.
  3. or maybe they're not biased and the song simply sucks ~voice of reason~ i didn't think it was that bad though, most video game raps are terrible but this was decent
  4. Yep, check it out, it's on their front page: http://zreomusic.com/ At first they were raising money for the sake of hiring a high quality, professional choir. But then they made about $6,000 in extra cash and I'm guessing they used that amount to hire more people. That's what they imply, anyway. I guess that's questionable, but it's really not all that bad. And now they've been accepting donations, and they've made about $7,000. I guess since they're donations, again not really a big deal. But it still rubs me the wrong way. Though that's quite the dedicated/insanely rich fanbase they have there. They've raised like $30,000, total.
  5. They've made so much money off of that thing. Part of me doesn't like them because of that, but I do wish them the best of luck. Weren't they going to be part of PLAY or something like that?
  6. This track should be getting more comments. It's phenomenal, I didn't have trouble seeing the source usage. I loved it though, it's different from what is usually posted on this site, and I enjoy the hard work that went into it.
  7. I love you for writing this.I didn't even make that connection. I'm at that stage in my life where I'm very, very concerned about being politically correct and seeing both sides of the coin. It's really difficult to break out of the mindset we all got put in from taking all those history classes growing up, with their obvious American slant and nationalist undertones. They formulate this ideology of superiority that allows us to turn a blind eye to the things we condemn other countries for doing that we do quite blatantly ourselves. It's really quite interesting, though it's really hard to put into words... I really think that's the issue with taking on a teacher role. Because as the audience, we really don't know any better. And I don't think the Extra Credits crew had any mal-intent while writing this episode. But it really spreads this doctrine of hypocrisy that is honestly a problem, even though it's unintentional.
  8. ...man I'm old. Next up, Diamond/Pearl. As far as I'm concerned, those games came out just yesterday. Too soon man, too soon.
  9. Nope, I was talking about singularity. It's been up on Tindeck for 6 days, the page says. http://tindeck.com/listen/uoqi
  10. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit of a melody fanboy. So, yeah, I loved it. By the way, melody, I was snooping through your tindeck profile a couple days ago and found a preview for what sounds like an album. Is it an album? If so, aww yeah.
  11. All I can say is yes. The difference made is stunning. It went from being a pretty good track to a really awesome piece. Very tasty. I'm a fan of the punchy drums, btw. They take away from the lead guitar a little bit, and while that should (probably) be a bad thing, I actually really like it.
  12. How can you not like this? Seriously. I don't think this will be polarizing -- it's way too good. I think the most common complaint with vocal remixes is that the execution is usually pretty poor and the lyrics are either poorly written or try too hard to be relevant to the game. This on the other hand, is different. It's kind of like when KatetheGreat submitted that FF9 remix a couple years back (Has it been a couple years now?), except better. This sets a new standard for future vocal mixes, I think. (Edit: ok i didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. they're pretty cheesy, but I don't think that detracts from the overall sound of the remix.)
  13. Is there any way to refund the money? I'm no economist, but I think you should offer to give back the money to anyone who wants it back who doesn't support the publishing label idea. That's what I think would be idealistically correct, however I don't know how or if that would work logistically. I would nitpick and say that there was probably some way to end the Rockethub drive, but there's no way you could've predicted the outcome of all this so I don't blame you for not going out of your way to do it. I'd also say that posting the idea on facebook and twitter isn't enough publicity and that you should've added it at the end of one of your episodes, but I say that all in hindsight. I find it hard to blame you guys, but I also find it difficult to side with you, so I guess now that I've made my point of view clear I don't really have much more to say. Best of luck with your future ventures, as long as the show doesn't get cancelled whatever else happens is none of my concern
  14. This is basically what I wanted to say originally. It just doesn't look too good for the Extra Credits crew, it's really hard to sympathize with what they did. Love the show, but I think they made the wrong choice.
  15. I'm really curious about what Sephire has to say. At the moment James is clearly in the wrong, he had no right to take the excess money and use it for his own personal gain when the fund was clearly set up for Allison's surgery. They should've stopped donations after they raised enough to pay for the costs of her surgery and left it at that. I don't think the people who donated their cash for Allison's sake would be happy knowing that James used it to make his own publishing label. I mean seriously, how do you defend that? He didn't even tell anybody. I've been watching Extra Credits since their Youtube days, and in general I think most of the other shows on the Escapist suck, so it's not like I have a bias or anything. When I first heard what happened I thought "Wow, they're being a bunch of greedy bastards" but now that I know more about the situation, my perspective has changed entirely. Since the Escapist paid him back the money he's due, I don't think he has anything to stand on.
  16. I've already posted in this thread, but I just want to say that I really appreciated how short the album was. I can't appreciate a 50 track album, I stop caring around track 6, and then usually I don't even finish the album. That's why real bands don't dump 40 track albums on their fans (Aside from not having time...). Look at Plastic Beach, for example. A common complaint I saw amongst the critics was that it was too long and had little direction, which is definitely true, in my opinion at least. So good job on keeping it low, even if it was just because the original game only had so many tracks
  17. Yeah, I got that too. It's funny, anytime some company does something arguably "wrong", and then a ton of people step up and start criticizing that company, people jump on that bandwagon. Then another third party pops up and says that the people criticizing the company are really full of garbage, and whether they give a plausible solution or just bitch for 5 pages, people eat that up too. They say "This is the best article I've read on the issue so far mister, you know your stuff".It's kind of sad, really.
  18. thanks, im kind of in love with the soundtrack so far. if music means anything (it doesn't), this game is going to be pretty sweet.
  19. i think you're all forgetting that bleck's opinion does not equal fact.
  20. I find it pretty odd that as I listened to Prophetik's mix I thought to myself, "jeez bro youve done sax every round", when in actuality he hasn't. He hasn't even done a single sax mix. i wonder if thats a bad thing
  21. I love how the intro cleans your ears out from all that garbage you've been listening to before the good shit starts. Best mix on the site, easily.
  22. dood everyone liked dk64 why you gotta hate bro
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