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  1. To all the NA haters (you unamerican jerks) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkLVddtjPCU&feature=related better than the weird jp version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XKD9XEQpGw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkAVZnlTZXQ&feature=related all as good as the jp versions i could go on and on, though most of the bad futures more or less blow in the na version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Wq1T8SAG8&feature=related ^^ amazing
  2. Both. It's not like everyone is going to cover ever past present good future bad future version of every level. So you let them pick and choose. Sonic CD clearly isn't a very popular game to remix though.
  3. whenever i want to feel like a young'n again i listen to this remix.
  4. Listening to this in april olol It's pretty good, nicely produced if i do say so. I woudlnt say it's the best green hill mix, i still love green lane avenue to death
  5. psychic beats poison because shit man how you gonna poison a psychic expanding on that thought I'm seriously willing to bet at least half of the type match ups have something to do with some ancient japanese myth or something. It's possible.
  6. I like how some people think the smaller Sonic is his kid. And what's sad is they're probably right.
  7. I'm gonna be honest and say I didn't like it very much my first listen through. I'm not entirely sure why. You're still a cool dude, I just...I dunno. I plan on giving it a second shot, I might've just been in the wrong mood or something.
  8. Is it bad that I actually like this kind of stuff? Though I only like it when I'm not expecting it...when I go looking for it I end up hating it.
  9. 13 tracks is going to be awesome. I remember I loved Threshold to death when it came out, but by the time I got to track 10 or so, I was totally burnt out. It was cool that there was still a ton more tracks to listen to later, but the problem was, I never really felt like I actually wanted to go back and sit through the next 15 songs. In the end I more or less made myself do it, and I ended up not enjoying them nearly as much as the first set. It's kind of like Plastic Beach. So this is going to be awesome.
  10. Well there's a certain cheapness to a full list of achievement with asinine requirements that get you nothing. I don't think I've ever bothered with those, yet it seems some people consider them part of 100%ing a game. I don't.
  11. Death metal is basically what the sheltered suburban kids think manliness is On a slightly more serious note, Country is probably more "harsh" than Death Metal is lyrically. Some Death Metal lyricists are pretty damn clever, so they win in that department, but that doesn't make them anymore hardcore than some Country dude singing about his wife.
  12. in other news, death metal. it's terrible.
  13. Most of the time. With the sole exception of games like DKCR, where 100% requires you to play the game twice in a cheap attempt to add replay value. And I never finished Baten Kaitos Origins, at all. I was...busy.
  14. What the fuck, she's eating another bird.
  15. i like to listen to this while watching the eagle, especially in the evening. yes i am pathetic. Also good work on fixing the intro. I thought it was messy in the last version but I didn't say anything because I didn't know how to fix it. You're good to go, by my standards at least.
  16. I don't get the hate on rap. I mean, hell, I've seen people take a Tupac song about life and death and apply it to them being bored with school and their boyfriend being an asswipe. Most of the best songs are pretty flexible.
  17. theyre currently zoomed in on her face and its awesomee
  18. fuckin gold man, your style is right up my alley. best of luck with the panel.
  19. good lord she is adorable
  20. i always mix up that one damn peninsula in russia with korea. i can never find the stupid thing.
  21. Hey guys. So here we have, this song. I don't know why, but I'm having a pretty hard time getting the drums down, namely the hi-hat. The snare is easy enough, but the rhythm on the hi-hat... Do I just have to get into the groove of the song to get it down right? That's kind of difficult. If it makes any difference I'm trying to make a midi of it. Just for practice.
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